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2020-10-25 §
15:53 <dwisehaupt> kernel upgrade and reboot for frdb1003 [production]
15:50 <dwisehaupt> kernel upgrade and reboot for fran1001 [production]
2020-10-23 §
22:56 <mutante> added Nuria to "nda" LDAP group - leaving her in "wmf" until the actual last day - shell account remains so no puppet change needed in ldap_only_admins (T266086) [production]
15:42 <pt1979@cumin2001> END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.dns.netbox (exit_code=0) [production]
15:37 <pt1979@cumin2001> START - Cookbook sre.dns.netbox [production]
13:04 <ema> rolling thumbor-instances restart to apply https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/636012/ T266155 [production]
12:47 <jayme@deploy1001> helmfile [staging] Ran 'sync' command on namespace 'kube-system' for release 'eventrouter' . [production]
10:57 <kormat> uploaded orchestrator v3.2.3 to apt.wikimedia.org buster-wikimedia - T266023 (forgot to log this earlier) [production]
10:56 <volans> uploaded python3-wmflib_0.0.3 to apt.wikimedia.org buster-wikimedia - T257905 [production]
10:09 <jayme> published docker-registry.discovery.wmnet/eventrouter:0.3.0-2 [production]
09:51 <moritzm> masking slapd on the old Stretch replicas to uncover potential direct access outside of the LVSes T264388 [production]
09:47 <jmm@cumin2001> END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hosts.downtime (exit_code=0) [production]
09:47 <jmm@cumin2001> START - Cookbook sre.hosts.downtime [production]
09:47 <jmm@cumin2001> END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hosts.downtime (exit_code=0) [production]
09:47 <jmm@cumin2001> START - Cookbook sre.hosts.downtime [production]
09:32 <jayme@deploy1001> helmfile [codfw] Ran 'sync' command on namespace 'wikifeeds' for release 'production' . [production]
09:31 <jayme> published docker-registry.discovery.wmnet/eventrouter:0.3.0-1 [production]
09:26 <jayme@deploy1001> helmfile [eqiad] Ran 'sync' command on namespace 'wikifeeds' for release 'production' . [production]
09:23 <jayme@deploy1001> helmfile [staging] Ran 'sync' command on namespace 'wikifeeds' for release 'staging' . [production]
09:09 <volans> upgrading spicerack to 0.0.44 on cumin hosts - T257905 [production]
2020-10-22 §
22:42 <mutante> ganeti1001 - adding 2 more vcpus to VM testreduce1001 - T257940 [production]
22:03 <mutante> deploy1002 - armed keyholder, all deployment keys loaded T265963 [production]
21:56 <mutante> deploy1002 - scap pull and added to mediawiki-installation "dsh" group - will be part of scap trains but just like any appserver (T265963) [production]
20:36 <dzahn@cumin1001> END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hosts.downtime (exit_code=0) [production]
20:36 <dzahn@cumin1001> START - Cookbook sre.hosts.downtime [production]
19:13 <mutante> deploy1002 currently cloning ALL the deployment repos - new setup [production]
18:57 <dzahn@cumin1001> END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hosts.downtime (exit_code=0) [production]
18:57 <dzahn@cumin1001> START - Cookbook sre.hosts.downtime [production]
18:56 <dzahn@cumin1001> END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.hosts.downtime (exit_code=0) [production]
18:56 <dzahn@cumin1001> START - Cookbook sre.hosts.downtime [production]
18:54 <mutante> applying deployment_server role to new server deploy1002 - might show up in monitoring but is not prod yet, deploy1001 still is [production]
18:34 <mutante> adding mcrouter cert for deploy1002.eqiad.wmnet T265963 [production]
18:12 <dpifke@deploy1001> Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: Expand to group1 (T123582) (duration: 00m 56s) [production]
18:12 <volans> cumin 'A:dns-rec' 'rec_control wipe-cache wikimedia.org$' - T258729 [production]
18:07 <chaomodus> Updating eqiad public network DNS to automation [production]
17:50 <volans> cumin 'A:dns-rec' 'rec_control wipe-cache eqiad.wmnet$' - T258729 [production]
17:49 <elukey> add thirdparty/bigtop14 to buster-wikimedia [production]
17:46 <chaomodus> Updating eqiad private network DNS to automation [production]
17:21 <bd808@cumin1001> END (PASS) - Cookbook wmcs.wikireplicas.add_wiki (exit_code=0) [production]
17:21 <bd808@cumin1001> Added views for new wiki: smnwiki T264900 [production]
17:07 <bd808@cumin1001> START - Cookbook wmcs.wikireplicas.add_wiki [production]
16:46 <pt1979@cumin2001> END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.dns.netbox (exit_code=0) [production]
16:42 <pt1979@cumin2001> START - Cookbook sre.dns.netbox [production]
14:56 <moritzm> installing remaining mariadb-10.3 updates for buster (as packaged in Debian, not the wmf-mariadb package) [production]
14:47 <ayounsi@cumin1001> END (PASS) - Cookbook sre.dns.netbox (exit_code=0) [production]
14:33 <ayounsi@cumin1001> START - Cookbook sre.dns.netbox [production]
14:13 <andrewbogott> upgrading mariadb on cloudcontrol1003, 1004, 1005 [production]
14:05 <ottomata> bump camus version to wmf12 for all camus jobs. should be no-op now. - T251609 [production]
14:00 <otto@deploy1001> Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: wgEventStreams: Enable canary events for all eventgate-analytics-external bound streams - T251609 (duration: 01m 02s) [production]
13:55 <moritzm> depooling ldap-eqiad-replica01/ldap-eqiad-replica02 T264388 [production]