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2011-12-21 §
20:31 <mark> Restarted swift-container on ms1 with higher worker count (4 instead of 2) [production]
20:31 <Jeff_Green> power cycled kaulen because it's deathswapped and unresponsive [production]
19:41 <mark> Ended oprofile run on ms1 [production]
19:33 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/missing.php 'Update missing.php from trunk, see [[bugzilla:30206|bug 30206]]' [production]
19:24 <mark> Started oprofile run on ms1 [production]
19:20 <mark> Migrated DRBD sync between nfs1 and nfs2 from protocol C (sync) to A (async) [production]
17:48 <RoanKattouw> srv224 has a full disk [production]
17:48 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/ArticleFeedbackv5/modules/jquery.articleFeedbackv5/jquery.articleFeedbackv5.js '[[rev:106959|r106959]]' [production]
17:28 <maplebed> ran apt-get clean on hume to clear out ~600M space on the / partition [production]
16:18 <apergos> so that was fast. barf from scp, nice call trace etc, shot the process on ds2, will email the vendor [production]
15:27 <apergos> and starting another huge copy from ds2 to ds1, let's see what happens... [production]
15:18 <apergos> reboot dataset1 with new kernel [production]
15:14 <apergos> installing 2.6.38 from natty backports on ds1 for further testing [production]
13:55 <apergos> powering on and off ds1 the hard way via the pdu. [production]
11:15 <apergos> rebooting ds1 as it's got the one cpu tied up with a hung scp process and continual spewing to syslog... [production]
10:23 <apergos> s/lgo/log/ as in syslog. saving a copy of the bad log in fenari:/home/ariel/dataset1-syslog-dec-20-2012 [production]
10:09 <apergos> dataset1 kernel panics in lgo during copy :-( :-( [production]
09:27 <apergos> a few more binlogs deleted on db9... [production]
03:53 <LocalisationUpdate> completed (1.18) at Wed Dec 21 03:56:58 UTC 2011 [production]
03:48 <Tim> doing a manual run of l10nupdate to check recache timings [production]
03:27 <tstarling> synchronized php-1.18/includes/LocalisationCache.php '[[rev:106927|r106927]]' [production]
02:40 <tstarling> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'LC recache log' [production]
02:38 <tstarling> synchronized php-1.18/includes/LocalisationCache.php '[[rev:106922|r106922]]' [production]
02:03 <LocalisationUpdate> completed (1.18) at Wed Dec 21 02:06:08 UTC 2011 [production]
01:51 <reedy> synchronized php-1.18/resources/mediawiki 'creating empty mediawiki.debug.css/js' [production]
01:50 <K4-713> synchronized payments cluster to [[rev:106917|r106917]] [production]
01:16 <K4-713> synchronized payments cluster to [[rev:106909|r106909]] [production]
2011-12-20 §
23:57 <Ryan_Lane> readded /dev/sda2 partition on streber, it was somehow deleted, borking the raidset [production]
23:20 <Ryan_Lane> rebooting streber [production]
23:00 <LeslieCarr> creating a new logical volume on streber called syslog for syslog-ng purposes [production]
21:08 <awjr> synchronizing CiviCRM instance on grosley and aluminium to [[rev:1037|r1037]] [production]
19:23 <reedy> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/CentralAuth/ '[[rev:106840|r106840]]' [production]
19:14 <reedy> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/Contest/ '[[rev:106838|r106838]]' [production]
17:05 <mutante> spence: according to [http://nagios.manubulon.com/traduction/docs25en/tuning.html] we should even double that if we have "high latency values (> 10 or 15 seconds)" and we have like > 1000 [production]
17:04 <mutante> spence: check out "nagios -s /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg" for performance data - it suggests "Value for 'max_concurrent_checks' option should be >= 1231" [production]
16:56 <Jeff_Green> manually rotated spence:/var/log/nagios/nagios.log because nagios log rotation appears broken and the file is ~2.6G [production]
16:43 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/resources/startup.js 'touch' [production]
16:32 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Underscores -> spaces in wmgArticleFeedbackBlacklistCategories' [production]
16:14 <apergos> restarting scp on ds2, seems that it renegotiates after 64GB and that was failing, fixed [production]
15:25 <apergos> thumbs cleaner on ms5 complete. (don't worry, a new job will start up tomorrow) [production]
15:16 <mutante> installing security upgrades on tarin (includes perl and php) [production]
14:10 <apergos> another couple binlogs gone on ds9 [production]
13:41 <mutante> added testswarm package to repo and installed it on gallium [production]
13:15 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Use the correct interwiki prefix' [production]
13:14 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Configure $wgImportSources on en_labswikimedia' [production]
12:59 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Whitelist Category:Article_Feedback_5_Additional_Articles for AFTv5 and blacklist it for AFTv4 on enwiki and en_labswikimedia' [production]
12:57 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/ArticleFeedbackv5/ '[[rev:106794|r106794]]' [production]
11:21 <nikerabbit> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/WebFonts/resources/ext.webfonts.css 'bugfix [[rev:106781|r106781]]' [production]
11:20 <nikerabbit> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/Narayam/resources/ext.narayam.core.css 'bugfix [[rev:106781|r106781]]' [production]
10:46 <apergos> ds2 scp to ds1 stalled in the same place, looking into it [production]