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2021-03-03 §
09:58 <arturo> update firmware-bnx2x from 20190114-2 to 20200918-1~bpo10+1 on cloudnet1003 (T271058) [admin]
09:30 <arturo> installing linux kernel 5.10.13-1~bpo10+1 in cloudnet1003 and rebooting it (network failover) (T271058) [admin]
2021-03-02 §
17:16 <andrewbogott> rebooting cloudvirt1039 to see if I can trigger T276208 [admin]
16:10 <arturo> [codfw1dev] restart nova-compute on cloudvirt2002-dev [admin]
11:59 <arturo> moved cloudvirt1012 to 'maintenance' host aggregate. Drain it with `wmcs-drain-hypervisor` to reboot it for T275753 [admin]
11:59 <arturo> cloudvirt1023 is affected by T276208 and cannot be rebooted. Put it back into the ceph hos aggregate [admin]
10:43 <arturo> moved cloudvirt1013 cloudvirt1032 cloudvirt1037 back into the 'ceph' host aggregate [admin]
10:13 <arturo> moved cloudvirt1023 to 'maintenance' host aggregate. Drain it with `wmcs-drain-hypervisor` to reboot it for T275753 [admin]
2021-03-01 §
20:12 <andrewbogott> removing novaadmin from all projects save 'admin' for T274385 [admin]
19:51 <andrewbogott> removing novaobserver from all projects save 'observer' for T274385 [admin]
19:50 <andrewbogott> adding inherited domain-wide roles to novaadmin and novaobserver as per T274385 [admin]
2021-02-28 §
04:54 <andrewbogott> restarted redis-server on tools-redis-1003 and tools-redis-1004 in an attempt to reduce replag, no real change detected [admin]
2021-02-27 §
00:33 <andrewbogott> sudo cumin --timeout 500 "A:all and not O{project:clouddb-services}" 'lsb_release -c | grep -i buster && uname -r | grep -v 4.19.0-14-amd64 && reboot' [admin]
00:28 <andrewbogott> sudo cumin --timeout 500 "A:all and not O{project:clouddb-services}" 'lsb_release -c | grep -i buster && uname -r | grep -v 4.19.0-14-amd64 && echo reboot' [admin]
00:09 <andrewbogott> sudo cumin "A:all and not O{project:clouddb-services}" 'lsb_release -c | grep -i stretch && uname -r | grep -v 4.19.0-0.bpo.14-amd64 && reboot' [admin]
2021-02-26 §
14:58 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1015 (last osd \o/) for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
14:51 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1014 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
14:44 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1013 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
14:38 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1012 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
14:31 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1011 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
14:25 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1010 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
14:17 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1009 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
13:54 <dcaro> [eqiad] downtimed alert1001 Ceph OSDs down alert until 18:00 GMT+1 as that is not under the host being rebooted (T275753) [admin]
13:51 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1008 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
13:45 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1007 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
13:38 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1006 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
12:07 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1005 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
12:00 <arturo> rebooting cloudcontrol1003 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
11:42 <arturo> rebooting cloudcontrol1004 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
11:41 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1004 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
11:32 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1003 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
11:30 <arturo> rebooting cloudcontrol1005 for kernel upgrade (T2 [admin]
11:26 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1002 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
11:16 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephosd1001 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
11:11 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephmon1003 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
11:05 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephmon1002 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
10:59 <dcaro> [eqiad] rebooting cloudcephmon1001 for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
10:45 <arturo> rebooting cloudvirt1039 into a new kernel (T275753) --- spare [admin]
10:43 <dcaro> [codfw1dev] rebooting cloudcephmon2003-dev for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
10:38 <dcaro> [codfw1dev] rebooting cloudcephmon2002-dev for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
10:29 <dcaro> [codfw1dev] rebooting cloudcephmon2001-dev for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
10:24 <arturo> [codfw1dev] purge old kernel packages on cloudvirt2003-dev to force boot into a new kernel (T275753) [admin]
10:11 <arturo> [codfw1dev] manually creating /boot/grub/ on cloudvirt2003-dev to allow update-grub2 to run (so it can reboot into a new kernel) (T275753) [admin]
10:11 <dcaro> [codfw1dev] rebooting cloudcephosd2003-dev for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
10:05 <dcaro> [codfw1dev] rebooting cloudcephosd2002-dev for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
10:01 <arturo> [codfw1dev] rebooting cloudvirt200X-dev for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
09:59 <arturo> [codfw1dev] rebooting cloudweb2001-dev for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
09:53 <arturo> [codfw1dev] rebooting cloudservices2003-dev for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
09:51 <arturo> [codfw1dev] rebooting cloudservices2002-dev for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]
09:45 <arturo> [codfw1dev] rebooting cloudcontrol2004-dev for kernel upgrade (T275753) [admin]