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2011-12-16 §
22:30 <RobH> reclaimed space on db9, restarted mysql, services seem to be recovering [production]
22:24 <maplebed> restarting mysql on db9; brief downtime for a number of apps (bugzilla, blog, etc.) expected. [production]
22:03 <RobH> db9 space reclaimed back to 94% full, related services should start recovering [production]
21:57 <RobH> db9 disk full, related services are messing up, fixing [production]
21:56 <RobH> kicking apache for bz related issues on kaulen [production]
19:14 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/resources/startup.js 'touch' [production]
19:07 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Set AFTv4 lottery odds to 100% on en_labswikimedia' [production]
18:48 <LeslieCarr> removed the ssl* yaml logs on stafford to fix the puppet not running error [production]
16:13 <apergos> thumb cleaner to bed for the night. definitely need an alarm clock for this... good thing it's only got about 4 days of backlog left [production]
15:41 <RobH> es1002 being actively worked on for hdd controller testing [production]
15:39 <RobH> lvs1003 disk dead per RT 1549, will torubleshoot on site later today or Monday [production]
15:32 <RobH> lvs1003 unresponsive to serial console, rebooting [production]
15:18 <RobH> reinstalling dataset1 [production]
14:45 <mutante> puppet was broken on all servers including "nrpe" due to package conflict with nagios-plugins-basic i added to base, revert+fix [production]
13:29 <RoanKattouw> Dropping and recreating AFTv5 tables on en_labswikimedia and enwiki [production]
13:26 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/ArticleFeedbackv5/ 'Updating to trunk state' [production]
13:25 <mutante> tweaked Nagios earlier today: external command_check_interval & event_broker_options (see comments in gerrit Id3b4a458) [production]
13:01 <mark> Found lvs5 and lvs6 with offload-gro enabled, even though it's set disabled in /etc/network/interfaces... corrected [production]
09:21 <apergos> restarted lighthttpd on ds2, it had stopped (and why didn't nagios tell us? ) [production]
08:38 <mutante> spence - had killed additional notifications.cgi and history.cgi procs, waited 5 minutes, load went down a lot, restarting nagios [production]
08:23 <mutante> spence - almost unusable, Nagios notifications.cgi and history.cgi use a lot of memory, stopping Nagios, watching swap [production]
08:15 <mutante> spence slow again, side-note: tried to use "sar" to investigate but "Please check if data collecting is enabled in /etc/default/sysstat" (want to?) [production]
07:54 <nikerabbit> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/WebFonts/resources/ext.webfonts.js 'JS fix [[rev:106418|r106418]]' [production]
07:09 <apergos> thumbs cleaner awake for the day [production]
01:57 <LocalisationUpdate> failed (1.18) at Fri Dec 16 02:00:14 UTC 2011 [production]
2011-12-15 §
23:19 <LeslieCarr> pushing rule to planet.wikimedia.org which should redirect all https to http [production]
23:00 <LeslieCarr> puppetized planet.wikimedia.org on singer [production]
22:41 <LeslieCarr> removing https support from planet.wikimedia.org [production]
21:43 <awjrichards> synchronized php/extensions/LandingCheck/SpecialLandingCheck.php '[[rev:106377|r106377]]' [production]
21:42 <awjrichards> synchronized php/extensions/LandingCheck/LandingCheck.php '[[rev:106377|r106377]]' [production]
21:34 <awjrichards> synchronized php/extensions/ContributionTracking/ContributionTracking_body.php '[[rev:106375|r106375]]' [production]
21:34 <awjrichards> synchronized php/extensions/ContributionTracking/ContributionTracking.processor.php '[[rev:106375|r106375]]' [production]
21:33 <awjrichards> synchronized php/extensions/ContributionTracking/ContributionTracking.php '[[rev:106375|r106375]]' [production]
20:21 <K4-713> synchronized payments cluster to [[rev:106360|r106360]] [production]
19:16 <LeslieCarr> removed mw* and virt* yaml files from stafford in order to clear up broken files and make puppet run again [production]
18:59 <LocalisationUpdate> completed (1.18) at Thu Dec 15 19:02:58 UTC 2011 [production]
18:58 <RobH> cp1018 also offline, stealing cables from it for testing [production]
18:52 <reedy> synchronized php-1.18/includes/Block.php 'Testing fix for [[bugzilla:33101|bug 33101]]' [production]
18:43 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/LocalisationUpdate/ '[[rev:106352|r106352]]' [production]
18:25 <RobH> es1002 and cp1019 offline for harddisk controller testing [production]
18:07 <RoanKattouw> Running LU /again/ to hopefully fix issues [production]
16:31 <mark> Fixed database entries in william's exim.conf [production]
16:24 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Disabling Contest extension because of XSS' [production]
15:31 <apergos> thumb cleaner to bed for the night [production]
14:59 <LocalisationUpdate> completed (1.18) at Thu Dec 15 15:02:05 UTC 2011 [production]
14:52 <RoanKattouw> Running l10nupdate by hand [production]
14:37 <RoanKattouw> That InitialiseSettings.php change enabled ArticleFeedback (v4) on en_labswikimedia [production]
14:37 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php [production]
14:28 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Disable ReaderFeedback on en_labswikimedia' [production]
14:26 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/ArticleFeedbackv5/ 'Updating AFTv5 to trunk staet' [production]