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2018-09-11 §
16:08 <arturo> restarted nova-network after killing all dnsmasq procs in labnet1001 for T202636 [admin]
10:53 <arturo> T202636 creating all the compat-network configuration in neutron [admin]
10:36 <arturo> T202636 creating br-compat bridge in eqiad1 for the compat network [admin]
10:33 <arturo> T202636 manually reserve (in nova-network) [admin]
2018-09-10 §
22:46 <andrewbogott> deleting all VMs on labvirt1019 and 1020 as prep for T204003 [admin]
2018-08-30 §
15:46 <andrewbogott> restarting rabbitmq-server on cloudcontrol1003 [admin]
13:07 <arturo> T202636 internal network routing now exists in labtest/labtestn for VM to communicate with each other [admin]
2018-08-28 §
11:04 <arturo> T202549 eqiad1 databases are all now running in m5-master. Mysql has been cleaned from cloudcontrol100[3,4] [admin]
2018-08-23 §
16:17 <arturo> T188589 bstorm_ merged patch to reduce nova DB connection usage [admin]
13:15 <arturo> T202115 `root@cloudcontrol1003:~# neutron subnet-update --allocation-pool start=,end= e4fb2771-a361-4add-ac4e-280cc300c59f` [admin]
13:10 <arturo> T202115 (was `{"start": "", "end": ""}` ) [admin]
13:08 <arturo> T202115 `root@cloudcontrol1003:~# neutron subnet-update --allocation-pool start=,end= e4fb2771-a361-4add-ac4e-280cc300c59f` [admin]
2018-08-22 §
15:28 <arturo> cleanup local glance,keystone databases in cloudcontrol1003.wikimedia.org (already in m5-master) [admin]
15:27 <arturo> cleanup local keystone database in cloudcontrol1003.wikimedia.org (already in m5-master) [admin]
2018-08-21 §
15:39 <andrewbogott> initial test message [admin]
10:31 <arturo> eqiad1 remove leftover port for HA on labnet1004 [admin]
10:15 <arturo> test [admin]
2018-05-07 §
18:07 <bstorm_> stopped the toolhistory job because it is totally broken and fills /tmp. [admin]
2018-02-09 §
00:55 <bd808> Added Arturo Borrero Gonzalez and Bstorm as project members [admin]
00:54 <bd808> Removed Yuvipanda at user request (T186289) [admin]