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2022-07-20 §
01:54 <andrewbogott> emptying and deleting project; as far as I know this was only used by Brooke for NFS testing [cloudstore]
2021-10-29 §
17:19 <bd808> Fixed stuck apt configuration on cloudstore-client-1 which was causing puppet failure alerts [cloudstore]
2021-10-04 §
16:35 <bstorm> deleting cloudstore-nfs-01 as that was the old instance for "nfs-01" T291406 [cloudstore]
2021-09-20 §
22:36 <bstorm> created cloudstore-nfs-01 with a floating ip and a 10GB cinder volume T291406 [cloudstore]
2020-07-16 §
17:27 <andrewbogott> changing profile::openstack::eqiad1::version: from newton to rocky on cloudstore-dev-01 and cloudstore-dev-02 [cloudstore]
2020-03-06 §
20:39 <jeh> delete old puppetmaster cloudstore-puppetmaster-01 T241719 [cloudstore]
19:24 <jeh> create new puppetmaster cloudstore-puppetmaster-02 T241719 [cloudstore]
2020-01-15 §
17:23 <jeh> restart cloudstore-puppetmaster01 lots of OOM events and "Cannot allocate memory" errors T242893 [cloudstore]