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2020-01-14 §
02:20 <andrewbogott> rebooting mathosphere to resolve hangs associated with an old NFS failure [math]
2019-03-14 §
23:13 <bd808> Deleted drmf, math-ru, mathoid2 (T204509) [math]
2019-03-01 §
10:39 <arturo> shut down drmft instance again (was active by mistake due to workload reallocation) Will be deleted soon anyway [math]
2019-02-05 §
17:23 <arturo> make myself projectadmin for better view of internal project logs [math]
17:18 <arturo> T204509 shutting down again drmf-beta and drmf [math]
2019-01-31 §
12:05 <arturo> VM instances drmf,drmf-beta,math-docker, were stopped briefly due to issue in hypervisor (T215012) [math]
2019-01-21 §
16:22 <arturo> T204509 shutdown ubuntu *VM instances*: drmf-beta, drmf, mathoid2, math-ru [math]
16:21 <arturo> T204509 shutdown ubuntu iamges: drmf-beta, drmf, mathoid2, math-ru [math]
2018-01-29 §
16:16 <andrewbogott> rehabilitating 'drmf' instance [math]
2018-01-09 §
02:17 <andrewbogott> rebooting drmf in an attempt to get puppet working [math]
2016-05-05 §
22:58 <bd808> Joined project as admin [math]