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2011-12-08 §
22:51 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Bug 32119 - Change the diacritics in the namespaces at ro.wikinews' [production]
22:44 <RobH> ganglia and nagios will be down during spence reboot [production]
22:43 <RobH> rebooting spence [production]
22:33 <apergos> stopping and restarting nagios on spence... had high load and swap going on [production]
22:26 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Bug 32119 - Change the diacritics in the namespaces at ro.wikinews' [production]
22:02 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Revert last push due to a lot of page conflicts' [production]
21:57 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Bug 32119 - Change the diacritics in the namespaces at ro.wikinews' [production]
21:50 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php 'wgNoticeBanner_Harvard2011 for enwiki' [production]
21:36 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php 'wgNoticeBanner_Harvard2011[salt]' [production]
21:26 <notpeter> restarting puppet on brewster [production]
21:14 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized php-1.18/extensions/CentralNotice/CentralNotice.php 'remove debugging line' [production]
21:10 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php 'Set some centralnotice config for testwiki' [production]
21:01 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized php-1.18/extensions/CentralNotice/CentralNotice.php '[[rev:105588|r105588]]' [production]
21:00 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized php-1.18/extensions/CentralNotice/CentralNotice.db.php '[[rev:105588|r105588]]' [production]
20:58 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized php-1.18/extensions/UserDailyContribs/api/ApiUserDailyContribs.php '[[rev:105587|r105587]]' [production]
20:56 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized php-1.18/extensions/UserDailyContribs/UserDailyContribs.php '[[rev:105587|r105587]]' [production]
19:16 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized php-1.18/resources/jquery.ui/themes/vector/jquery.ui.button.css [production]
19:09 <notpeter> temporarily stopping puppet on brewster for prototyping of partman config. feel free to restart if needed :) [production]
18:45 <logmsgbot_> laner synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Enable Emergency Captcha for ptwikinews' [production]
18:08 <RobH> ns0/1/2 all dig fine now [production]
18:07 <RobH> restarted pdns on ns1 and ns2, my dns change was an hour ago... [production]
17:50 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/flaggedrevs.php '$wgGroupPermissions[sysop][stablesettings] = true for frwikinews' [production]
17:39 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/flaggedrevs.php 'Tweak fiwiki settings for [[bugzilla:29742|bug 29742]]' [production]
17:09 <RobH> allocating db48/db49 for #1477: move otrs database off of db9/db10 [production]
17:05 <Reedy> That was [[bugzilla:31947|bug 31947]] Namespaces for fawikisource [production]
17:05 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php [production]
16:51 <Reedy> Run namespaceDupes on tlwiki and azwikibooks [production]
16:49 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Bug 25651 - Requesting for the namespace Portal for Tagalog Wikipedia' [production]
16:41 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Bug 31068 - Add Wikibooks namespace to Azerbaijani Wikibooks' [production]
15:49 <mark> Restarted formey with lower max clients setting [production]
14:40 <apergos> thumb cleaner to bed for the night [production]
13:55 <mark> domas fixed max_open_files issue on db9 (too many connections from mchenry), and fixed replication to db10 which I broke by deleting all binlogs [production]
13:37 <mark> Removed some binlogs on db9 [production]
10:06 <logmsgbot_> hashar synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php '[[bugzilla:32513|bug 32513]] : Collection license link: now use upstream URL instead of a license with ton of wikitext' [production]
09:51 <logmsgbot_> hashar synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php 'GFDL is long gone, we use CC-BY-SA 3.0 nowaday. See [[bugzilla:32513|bug 32513]]' [production]
09:48 <logmsgbot_> hashar synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php '32513 - Collection extension still uses GFDL license' [production]
06:57 <apergos> thumb cleaner awake and back to work [production]
01:36 <binasher> installing percona-toolkit on all databases [production]
01:09 <Ryan_Lane> restarted gmetad on spence [production]
01:04 <Ryan_Lane> restarting nagios on spence [production]
2011-12-07 §
23:56 <logmsgbot_> awjrichards synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php 'Re-enabling Special:FundraiserStatistics on foundation wiki' [production]
23:55 <logmsgbot_> awjrichards synchronized php/extensions/ContributionReporting/ContributionReporting.php '[[rev:105494|r105494]]' [production]
23:54 <logmsgbot_> awjrichards synchronized php/extensions//ContributionReporting/FundraiserStatistics_body.php '[[rev:105494|r105494]]' [production]
23:54 <logmsgbot_> awjrichards synchronized php/extensions/ContributionReporting/modules/ext.fundraiserstatistics.js '[[rev:105486|r105486]]' [production]
23:32 <LeslieCarr> on cr1-sdtpa and cr2-pmtpa, routing labs a instead of the smaller block [production]
23:01 <LeslieCarr> unpinned php-common in generic::webserver::php5 [production]
18:35 <K4-713> synchronized payments cluster to [[rev:105401|r105401]] [production]
17:04 <apergos> restarted httpd on dataset2 [production]
15:14 <apergos> thumb cleaner to bed for the night (it gets tired so easily :-P) [production]
14:51 <RobH> rebooting TS-amaranth per DaBPunkt request - unresponsive to ssh [production]