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2011-12-08 §
17:05 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php [production]
16:51 <Reedy> Run namespaceDupes on tlwiki and azwikibooks [production]
16:49 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Bug 25651 - Requesting for the namespace Portal for Tagalog Wikipedia' [production]
16:41 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Bug 31068 - Add Wikibooks namespace to Azerbaijani Wikibooks' [production]
15:49 <mark> Restarted formey with lower max clients setting [production]
14:40 <apergos> thumb cleaner to bed for the night [production]
13:55 <mark> domas fixed max_open_files issue on db9 (too many connections from mchenry), and fixed replication to db10 which I broke by deleting all binlogs [production]
13:37 <mark> Removed some binlogs on db9 [production]
10:06 <logmsgbot_> hashar synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php '[[bugzilla:32513|bug 32513]] : Collection license link: now use upstream URL instead of a license with ton of wikitext' [production]
09:51 <logmsgbot_> hashar synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php 'GFDL is long gone, we use CC-BY-SA 3.0 nowaday. See [[bugzilla:32513|bug 32513]]' [production]
09:48 <logmsgbot_> hashar synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php '32513 - Collection extension still uses GFDL license' [production]
06:57 <apergos> thumb cleaner awake and back to work [production]
01:36 <binasher> installing percona-toolkit on all databases [production]
01:09 <Ryan_Lane> restarted gmetad on spence [production]
01:04 <Ryan_Lane> restarting nagios on spence [production]
2011-12-07 §
23:56 <logmsgbot_> awjrichards synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php 'Re-enabling Special:FundraiserStatistics on foundation wiki' [production]
23:55 <logmsgbot_> awjrichards synchronized php/extensions/ContributionReporting/ContributionReporting.php '[[rev:105494|r105494]]' [production]
23:54 <logmsgbot_> awjrichards synchronized php/extensions//ContributionReporting/FundraiserStatistics_body.php '[[rev:105494|r105494]]' [production]
23:54 <logmsgbot_> awjrichards synchronized php/extensions/ContributionReporting/modules/ext.fundraiserstatistics.js '[[rev:105486|r105486]]' [production]
23:32 <LeslieCarr> on cr1-sdtpa and cr2-pmtpa, routing labs a instead of the smaller block [production]
23:01 <LeslieCarr> unpinned php-common in generic::webserver::php5 [production]
18:35 <K4-713> synchronized payments cluster to [[rev:105401|r105401]] [production]
17:04 <apergos> restarted httpd on dataset2 [production]
15:14 <apergos> thumb cleaner to bed for the night (it gets tired so easily :-P) [production]
14:51 <RobH> rebooting TS-amaranth per DaBPunkt request - unresponsive to ssh [production]
13:16 <mark> Fixed package situation on db1048 [production]
06:58 <apergos> thumb cleaner starting its daily run [production]
00:35 <binasher> rebooting db1041 for new kernel to take effect.. troubleshooting xfs sync kernel panics - probably a failing raid controller [production]
2011-12-06 §
22:21 <K4-713> synchronized payments cluster to [[rev:105359|r105359]] [production]
19:44 <Jeff_Green> temporarily doubling php5/apache2's memory limit on aluminium to see if that helps civicrm [production]
18:51 <RobH> updated bz per rt2098 with removed_comment template [production]
18:36 <RobH> applied patch to BZ per RT 2098 [production]
16:00 <Jeff_Green> dist-upgrade and reboot silicon [production]
15:05 <mark> Setup puppetmaster on stafford, moved puppet DNS aliases for testing. Local git repos need to be manually 'pulled' on stafford:/var/lib/git/operations/puppet for now [production]
15:04 <mutante> killed java process on search1 and restarted lsearchd, per rainman [production]
14:59 <rainman-sr> can someone look at search1, it seems to have java process that cannot be stopped with /etc/init.d/lsearchd stop, needs root [production]
14:51 <apergos> thumb cleaner to bed for the night [production]
13:54 <logmsgbot_> hashar synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'codereview: auto deferres /trunk/extensions/SemanticMediaWiki' [production]
13:47 <apergos> very temporarily gained sme space back on srv220 by clearing out temp but it will be tight again in an hour, can't see what's taking up the room besides scaler temp files but there is something [production]
11:02 <mutante> generated de_DE.UTF-8 locale on singer, fixed de.planet update [production]
10:36 <mark> Temporarily firewalled all eqiad hosts from sockpuppet's puppetmaster port [production]
10:04 <mark> Reinstalling stafford [production]
06:54 <apergos> thumb cleaner started up on ms5 for the day [production]
00:54 <logmsgbot_> awjrichards synchronized php/extensions/CentralNotice/CentralNotice.db.php '[[rev:105263|r105263]]' [production]
00:53 <logmsgbot_> awjrichards synchronized php/extensions/CentralNotice/special/SpecialBannerAllocation.php '[[rev:105263|r105263]]' [production]
00:31 <Tim> added docroot file for Yahoo BOSS, [[bugzilla:32816|bug 32816]] [production]
2011-12-05 §
23:59 <logmsgbot_> awjrichards synchronized php/extensions/FundraiserLandingPage/FundraiserLandingPage.php '[[rev:105251|r105251]]' [production]
23:59 <logmsgbot_> awjrichards synchronized php/extensions/FundraiserLandingPage/FundraiserLandingPage.body.php '[[rev:105251|r105251]]' [production]
23:58 <logmsgbot_> awjrichards synchronized php/extensions/FundraiserLandingPage/FundraiserRedirector.body.php '[[rev:105251|r105251]]' [production]
20:42 <logmsgbot_> reedy synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'touch' [production]