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2019-03-29 §
00:00 <bstorm_> T193264 Added osm.db.svc.eqiad.wmflabs to cloud DNS [admin]
2019-03-25 §
00:40 <bd808> Restarted maintain-dbusers on labstore1004. Process hung up on failed LDAP connection. [admin]
2019-03-21 §
19:32 <andrewbogott> restarting keystone on cloudcontrol1003 [admin]
13:49 <gtirloni> converted openstack cronjobs to systemd timers (T210818) [admin]
00:49 <gtirloni> nfs-exportd interval changes from 60 to 300s (T217086) [admin]
2019-03-15 §
16:00 <gtirloni> increased nscd cache size (T217280) [admin]
2019-03-14 §
19:04 <gtirloni> bstorm started nfsd on labstore1006 (T218341) [admin]
16:42 <gtirloni> published new debian-9.8 image (T218314) [admin]
2019-03-04 §
19:37 <bstorm_> umounted /mnt/nfs/dumps-labstore1006.wikimedia.org across all VPS projects for T217473 [admin]
2019-02-26 §
12:46 <gtirloni> shutdown toolsbeta-sgegrid-master (cronspam) [admin]
2019-02-25 §
10:32 <gtirloni> restarted nfsd on labstore1004 [admin]
2019-02-21 §
09:09 <gtirloni> restarted uwsgi-labspuppetbackend.service on labpuppetmaster1001 [admin]
07:42 <gtirloni> created project cloudstore [admin]
07:36 <gtirloni> deleted wmcs-nfs project [admin]
2019-02-20 §
21:58 <andrewbogott> silencing shinken and disabling puppet on shinken-02 for now [admin]
2019-02-19 §
12:00 <gtirloni> added nagios@icinga2001.wikimedia.org to cloud-admin-feed@ allowed senders [admin]
2019-02-18 §
20:21 <gtirloni> downtimed cloudvirt1020 [admin]
20:12 <gtirloni> ran `labs-ip-alias-dump.py` on cloudservices/labservices servers [admin]
2019-02-15 §
13:10 <arturo> T216239 labvirt1019 has been drained [admin]
12:22 <arturo> T216239 draining labvirt1009 with a command like this: `root@cloudcontrol1004:~# wmcs-cold-migrate --region eqiad --nova-db nova 2c0cf363-c7c3-42ad-94bd-e586f2492321 labvirt1001` [admin]
12:02 <arturo> more nova service cleanups in the database (labvirts that were reallocated to eqiad1) [admin]
11:34 <arturo> T216190 cleanup from nova database `nova service-delete 35` [admin]
03:50 <andrewbogott> updated VPS base images for Jessie and Stretch, now featuring Stretch 9.7 [admin]
2019-02-11 §
18:13 <gtirloni> cleaned old metrics data in labmon1001 T215417 [admin]
15:28 <gtirloni> running `maintain-views --all-databases --replace-all` on labsdb1011 [admin]
14:18 <gtirloni> running `maintain-views --all-databases --replace-all` on labsdb1010 [admin]
2019-02-08 §
14:56 <gtirloni> running `maintain-views --all-databases --replace-all` on labsdb1009 [admin]
2019-02-06 §
11:47 <gtirloni> downtimed labmon100{1,2} T215399 [admin]
00:17 <bstorm_> T214106 deleted bstorm-test2 project to clean up [admin]
2019-02-05 §
10:48 <arturo> labmon1001 is now part of the 'eqiad1-r' region [admin]
2019-02-01 §
09:54 <arturo> moving canary1015-01 VM instance from cloudvirt1024 back to cloudvirt1015 [admin]
2019-01-31 §
12:44 <arturo> T215012 depooling cloudvirt1015 and migrating all VMs to cloudvirt1024 [admin]
12:44 <arturo> T214012 depooling cloudvirt1015 and migrating all VMs to cloudvirt1024 [admin]
2019-01-25 §
20:11 <gtirloni> deleted project yandex-proxy T212306 [admin]
20:11 <gtirloni> deleted project T212306 [admin]
2019-01-24 §
11:50 <arturo> T213925 modify subnet cloud-instances-transport1-b-eqiad1 to avoid floating IP allocations from here [admin]
11:07 <arturo> T214299 failover cloudnet1003 to cloudnet1004 [admin]
10:03 <arturo> T214299 reimage cloudnet1004 to debian stretch [admin]
09:51 <arturo> T214299 failover cloudnet1004 to cloudnet1003 [admin]
2019-01-22 §
19:19 <arturo> T214299 stretch cloudnet1003 is apparently all set [admin]
18:40 <arturo> T214299 manually delete from neutron agents from cloudnet1003 (must be added again after reimage, with new uuids) [admin]
18:37 <arturo> T214299 reimaging cloudnet1003 as debian stretch [admin]
17:35 <jbond42> starting roll out of apt package updates to [admin]
14:41 <gtirloni> T214369 deployed new jessie and stretch VM images [admin]
2019-01-21 §
18:29 <gtirloni> installed libguestfs-tools on cloudvirt1021 [admin]
2019-01-16 §
14:21 <andrewbogott> stopping old VPS proxies in eqiad — T213540 [admin]
2019-01-15 §
14:20 <andrewbogott> changing tools.wmflabs.org to point to tools-proxy-03 in eqiad1 [admin]
2019-01-13 §
20:00 <andrewbogott> VPS proxies are now running in eqiad1 on proxy-01. Old VMs will wait a bit for deletion. T213540 [admin]
19:12 <andrewbogott> moving the VPS proxy API backend to proxy-01.project-proxy.eqiad.wmflabs, as per T213540 [admin]
17:11 <andrewbogott> moving all VPS dynamic proxies to proxy-eqiad1.wmflabs.org aka proxy-01.project-proxy.eqiad.wmflabs, as per T213540 [admin]