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2024-01-09 §
12:01 <taavi> delete old neutron ports used for old wiki replica VIPs T346947 [clouddb-services]
2024-01-08 §
12:57 <taavi> shut off old wiki replica proxies in cloud vps T346947 [clouddb-services]
2023-11-29 §
13:28 <taavi> restarting haproxy on clouddb-wikireplicas-proxy to kill long-lived mariadb connections [clouddb-services]
2023-06-05 §
18:36 <taavi> add btullis to the project [clouddb-services]
2023-04-14 §
09:21 <dhinus> shutdown old ToolsDB VMs (clouddb1001, clouddb1002) T301949 [clouddb-services]
2023-04-04 §
08:35 <taavi> revoke puppet certs for now-deleted clouddb1003/4 (osmdb replicas) T323159 [clouddb-services]
2023-03-28 §
20:19 <andrewbogott> deleted old osmdb servers clouddb1003 and clouddb1004. Both have been shut down for some time. [clouddb-services]
2023-03-06 §
15:38 <dhinus> mariadb is up again on clouddb1001 T329970 [clouddb-services]
15:33 <dhinus> stopping mariadb in clouddb1001 for a few minutes T329970 [clouddb-services]
2023-02-21 §
17:18 <andrewbogott> shutting down postgres on clouddb1004/1003, then shutting down the vms [clouddb-services]
2023-02-20 §
20:19 <taavi> manually start prometheus-mysql-exporter on clouddb1001 [clouddb-services]
17:11 <dhinus> mariadb on clouddb1001 is running again [clouddb-services]
17:07 <dhinus> stopping mariadb on clouddb1001 for about 5 minutes (T329970) [clouddb-services]
11:23 <dhinus> mariadb on clouddb1001 is running again [clouddb-services]
11:16 <dhinus> stopping mariadb on clouddb1001 for about 2 minutes (T329970) [clouddb-services]
2023-02-17 §
16:13 <dhinus> drop unused database s51203__baglama2_p T323502 [clouddb-services]
16:12 <dhinus> drop unused database s52467__new_hashtags T329461 [clouddb-services]
2023-01-30 §
11:02 <dhinus> 'SET GLOBAL read_only = 0;' after restarting mariadb in clouddb1001 (T328273) [clouddb-services]
10:53 <dhinus> restarting mariadb in clouddb1001 to apply minor version upgrade (T328273) [clouddb-services]
2023-01-27 §
15:52 <taavi> repaired wmf-mariadb101 installation on clouddb1001 [clouddb-services]
10:35 <dhinus> clouddb1001 unlock tables; (T301949) [clouddb-services]
10:33 <dhinus> clouddb1001 flush tables with read lock; (T301949) [clouddb-services]
2023-01-25 §
14:37 <dhinus> clouddb1001 unlock tables; (T301949) [clouddb-services]
14:34 <dhinus> clouddb1001 flush tables with read lock; (T301949) [clouddb-services]
2023-01-24 §
16:01 <dhinus> clouddb1001 unlock tables; (T301949) [clouddb-services]
15:46 <dhinus> clouddb1001 flush tables with read lock; (T301949) [clouddb-services]
2023-01-05 §
09:12 <dhinus> disabled puppet checks on clouddb100[3-4] (touch /.no-puppet-checks) T323159 [clouddb-services]
2023-01-04 §
14:12 <dhinus> deleted CNAME wikilabels.db.svc.eqiad.wmflabs (T307389) [clouddb-services]
2022-12-09 §
17:20 <wm-bot2> Increased quotas by 4000 gigabytes (T301949) - cookbook ran by fran@wmf3169 [clouddb-services]
13:50 <dhinus> clouddb100 set innodb_file_format=Barracuda and innodb_large_prefix=1 (those values were lost after a reboot) [clouddb-services]
2022-12-07 §
22:51 <dhinus> remove read_only mode on clouddb1001 (SET GLOBAL read_only = 0;) [clouddb-services]
18:05 <wm-bot2> Increased quotas by 100 gigabytes (T301949) - cookbook ran by fran@wmf3169 [clouddb-services]
2022-11-11 §
17:37 <dhinus> mariadb restarted on clouddb1002 and again in sync with primary (took a bit to catch up) T301949 [clouddb-services]
16:14 <dhinus> rsyncing a single database from clouddb1002 to tools-db-2 (as a test for T301949) [clouddb-services]
16:12 <dhinus> stopping mariadb for a few minutes on replica server clouddb1002 (T301949) [clouddb-services]
2022-11-08 §
08:38 <taavi> delete clouddb-wikilabels-01,02 T307389 [clouddb-services]
2022-11-03 §
14:39 <dhinus> depooling dbproxy1019 'confctl select "service=wikireplicas-b,name=dbproxy1019" set/pooled=no' T313445 [clouddb-services]
13:58 <dhinus> shutting down dbproxy1019 T313445 [clouddb-services]
2022-11-02 §
09:37 <taavi> shut down the wikilabels servers T307389 [clouddb-services]
2022-07-02 §
05:56 <taavi> toolsdb: add s54518__mw to list of replication ignored databases, data mismatch between primary and replica [clouddb-services]
2022-06-28 §
16:30 <taavi> stopped mariadb on clouddb1002, starting rsync clouddb1002->tools-db-1 on a root screen session on tools-db-1 T301949 [clouddb-services]
2022-05-17 §
14:12 <taavi> enable gtid on toolsdb T301993 [clouddb-services]
2022-02-17 §
12:03 <taavi> add myself as a project member so I don't need to ssh in as root@ [clouddb-services]
2021-09-02 §
18:52 <bstorm> removed strange old duplicate cron for osmupdater T285668 [clouddb-services]
2021-08-31 §
20:19 <bstorm> attempting to resync OSMDB back to Feb 21st 2019 T285668 [clouddb-services]
2021-08-30 §
22:07 <bstorm> restarting osmdb on clouddb1003 to try to capture enough connections T285668 [clouddb-services]
21:53 <bstorm> disable puppet and osm updater script on clouddb1003 T285668 [clouddb-services]
2021-05-26 §
16:53 <bstorm> restarting postgresql since T220164 was closed. Hoping all connections don't get used up again. [clouddb-services]
2021-05-25 §
14:35 <dcaro> taking down clouddb1002 replica for reboot of cloudvirt1020 (T275893) [clouddb-services]
2021-05-04 §
22:57 <bstorm> manually added cnames for toolsdb, osmdb and wikilabelsdb in db.svc.wikimedia.cloud zone T278252 [clouddb-services]