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2019-02-06 §
22:34 <shdubsh> Deploy node-exporter 0.17 T213708 [deployment-prep]
14:12 <godog> shut off deployment-prometheus01 - T215272 [deployment-prep]
14:00 <godog> switch beta-prometheus to deployment-prometheus02 - T215272 [deployment-prep]
2019-02-05 §
20:07 <ebernhardson> jobrunner port 9006 is firewalled, revert to 9005 and created T215339 to fix job queue in beta cluste [deployment-prep]
19:36 <ebernhardson> Update profile::cpjobqueue::{jobrunner,videoscaler}_host in horizon hiera from port 9005 to 9006 to match new restrictions in gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/481866 [deployment-prep]
2019-02-04 §
21:48 <ebernhardson> restart logstash on deployment-logstash2 [deployment-prep]
2019-01-31 §
12:05 <arturo> VM instances deployment-deploy01,deployment-deploy02,deployment-fluorine02,deployment-kafka-jumbo-2,deployment-kafka-main-1,deployment-maps04,deployment-mcs01,deployment-mediawiki-09,deployment-memc04,deployment-ms-be03,deployment-ms-fe02,deployment-parsoid09,deployment-sca04,deployment-webperf12, were stopped briefly due to issue in hypervisor (T215012) [deployment-prep]
2019-01-08 §
19:53 <mutante> adjusting puppet config on deployment-mwmaint01. remove "mediawiki_maintenance" role from "other classes" section and apply "mediawiki::maintenance" instead after role rename in gerrit:479131 for consistency with other mediawiki:: roles [deployment-prep]
2019-01-07 §
19:32 <awight> T212530: ORES revscoring 2.3.0 [deployment-prep]
2018-11-23 §
13:55 <dcausse> restarted elasticsearch on all deployement-elastic0X nodes (search broken on the beta cluster) [deployment-prep]
2018-11-20 §
23:45 <mutante> deployment-deploy01 edited /srv/deployment/iegreview/iegreview/.git/DEPLOY_HEAD - - replaced deployment-tin with deployment-deploy1 to fix scap cloning / puppet [deployment-prep]
23:01 <mutante> deployment-deploy01 edited /srv/deployment/scholarships/scholarships/.git - replaced deployment-tin with deployment-deploy1 to fix scap / cloning of scholarships app [deployment-prep]
13:55 <andrewbogott> deleting deployment-redis05 and deployment-redis06 as per Giuseppe, "we're not using the old jobqueue, we should remove those vms" [deployment-prep]
2018-11-14 §
18:48 <andrewbogott> moving deployment-mediawiki-07 to labvirt1008 [deployment-prep]
18:31 <andrewbogott> moving deployment-chromium01 to labvirt1009 [deployment-prep]
18:06 <andrewbogott> moving deployment-mx02 to labvirt1003 [deployment-prep]
18:05 <andrewbogott> migrating deployment-snapshot01 to labvirt1001 [deployment-prep]
2018-11-13 §
22:19 <andrewbogott> moving deployment-urldownloader02 to labvirt1012 [deployment-prep]
21:59 <andrewbogott> moving deployment-deploy02 to another labvirt [deployment-prep]
21:55 <andrewbogott> moving deployment-webperf12 to a new labvirt [deployment-prep]
21:50 <andrewbogott> moving deployment-dumps-puppetmaster02 to a new labvirt [deployment-prep]
21:43 <andrewbogott> moving deployment-elastic05 to a new labvirt to clear out labvirt1016 [deployment-prep]
13:01 <arturo> a puppet refactor for the aptly module may have caused some puppet issues. Should be solved now [deployment-prep]
2018-11-02 §
14:04 <Krenair> made onimisionipe a projectadmin per request in -cloud [deployment-prep]
2018-11-01 §
14:48 <andrewbogott> moving deployment-redis05 to labvirt1012 [deployment-prep]
14:47 <Krenair> shut off deployment-redis05 for migration to new physical host [deployment-prep]
2018-10-31 §
21:16 <Krenair> remove horizon hiera config for deployment-redis0[56] to unbreak puppet and remove old redis0[12] instance IPs T208040 [deployment-prep]
19:55 <andrewbogott> moving deployment-elastic06 to labvirt1012 [deployment-prep]
19:40 <andrewbogott> moving deployment-cpjobqueue to labvirt1012 to help clear out labvirt1017 [deployment-prep]
19:11 <andrewbogott> moving deployment-kafka-jumbo-1 to labvirt1012 to help clear out labvirt1017 [deployment-prep]
18:54 <andrewbogott> moving deployment-kafka-main-2 to labvirt1012 to help clear out labvirt1017 [deployment-prep]
13:23 <godog> enable statsd reporting for swift [deployment-prep]
2018-10-22 §
00:27 <Krenair> Added gtirloni as a member per T207474 - I imagine he'll want to get in to look at shinken-related things [deployment-prep]
2018-10-02 §
08:56 <godog> bounce logstash [deployment-prep]
2018-09-23 §
01:05 <andrewbogott> rebooted deployment-maps03; OOM and also T205195 [deployment-prep]
2018-08-09 §
01:42 <awight> T201518: ORES, fawiki wp10, misc updates [deployment-prep]
2018-07-16 §
21:10 <awight> ran namespaceDupes.php on beta enwiki [deployment-prep]
2018-06-30 §
20:40 <Krenair> ran git gc on deployment-tin:/srv/mediawiki to free up space [deployment-prep]
2018-06-12 §
17:40 <halfak> deploying ores 36037b6 [deployment-prep]
2018-06-11 §
21:47 <halfak> deploying ores 6ee8775 [deployment-prep]
2018-06-04 §
15:44 <awight> ORES: Fix T194322 [deployment-prep]
2018-05-19 §
10:56 <Krenair> amended uncommitted changes into HEAD commit (notified author) so I can unbreak puppet updates, also removed my old POC secure redirect puppet patch [deployment-prep]
2018-05-09 §
22:53 <awight> ORES: wheels fixups [deployment-prep]
21:31 <awight> Bump ORES wheels [deployment-prep]
21:04 <awight> ORES: drafttopic in beta [deployment-prep]
2018-04-25 §
18:55 <awight> ORES: Revscoring 2.2.2 [deployment-prep]
2018-04-20 §
00:46 <awight> roll back ORES beta to master [deployment-prep]
00:08 <awight> Push ORES git-lfs to look at stuff [deployment-prep]
2018-04-16 §
18:58 <awight> Update ORES editquality; T185903 [deployment-prep]
2018-04-13 §
00:53 <awight> ORES: Test large file in LFS [deployment-prep]