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2020-10-21 §
20:02 <razzi> stop nginx on matomo1002.eqiad.wmnet to switch to envoy [analytics]
10:41 <elukey> decommission analytics1052 from the hadoop cluster [analytics]
10:26 <elukey> move journalnode from analytics1052 (to be decommed) to an-worker1080 [analytics]
2020-10-20 §
20:59 <mforns> Deploying refinery with refinery-deploy-to-hdfs (for 0.0.137) [analytics]
20:24 <mforns> Deploying refinery with scap for v0.0.137 [analytics]
20:00 <mforns> Deployed refinery-source v0.0.137 [analytics]
15:00 <ottomata> disabling sending EventLogging events to eventlogging-valid-mixed topic - T265651 [analytics]
13:34 <elukey> upgrade superset's presto TLS config after the above changes [analytics]
13:33 <elukey> move presto to pupet host TLS certificates [analytics]
10:29 <klausman> rocm38 install on an-worker1101 successful, rebooting to make sure everything is in place [analytics]
06:41 <elukey> decom analytics1056 from the hadoop cluster [analytics]
2020-10-19 §
14:40 <ottomata> restarted eventlogging-processor with filter to skip events already migrated to event platform - T262304 [analytics]
10:09 <elukey> add pps/bps measures to wmf_netflow in turnilo [analytics]
07:27 <elukey> decom analytics1055 from the hadoop cluster [analytics]
06:47 <elukey> turnilo upgraded to 1.27.0 [analytics]
2020-10-18 §
07:01 <elukey> decom analytics1054 from hadoop [analytics]
2020-10-17 §
06:08 <elukey> decom analytics1053 from the hadoop cluster [analytics]
2020-10-15 §
17:57 <razzi> taking yarn.wikimedia.org offline momentarily to test new tls configuration: T240439 [analytics]
14:51 <elukey> roll restart druid-historical daemons on druid1004-1008 to pick up new conn pooling changes [analytics]
07:03 <elukey> restart oozie to pick up the analytics team's admin list [analytics]
06:09 <elukey> decommission analytics1050 from the hadoop cluster [analytics]
2020-10-14 §
17:39 <joal> Rerun refine for mediawiki_api_request failed hour [analytics]
15:59 <elukey> drain + reboot an-worker1100 to pick up GPU settings [analytics]
15:29 <elukey> drain + reboot an-worker110[1,2] to pick up GPU settings [analytics]
14:56 <elukey> drain + reboot an-worker109[8,9] to pick up GPU settings [analytics]
05:48 <elukey> decom analytics1049 from the Hadoop cluster [analytics]
2020-10-13 §
12:38 <elukey> drop /srv/backup/mysql from an-master1002 (not used anymore) [analytics]
08:59 <klausman> Regenned the jupyterhub venvs on stat1004 [analytics]
07:56 <klausman> re-imaging stat1004 to Buster [analytics]
06:20 <elukey> decom analytics1048 from the Hadoop cluster [analytics]
2020-10-12 §
11:36 <joal> Clean druid test-datasources [analytics]
11:32 <elukey> remove analytics-meta lvm backup settings from an-coord1001 [analytics]
11:23 <elukey> remove analytics-meta lvm backup settings from an-master1002 [analytics]
07:02 <elukey> reduce hdfs block replication factor on Hadoop test to 2 [analytics]
05:37 <elukey> decom analytics1047 from the Hadoop cluster [analytics]
2020-10-11 §
08:33 <elukey> drop some old namenode backups under /srv on an-master1002 to free some space [analytics]
08:24 <elukey> decommission analytics1046 from the hadoop cluster [analytics]
08:12 <elukey> clean up logs on an-launcher1002 (disk space full) [analytics]
2020-10-10 §
12:01 <elukey> decommission analytics1045 from the Hadoop cluster [analytics]
2020-10-09 §
13:17 <elukey> execute "cumin 'stat100[5,8]* or an-worker109[6-9]* or an-worker110[0,1]*' 'apt-get install -y linux-headers-amd64'" [analytics]
11:15 <elukey> bootstrap the Analytics Hadoop test cluster [analytics]
09:47 <elukey> roll restart of hadoop-yarn-nodemanager on all hadoop workers to pick up new settings [analytics]
07:58 <elukey> decom analytics1044 from Hadoop [analytics]
07:04 <elukey> failover from an-master1002 to 1001 for HDFS namenode (the namenode failed over hours ago, no logs to check) [analytics]
2020-10-08 §
18:08 <razzi> restart oozie server on an-coord1001 for reverting T262660 [analytics]
17:42 <razzi> restart oozie server on an-coord1001 for T262660 [analytics]
17:19 <elukey> removed /var/lib/puppet/clientbucket/6/f/a/c/d/9/8/d/6facd98d16886787ab9656eef07d631e/content on an-launcher1002 (29G, last modified Aug 4th) [analytics]
15:45 <elukey> executed git pull on /srv/jupyterhub/deploy and run again create_virtualenv.sh on stat1007 (pyspark kernels may not run correctly due to a missing feature) [analytics]
15:43 <elukey> executed git pull on /srv/jupyterhub/deploy and run again create_virtualenv.sh on stat1006 (pyspark kernels not running due to a missing feature) [analytics]
13:13 <elukey> roll restart of druid overlords and coordinators on druid public to pick up new TLS settings [analytics]