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2019-01-15 §
14:20 <andrewbogott> changing tools.wmflabs.org to point to tools-proxy-03 in eqiad1 [admin]
2019-01-13 §
20:00 <andrewbogott> VPS proxies are now running in eqiad1 on proxy-01. Old VMs will wait a bit for deletion. T213540 [admin]
19:12 <andrewbogott> moving the VPS proxy API backend to proxy-01.project-proxy.eqiad.wmflabs, as per T213540 [admin]
17:11 <andrewbogott> moving all VPS dynamic proxies to proxy-eqiad1.wmflabs.org aka proxy-01.project-proxy.eqiad.wmflabs, as per T213540 [admin]
2019-01-09 §
22:21 <bd808> neutron quota-update --tenant-id tools --port 256 [admin]
2019-01-08 §
18:59 <bd808> Definately did NOT delete uid=novaadmin,ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org [admin]
18:59 <bd808> Deleted LDAP user uid=neutron,ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org [admin]
18:58 <bd808> Deleted LDAP user uid=novaadmin,ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org [admin]
2019-01-06 §
22:03 <bd808> Set floatingip quota of 60 for tools project in eqiad1-r region (T212360) [admin]
2018-12-20 §
17:10 <arturo> T207663 renumbered transport network in eqiad1 [admin]
2018-12-05 §
17:59 <arturo> T207663 changed labtestn transport network addressing from private to public [admin]
2018-12-03 §
13:25 <arturo> T202886 create again PTR records after dnsleak.py fix [admin]
2018-11-30 §
14:08 <arturo> running dns leaks cleanup `root@cloudcontrol1003:~# /root/novastats/dnsleaks.py --delete` [admin]
2018-11-28 §
17:33 <gtirloni> deleted contintcloud project (T209644) [admin]
2018-11-27 §
13:32 <gtirloni> enabled DRBD stats collection on labstore100[4-5] T208446 [admin]
2018-11-22 §
07:12 <gtirloni> deployed new debian-9.6-stretch image [admin]
2018-11-21 §
10:48 <arturo> re-created compat-net as not shared in labtestn to test stuff related to T209954 [admin]
2018-11-16 §
12:43 <gtirloni> armed keyholder on labpuppetmaster1001/1002 after reboots [admin]
12:08 <gtirloni> rebooted labpuppetmaster1001 (T207377) [admin]
11:57 <gtirloni> rebooted labpuppetmaster1002 (T207377) [admin]
2018-11-14 §
17:19 <gtirloni> added cloudvirt1016 to scheduler pool (T209426) [admin]
15:41 <gtirloni> reimaging labvirt1016 as cloudvirt1016 [admin]
15:14 <gtirloni> reset-failed systemd unit nova-scheduler on cloudcontrol1004 [admin]
13:52 <gtirloni> rebooted labservices1002 after package upgrades (T207377) [admin]
13:22 <gtirloni> rebooted labstore2004 after package upgrades (T207377) [admin]
13:20 <gtirloni> rebooted labstore2003 after package upgrades (T207377) [admin]
13:20 <gtirloni> rebooted labstore2001/labstore2003 after package upgrades (T207377) [admin]
12:08 <gtirloni> rebooted labnet1002 after package upgrades [admin]
12:01 <gtirloni> rebooted labmon1002 after package upgrades [admin]
11:41 <gtirloni> rebooted labcontrol1002 after package upgrades [admin]
11:15 <gtirloni> rebooted cloudcontrol1004 after package upgrades [admin]
2018-11-09 §
18:17 <gtirloni> restarted neutron-linuxbridge-agent on cloudvirt1018/1023 [admin]
2018-11-08 §
11:00 <gtirloni> Added novaproxy-02 to $CACHES [admin]
10:50 <gtirloni> Added cloudvirt1017 to eqiad1 region [admin]
2018-11-07 §
13:49 <arturo> T208733 moving labvirt1017 from main deployment to eqiad1 and renaming it to cloudvirt1017 [admin]
2018-10-22 §
16:24 <arturo> T206261 another update to dmz_cidr in eqiad1 [admin]
10:26 <arturo> change again in dmz_cidr in eqiad1: VMs will connect between them without NAT even when using floating IPs (T206261) [admin]
2018-10-19 §
12:02 <arturo> revert change in dmz_cidr in eqiad1 for now (T206261) [admin]
11:16 <arturo> change in dmz_cidr in eqiad1: VMs will connect between them without NAT even when using floating IPs (T206261) [admin]
10:14 <arturo> we have new virt servers in the eqiad1 deployment since past week and this week: cloudvirt1018, cloudvirt1023, cloudvirt1024 [admin]
2018-09-26 §
10:40 <arturo> T205524 all sorts of restarts in all neutron daemons [admin]
10:20 <arturo> T205524 stop/start all neutron agents in cloudnet1003.eqiad.wmnet [admin]
10:13 <arturo> T205524 restart all agents in cloudnet1004.eqiad.wmnet [admin]
10:10 <arturo> restart neutron-server in cloudcontrol1003, investigating T205524 [admin]
2018-09-24 §
10:57 <arturo> try to increase floating ip allocation pool in eqiad1. Of we are using only, I don't know why. Let's use [admin]
2018-09-21 §
17:18 <bd808> Running `sudo maintain-meta_p --all-databases --purge` across labsdb10(09|10|11) for T201890 [admin]
2018-09-17 §
22:08 <bd808> Granted gtirloni project roles of admin, projectadmin, and user [admin]
2018-09-12 §
11:20 <arturo> T202636 distributing default routes using classless-static-route for all VMs in main/labtest (dnsmasq/nova-network) [admin]
2018-09-11 §
16:52 <arturo> again, restarted nova-network after killing all dnsmasq procs in labnet1001 for T202636 [admin]
16:08 <arturo> restarted nova-network after killing all dnsmasq procs in labnet1001 for T202636 [admin]