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2023-02-03 §
14:10 <wm-bot2> added user fnegri to the project as projectadmin - cookbook ran by fran@wmf3169 [maps]
14:10 <wm-bot2> added user fnegri to the project as user - cookbook ran by fran@wmf3169 [maps]
2022-02-09 §
18:22 <andrewbogott> rebooting maps-tiles1 to switch the nfs mount [maps]
2022-01-23 §
10:12 <taavi> revert quota changes requested on T299585 [maps]
2022-01-20 §
08:16 <taavi> bump quota from 24 -> 26 cores, 48 -> 50 GB RAM, T299585 [maps]
2022-01-19 §
17:33 <andrewbogott> rebooting maps-wmanew to recover from (presumed) fallout from the scratch/nfs move [maps]
2021-07-25 §
15:58 <andrewbogott> removed openstack-mitaka-jessie.list from maps-puppetmaster [maps]
2021-07-01 §
16:46 <bstorm> rebooted entire project of VMs and things appear mounted T224747 [maps]
2021-06-16 §
14:50 <thedj> initiated tile updates for old maps, which had not updated for a while. [maps]
2021-03-03 §
17:26 <andrewbogott> resizing deployment-maps08 to (identical) flavor g2.cores4.ram8.disk80 [maps]
2020-06-04 §
20:07 <bd808> Checked all hosts and found no missing secrets; puppet re-enabled (T254491) [maps]
2019-12-13 §
14:53 <jeh> restart maps-tiles1.maps.eqiad.wmflabs to resolve NFS issues after Dec 12th 2019 maintenance [maps]
2019-07-25 §
22:14 <jeh> remounted NFS /mnt/nfs/secondary-maps on maps-tiles1 [maps]
22:11 <bstorm_> cleaned up an issue following NFS maintenance -- maps NFS mounts coming back online [maps]
22:00 <thedj> tiles1 (probably the rest too) down due to todays NFS maintenance. will have to check another time - DJ [maps]
21:57 <thedj> restarted tiles1 because home dir and project/maps mounts were gone [maps]
2019-06-20 §
14:08 <andrewbogott> moving maps-wma to a new cloudvirt [maps]
2019-06-05 §
18:24 <andrewbogott> moving maps-puppetmaster to cloudvirt1029 [maps]
2019-04-01 §
14:51 <andrewbogott> shutting down maps-wma1 as per T204506 [maps]
2019-03-29 §
13:19 <andrewbogott> shutting down maps-tiles2 and maps-tiles3 [maps]
2019-03-19 §
20:45 <thedj> redirect [abc].tiles.wmflabs.org to tiles.wmflabs.org [maps]
2019-03-12 §
20:33 <bd808> Changing files owned by root to www-data:www-data in /data/project/{styles,tiles} from NFS server (T218145) [maps]
00:22 <bd808> Switched *.tiles.wmflabs.org proxies to point to (T217992) [maps]
2019-01-14 §
22:25 <bd808> Added ssh from to default security group in eqiad region [maps]
22:23 <bd808> Added BryanDavis (self) as project admin to debug cross-region ssh access [maps]
2018-12-18 §
14:54 <thedj> stopped the overpass-wiki instance. Likely complete unused since creation. Unless Jotpe objects before the next cleanup round starts, this instance can likely be deleted [maps]
2018-12-11 §
16:14 <andrewbogott> migrating project to eqiad1-r [maps]
2018-03-22 §
23:28 <MaxSem> blocked a couple of major commercial TOS abusers [maps]
2018-01-27 §
07:13 <andrewbogott> rebooting maps-wma1 [maps]
2017-03-31 §
13:34 <andrewbogott> deleting shutdown Precise instance maps-tiles1 [maps]
2016-10-21 §
17:03 <madhuvishy> Applied new changes to previously unreachable instance maps-warper.maps (T147657) [maps]
2016-10-20 §
15:07 <madhuvishy> Symlinks for /home and /data/project from labstore1003 mount setup. Puppet enabled everywhere (T147657) [maps]
14:35 <madhuvishy> Sync to labstore1003 complete (T147657) [maps]
2016-10-19 §
17:17 <madhuvishy> Snapshot and syncing latest copy of maps share to labstore1003 (T147657) [maps]
16:16 <madhuvishy> Disabling puppet across maps hosts to unmount nfs shares from labstore1001 (T147657) [maps]
2016-10-18 §
23:09 <madhuvishy> Reenabled puppet on maps instances. Maps share mounted at /mnt/nfs/labstore1003 on all instances (T147657) [maps]
22:56 <madhuvishy> Cannot ssh even as root into maps-warper.maps, no changes will be applied there [maps]
17:49 <madhuvishy> Rolling out https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/316482/ on maps instances for T147657 [maps]
17:48 <madhuvishy> Disabled puppet across maps hosts [maps]
2016-05-27 §
21:52 <MaxSem> Rebooted maps-tiles1, maps-tiles2 and maps-warper due to NFS troubles [maps]