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2021-07-23 §
16:45 <bd808> `rm /usr/local/bin/ircecho` as the worst fix for T287265 [monitoring]
2020-10-05 §
22:29 <mutante> deleted the shinken module [monitoring]
2020-06-08 §
17:18 <andrewbogott> moved puppetmaster back to the 'godog' branch and leaving things broken because this is much weirder than I expected [monitoring]
17:13 <andrewbogott> switching pontoon-puppet-01 over to a clean upstream puppet branch to get puppet working. Existing changes are in a branch named 'godog' in /var/lib/git/operations/puppet [monitoring]
2020-02-14 §
20:09 <andrewbogott> added profile::prometheus::statsd_exporter::mappings: [] setting to the thanks-be prefix to fix puppet runs [monitoring]
2019-11-13 §
10:11 <arturo> add myself as projectadmin briefly to apply required changes for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/550506 [monitoring]
2019-07-24 §
09:53 <arturo> increasing project quotas per T228735 [monitoring]
2018-11-06 §
15:26 <andrewbogott> removed some absent project members to minimize email bounces [monitoring]
2018-08-30 §
18:57 <mutante> making cwhite a project admin to demo creating instances [monitoring]
18:39 <mutante> adding new member cwhite [monitoring]
2018-01-12 §
05:45 <andrewbogott> took some drastic measures to clean up puppet on syslog-receiver01 and syslog-sender01. Forced puppet runs using the normal puppetmaster in hopes of restoring a useful state [monitoring]
2016-10-06 §
16:07 <andrewbogott> deleting monitoring-prometheus2 [monitoring]
2016-09-21 §
16:54 <yuvipanda> enable backports on filippo-test-trusty [monitoring]
2016-07-04 §
12:37 <yuvipanda> migrate test-prometheus2 to labvirt1011 [monitoring]