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2020-02-03 §
02:22 <Cam11598> Restarted CVNBot15 and Cubbie [cvn]
2020-01-25 §
20:04 <Krinkle> Reboot CVNBot1 and CVNBot14 processes (ghosted) [cvn]
2019-12-30 §
18:35 <Cam11598> 10:34:57 AM 88B2DC← 25B100+ 88B2DCCVNBot12 left (~CVNBot12@cvn/bot/cvn-bots2): "Rebooting by order of Cam11598 ..." [cvn]
2019-12-29 §
21:25 <Cam11598> CVNbot12 restarted [cvn]
03:41 <Cam11598> 7:40:35 PM <ChanServ> Flags +AV were set on RileyHuntley in #cvn-unifications. [cvn]
2019-12-14 §
03:29 <Cam11598> 7:29:02 PM <ChanServ> Flags +AV were set on masumreza in #cvn-unifications. [cvn]
03:28 <Cam11598> 7:27:57 PM <ChanServ> Flags +AV were set on masumreza in #cvn-sw. [cvn]
2019-11-26 §
11:07 <hauskatze> Dropped ge.wikimedia from CVNBot19 (fishbowl); added es.wikivoyage to CVNBot6; updated SWMT Groups table on meta [cvn]
2019-11-24 §
10:36 <hauskater> Loaded newly created wikis: shy.wiktionary [cvn]
10:35 <hauskater> shy.wikipedia was rightly not loading because it does not exist, it's Wiktionary; dumb me [cvn]
10:29 <hauskater> Unable to add shy.wikipedia. Error: "Unable to add project: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" [cvn]
10:28 <hauskater> Loaded newly created wikis: nqo.wikipedia, mnw.wikipedia, szy.wikipedia, gcr.wikipedia and ge.wikimedia (chapter) [cvn]
2019-10-25 §
15:40 <hauskater> Dropped dupe outreach.wikipedia from CVNBot7, left on CVNBot19 [cvn]
2019-10-21 §
21:03 <hauskater> <hauskater> CVNBot8 load ban.wikipedia ban: [cvn]
2019-09-29 §
12:14 <hauskatze> Added hi.wikisource to CVNBot8 [cvn]
12:10 <hauskatze> Added atj.wikipedia to CVNBot8 [cvn]
2019-09-23 §
21:40 <hauskatze> Drop bg.wikinews from CVNBot10: project locked, soon to be deleted # T233322 [cvn]
2019-08-30 §
20:59 <Cam11598> restarted CVNbot18 [cvn]
2019-08-24 §
16:58 <Krinkle> cvn-app9 is consistently running out of memory while cvn-app8 is fairly flat. Maybe one of the bots is leaking memory or too many bots on one server? Which one? [cvn]
16:48 <Krinkle> Renamed SWBot3 to CVNBot15 (#cvn-simplewikis) [cvn]
2019-08-21 §
21:39 <Cam11598> restarted cvnbot3 [cvn]
2019-08-16 §
19:17 <Cam11598> restarted CVNBot3 [cvn]
2019-08-15 §
02:37 <Cam11598> 7:36:41 PM <ChanServ> Flags +AV were set on DannyS712 in #cvn-simplewikis. [cvn]
2019-08-12 §
01:14 <rxy> Flags +AV were set on OhKayeSierra in #cvn-wp-en. [[m:Special:Diff/19286001|diff]] [cvn]
2019-08-05 §
12:54 <hauskatze> `batchgetusers` issued on CVNBot10 [cvn]
12:54 <hauskatze> Loaded wikimania.wikimedia.org on CVNBot19 [cvn]
2019-07-31 §
22:20 <Krinkle> Restore localised msgs for CVNBot3 (es) [cvn]
22:19 <Krinkle> Restore localised msgs for CVNBot12 (nl), and CVNBot16 (ja) [cvn]
21:38 <Krinkle> Upgraded CVNBot22 - CVNBot29 on cvn-app9 to 1.22.0-beta.3, https://github.com/countervandalism/CVNBot/issues/50 [cvn]
21:01 <Krinkle> cvn servers were rebooted by Wikimedia Cloud admins for routine OS and Network maintenance [cvn]
2019-07-29 §
13:49 <Krinkle> The 1.22.0-beta.3 upgrade also "updated" the Console message translation file, which should have only applied to English bots. Need to restore the symlinks for non-English bots. [cvn]
2019-07-24 §
22:44 <Krinkle> Upgraded CVNBot16, CVNBot17 and CVNBot19 on cvn-app9 to 1.22.0-beta.3, https://github.com/countervandalism/CVNBot/issues/50 [cvn]
19:51 <Krinkle> Upgraded CVNBot6 - CVNBot10 on cvn-app9 to 1.22.0-beta.3, https://github.com/countervandalism/CVNBot/issues/50 [cvn]
17:31 <Krinkle> Deploy cvn-infra updates to cvn-apache9 server. https://github.com/countervandalism/infrastructure/compare/countervandalism:bf1028d...countervandalism:9531a62 [cvn]
17:30 <Krinkle> Deploy cvn-api updates to cvn-apache9 server (Support POST parameters). https://github.com/countervandalism/cvn-api/compare/countervandalism:27c7ea9...countervandalism:6593a1c [cvn]
2019-07-21 §
20:34 <Krinkle> Upgrade CVNBot20, CVNBot21, SWBot3 (cvn-app8) to 1.22.0-beta.3 [cvn]
20:31 <Krinkle> Upgrade CVNBot12, CVNBot13, CVNBot14, CVNBot18 (cvn-app8) to 1.22.0-beta.3 [cvn]
20:27 <Krinkle> Upgrade CVNBot1 - 5 (cvn-app8) to 1.22.0-beta.3 [cvn]
20:23 <Krinkle> Upgrade Cubbie (cvn-app8) to 1.22.0-beta.3 [cvn]
19:47 <Krinkle> Upgrade CVNBot4 and CVNBot5 (cvn-app8) to 1.22.0-beta.2 [cvn]
19:46 <Krinkle> Upgrade CVNBot2 and CVNBot3 (cvn-app8) to 1.22.0-beta.2 [cvn]
19:42 <Krinkle> Upgrade CVNBot1 (cvn-app8) to 1.22.0-beta.2 [cvn]
19:37 <Krinkle> Upgrade CVNBot18 (cvn-app8) to 1.22.0-beta.2, https://github.com/countervandalism/CVNBot/issues/50 [cvn]
2019-07-08 §
02:30 <Krinkle> kill Cubbie/CVNBot.exe processes (4) on cvn-app8 [cvn]
2019-07-05 §
13:25 <hauskatze> Had to restart all bots on #cvn-{sw,meta} due to all not reporting. Seems to have been fixed by the restart. [cvn]
2019-07-03 §
21:31 <Joan|PC> restarted CVNBot3 (Last message was received on RCReader 6783.217726 seconds ago). [cvn]
19:03 <Joan|PC> restarted CVNBot18 (Last message was received on RCReader 31833.585901 seconds ago). [cvn]
2019-06-26 §
15:43 <Krinkle> kill CVNBot.txt on cvn-app8 (appears to be stuck) [cvn]
2019-06-14 §
23:02 <Cam11598> restarted cvnbot3 [cvn]
2019-06-13 §
17:52 <Krinkle> access #cvn-wp-nl add DutchTom voiced [cvn]