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2024-06-20 §
08:40 <taavi@cloudcumin1001> END (PASS) - Cookbook wmcs.openstack.migrate_project_to_ovs (exit_code=0) [lta-tracker]
08:38 <taavi@cloudcumin1001> START - Cookbook wmcs.openstack.migrate_project_to_ovs [lta-tracker]
2023-07-19 §
16:58 <Zppix> create bots2 instance (OS: debian-11.0-bullseye) [lta-tracker]
16:47 <Zppix> delete puppet3 and bots instances (prep for OS upgrade) [lta-tracker]
2023-07-13 §
22:50 <Zppix> run apt update on all hosts and remove unneeded apt packages, additionally prepare for OS update to remove depreciation warning on Horizon. [lta-tracker]
2022-05-30 §
18:09 <Zppix> Add RhinosF1 as a temp project admin [lta-tracker]
2020-12-06 §
19:12 <andrewbogott> shutting down all VMs in preparation for project removal https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/News/Cloud_VPS_2020_Purge#lta-tracker [lta-tracker]
2019-04-13 §
20:43 <bstorm_> Moving puppet-lta to a new server because of hardware problems T220853 [lta-tracker]
18:23 <bd808> Attempting to reboot puppet-lta via OpenStack cli (take 2) [lta-tracker]
18:23 <bd808> nova reset-state --active 8b764eb9-2dca-4902-a9c5-ed54fa3fc57d [lta-tracker]
18:21 <bd808> Attempting to reboot puppet-lta via OpenStack cli [lta-tracker]
2019-04-11 §
23:38 <Zppix> setup standalone puppet master on puppet-lta; install NGNIX on tracker1; setup track-lta.wmflabs.org web proxy [lta-tracker]