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2016-11-01 §
22:22 <Krenair> started mysql on -db03 to hopefully pull us out of read-only mode [deployment-prep]
22:21 <Krenair> started mysql on -db04 [deployment-prep]
22:19 <Krenair> stopped and started udp2log-mw on -fluorine02 [deployment-prep]
22:00 <Krenair> started moving nodes back to the new puppetmaster [deployment-prep]
02:55 <Krenair> Managed to mess up the deployment-puppetmaster02 cert, had to move those nodes back [deployment-prep]
2016-10-31 §
20:57 <Krenair> moving some nodes to deployment-puppetmaster02 [deployment-prep]
16:57 <bd808> Added Niharika29 as project member [deployment-prep]
2016-10-27 §
18:46 <bd808> Testing dual page wiki logging by stashbot. (check #3) [deployment-prep]
18:36 <bd808> Testing dual page wiki logging by stashbot. (second attempt) [deployment-prep]
18:14 <bd808> Testing dual page wiki logging by stashbot. [deployment-prep]
2016-08-02 §
14:02 <gehel> rebooting deployment-elastic06 (unresponsive to SSH and Salt) [deployment-prep]
02:51 <Krenair> https://deployment.wikimedia.beta.wmflabs, https://meta.wikimedia.beta.wmflabs, and their mobile variants now also have valid certs and TLS redirects. [deployment-prep]
01:11 <Krenair> Proper SSL certificate up at https://upload.beta.wmflabs.org - HTTP has been changed to force TLS redirect. [deployment-prep]
2016-08-01 §
20:58 <Krenair> deleted 2014/2015 files from deployment-stream:/var/log/diamond to get space on /var and stop it warning [deployment-prep]
2016-07-27 §
06:07 <TimStarling> fixed broken puppet git checkout on deployment-puppetmaster, updated [deployment-prep]
2016-07-13 §
20:45 <Krenair> RIP NFS [deployment-prep]
2016-07-11 §
23:24 <Krenair> Unmounted /data/project (NFS) on all active hosts (mediawiki0[1-3], jobrunner01, tmh01), leaving just deployment-upload (shutoff, to schedule for deletion soon) - T64835 [deployment-prep]
2016-07-09 §
00:46 <Krenair> T64835: `mwscript extensions/WikimediaMaintenance/filebackend/setZoneAccess.php zerowiki --backend=local-multiwrite --private` [deployment-prep]
00:46 <Krenair> T64835: `foreachwikiindblist "% all-labs.dblist - private.dblist" extensions/WikimediaMaintenance/filebackend/setZoneAccess.php --backend=local-multiwrite` [deployment-prep]
00:46 <Krenair> T64835: Live-hacked some temporary swift config in [deployment-prep]
2016-06-27 §
22:32 <eberhardson> deployed gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/296279 to puppetmaster to test kibana4 role [deployment-prep]
2016-06-25 §
03:24 <Krenair> Changed eventbus key in secrets (from being a symlink to eventlogging to being a new random key) so check_keyholder works again [deployment-prep]
2016-06-22 §
22:23 <Krenair> Installed netpbm on all deployment-mediawiki* hosts to fix ProofreadPage thumbnailing. I wonder if we should include the puppet mediawiki::packages::multimedia class on these hosts really [deployment-prep]
2016-06-13 §
16:06 <Krenair> Rebooted deployment-ircd, it was stuck somehow [deployment-prep]
13:53 <yuvipanda> kicked deployment-salt via nova for Krenair [deployment-prep]
13:35 <Krenair> Fixed puppet on -tin by symlinking eventbus key to eventlogging in -puppetmaster:/var/lib/git/labs/private/modules/secret/secrets/keyholder [deployment-prep]
2016-06-01 §
02:14 <Krenair> Started redis-server on deployment-rcstream to stop MW hhvm.log spam [deployment-prep]
2016-05-09 §
15:39 <andrewbogott> migrating deployment-flourine to labvirt1009 [deployment-prep]
2016-05-03 §
01:41 <Krenair> ran package updates on deployment-parsoid06 so that exim4 would start so puppet will run [deployment-prep]
2016-05-02 §
09:54 <gehel> restart elasticsearch cluster to ensure multicast configuration is disabled (T110236) [deployment-prep]
2016-04-10 §
06:04 <Krenair> deleted some large files under deployment-mediawiki01:/var/log/nutcracker to free up space on / [deployment-prep]
2016-04-09 §
16:08 <Krenair> (same for -conf03, -sentry01, -redis01, -upload - some of these are now fully fixed and some are better than they were before) [deployment-prep]
15:59 <Krenair> mostly fixed puppet on deployment-sca02 by changing /etc/puppet/puppet.conf to use project name as part of puppetmaster's hostname [deployment-prep]
15:56 <Krenair> fixed broken /etc/puppet/puppet.conf on deployment-cache-text04 (it started with a copy of the file for the labs central puppetmaster and then had the correct version pointing to the project's puppetmaster) [deployment-prep]
15:47 <Krenair> reenabled puppet on eventlogging04 as no reason was provided for disabling, first run successful [deployment-prep]
2016-03-30 §
13:35 <Reedy> upgrade hhvm on deployment-mediawiki03 and reboot [deployment-prep]
12:16 <gehel> restarting varnish on deployment-cache-text04 [deployment-prep]
2016-03-29 §
13:40 <Amir1> Added ores-related classes and roles [deployment-prep]
2016-03-25 §
20:23 <Krenair> started redis-server on deployment-redis01 [deployment-prep]
20:23 <Krenair> repaired centralauth.spoofuser table on deployment-db1 [deployment-prep]
20:23 <Krenair> fiddled around with puppet on deployment-cache-text04 earlier to fix certs etc. [deployment-prep]
07:38 <tgr> restarting memcached [deployment-prep]
2016-03-18 §
18:13 <gehel> activating automatic deployment of portals (https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/276397/) [deployment-prep]
2016-03-08 §
02:26 <ori> Updating HHVM on deployment-mediawiki02 [deployment-prep]
2016-03-01 §
16:54 <gehel> fixed a stalled rebase on deployment-puppetmaster:/var/lib/operations/puppet [deployment-prep]
2016-02-18 §
13:24 <gehel> upgrading elasticsearch to 1.7.5 on cirrus-browser-bot [deployment-prep]
2016-02-17 §
23:57 <mobrovac> added Ppchelko to the list of members [deployment-prep]
2016-02-15 §
09:16 <gehel> re-enabling puppet on elastic05 (https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T126891) [deployment-prep]
2016-02-12 §
16:33 <gehel> starting to ship logs from elasticsearch to logstash (https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/269100/) [deployment-prep]
2016-02-11 §
15:15 <gehel> fixed deployment-puppetmaster rebase conflict by removing commit 814f12bc - author is informed [deployment-prep]