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2021-06-20 §
23:31 <Krinkle> Upgrading from CVNBot 4.0.0 to 4.0.2 https://github.com/countervandalism/CVNBot/blob/v4.0.2/History.md [cvn]
01:45 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-wp-en, #cvn-sw, #cvn-sw-spam Neith voiced. [[User:TerraCodes]] [cvn]
01:40 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-meta NovakWatchmen voiced. [[User:FriedrickMILBarbarossa]], metawiki patroller [cvn]
01:35 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-sw [1997kB] local_op. Nominated by me :) [cvn]
01:27 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-sw, #cvn-meta, #cvn-simplewikis Tks4Fish voiced. [[User:Tks4Fish]], ptwiki sysop, steward [cvn]
01:25 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-ko-scan revi local_op. kowiki sysop, [[User:-revi]] [cvn]
01:22 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-sw stanglavine voiced. [[User:Stanglavine]], https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?diff=21479035 [cvn]
01:20 <Krinkle> Fixed all cvn-* channels to use `/mode <channel> +b $j:#wikimedia-bans` [cvn]
01:13 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-wp-en quiddity voiced. [[User:Quiddity]] [cvn]
01:00 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-wp-en AntiComposite voiced [cvn]
00:51 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-sw AntiComposite voiced [cvn]
00:51 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-commons AntiComposite voiced [cvn]
00:51 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-commons AntiComposite local_op. sysop on commonswiki, [[User:AntiCompositeNumber]], https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?diff=1024192197 [cvn]
2021-06-17 §
02:44 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-wikidata lozenge local_op (wikidatawiki sysop, confirmed User:1997kB) [cvn]
02:41 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-ja shino_d_y local_op (jawiki sysop, confirmed User:Ohgi) [cvn]
2021-06-14 §
21:37 <Krinkle> Update /srv/cvn/git/stillalive check out on all cvn-* servers to fetch from remote `main` instead of `master` [cvn]
14:32 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-bn-scan local_op https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?diff=21487994 Admin on bnwiki [cvn]
2021-06-13 §
19:10 <Krinkle> Migrate CVNBot26,27,28,29 to Libera [cvn]
19:04 <Krinkle> Migrate CVNBot21,22,23,24,25 to Libera [cvn]
18:54 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-bots Operator873 local_op (same as Freenode, confirmed account) [cvn]
18:52 <Krinkle> Migrate CVNBot16,17,18,19,20 to Libera [cvn]
18:47 <Krinkle> Migrate Cubbie (now CVNBot11), and CVNBot13,14,15 to Libera [cvn]
18:41 <Krinkle> Migrate CVNBot6,7,8,9,10 to Libera [cvn]
18:33 <Krinkle> Migrate CVNBot4,5 to Libera [cvn]
18:29 <Krinkle> Migrate CVNBot1,2,3 to Libera [cvn]
18:21 <Krinkle> Migrate CVNBot12 to Libera [cvn]
18:05 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-wp-nl natuur12 local_op (same as Freenode, confirmed account) [cvn]
18:02 <Krinkle> Contacted operator of mastiBot (#cvn-wp-pl) to move their bot to Libera. [cvn]
16:55 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-wikidata [1997kB] voiced (same as on Freenode, confirmed account) [cvn]
03:08 <Krinkle> Applied cvn/bot/* cloak for CVNBots-A, CVNBots-B to CVNBots-F [cvn]
03:08 <Krinkle> Applied cvn/bot/* cloak for cvn-clerkbot [cvn]
03:08 <Krinkle> Migrated cvn-clerkbot to Libera (same config and channel list) [cvn]
00:42 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-zho WhitePhosphorus local_op [cvn]
00:39 <Krinkle> flags #cvn-zh-sw WhitePhosphorus local_op [cvn]
2021-06-12 §
23:59 <Krinkle> wm-bot has been migrated to Libera (logging #countervandalism, and serving #cvn-es-scan, #cvn-wp-fa, #cvn-zh-sw and #cvn-zho) [cvn]
2021-05-18 §
17:00 <Operator873|CVN> restarted CVNBot1 (stopped reporting) [cvn]
2021-05-13 §
21:23 <Operator873|CVN> restart CVNBot5 - stopped reporting [cvn]
2021-04-22 §
18:24 <Operator873|CVN> restarted CVNBot2, 3, 4, 12, and 15. Failed to regain nick. [cvn]
2021-04-06 §
20:28 <Krinkle> cs access #cvn-bots add Operator873|CVN local_op [cvn]
20:17 <Krinkle> Reboot cvn-app servers [cvn]
20:10 <Operator873|CVN> restarted bots 6-10, 15, and 19 -- Failed to regain nick [cvn]
2021-04-02 §
22:18 <Krinkle> #cvn-wp-es: /invite LiWa3_2 (but did not work) [cvn]
22:11 <Krinkle> pruned two 11 year old ChanServ akick entries from #cvn-wp-es [cvn]
2021-03-31 §
00:09 <Operator873|CVN> restarted CVNBot5 -- Last message was received on RCReader 89067.767239 seconds ago [cvn]
2021-03-29 §
21:12 <Krinkle> Restarted cvn-app8 and cvn-app9 [cvn]
21:07 <Krinkle> Flags +AV were set on cyberzeus in #cvn-wp-en. [cvn]
18:02 <Operator873|CVN> restarted CVNBot7-10, 15, and 19. Failed to regain nick [cvn]
2021-03-25 §
03:38 <Operator873|CVN> restarted CVNBot5 -- Apparently wandered off the farm. [cvn]
2021-03-21 §
18:36 <Operator873|CVN> Added Zabe to #cvn-sw and #cvn-meta (+AV) [cvn]
2021-03-16 §
23:02 <Operator873|CVN> restarted CVNBot15 - failed to regain nick [cvn]