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2024-03-28 §
20:53 <andrewbogott> replaced gitlab-runners-puppetmaster-01 with gitlab-runners-puppetserver-01 and moved secrets to /srv/git/labs/private. Shut down gitlab-runners-puppetmaster-01 and it can be deleted once projectadmins are convinced that all is well. [gitlab-runners]
2023-03-30 §
21:55 <mutante> root@runner-1030:/var/lib/docker/volumes# rm -rf runner-m4mqfjvt-project-860-concurrent-2-cache-c33bcaa1fd2c77edfc3893b41966cea8 ; rm -rf runner-m4mqfjvt-project-860-concurrent-3-cache-c33bcaa1fd2c77edfc3893b41966cea8 (T333586) [gitlab-runners]
21:52 <mutante> root@runner-1030:/var/lib/docker/volumes# rm -rf runner-m4mqfjvt-project-1177-concurrent-2-cache-c33bcaa1fd2c77edfc3893b41966cea8 (T333586) [gitlab-runners]
2022-12-02 §
20:04 <mutante> upgrading gitlab-runner package version [gitlab-runners]
2022-04-12 §
17:02 <mutante> pausing runner-1014, then will remove it and create new bullseye runner runner 1025 to replace it [gitlab-runners]
16:34 <mutante> pausing runner-1013, then will remove it and create new bullseye runner to replace it [gitlab-runners]
2022-04-11 §
20:29 <mutante> - create new instance runner-1023, wait for intial puppet run, then rm -rf /var/lib/puppet/ssl ; run puppet; sign new request on gitlab-runners-puppetmaster-01.gitlab-runners (normal procedure for fresh instance with local puppetmaster) [gitlab-runners]
20:20 <mutante> deleting instance runner-1012, creating instance runner-1023 to replace it [gitlab-runners]
19:06 <mutante> deleting instance runner-1011, creating instance runner-1022 to replace it [gitlab-runners]
18:25 <mutante> pausing runner-1011 in gitlab UI from accepting new jobs, then deleting instance in Horizon UI to replace it with another bullseye instance T297659 [gitlab-runners]
2022-04-08 §
22:03 <mutante> - deleting instance runner-1020 and recreating it with the same name but flavor g3.cores8.ram24.disk20 T297659 [gitlab-runners]
22:01 <mutante> - deleting instance runner-1008 in Horizon and also deleting it in gitlab admin UI about the same time T297659 [gitlab-runners]
20:59 <mutante> - pausing runner-1008 from accepting new jobs, hoping it will finish all existing jobs already queued and once that is down to 0 I can replace it with a new runner on bullseye (T297659) [gitlab-runners]
2022-04-07 §
23:52 <mutante> creating instance runner-1020 with bullseye for testing purposes, unfortunately not enough quota to just use the same as all other runners, could only do small flavor T297659 [gitlab-runners]
2021-10-22 §
11:20 <arturo> enable flavor g3.cores8.ram24.disk20.ephemeral40.4xiops (T293832) [gitlab-runners]
2021-10-21 §
09:23 <arturo> bump quotas to instances 12 cores 82 ram 249856 gigabytes 600 volumes 10 (T293832) [gitlab-runners]
2021-07-13 §
14:33 <balloons> create project, initial quota 60 cores, 175G RAM T285913 [gitlab-runners]