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2016-06-29 §
21:11 <Luke081515> set mysql password @phab-01 [phabricator]
20:57 <Luke081515> configured https correctly for phabricator at phab-01 [phabricator]
19:52 <paladox> installing apache2 and php5 on phab-02 [phabricator]
19:44 <paladox> recreating phab-01 as a large size. [phabricator]
19:41 <paladox> deleting phab-01 instance due to it not starting. [phabricator]
2016-05-12 §
19:59 <bd808> Added BryanDavis (self) as admin for testing diffusion.repository.edit API [phabricator]
2016-03-23 §
01:48 <Krenair> Unbroken puppet by dropping local commits, at least some of these were already merged to master. Not sure about 2f5e74c65e399fd5ecfb4d3a6eade28c191113ff or 46831af9a4e433d1caec82a8fbc881e2a6d8427d [phabricator]
2016-02-15 §
22:54 <andrewbogott> Andrew encourages future puppet hackers to commit their local changes so that this mess doesn’t reappear [phabricator]
22:52 <andrewbogott> stashed local changes in /var/lib/git/operations/puppet on deploy instance, checked out ‘production’ branch, updated [phabricator]
22:32 <andrewbogott> rebooting instance phab-02 [phabricator]
22:29 <andrewbogott> rebooting instance phab-01 [phabricator]
2016-02-13 §
22:30 <Krenair> Fixed puppet on phab-03 and harbormaster1 by signing the certs on deploy [phabricator]
05:00 <bd808> Added Alex Monk (Krenair) as projectadmin [phabricator]