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2011-12-15 §
19:16 <LeslieCarr> removed mw* and virt* yaml files from stafford in order to clear up broken files and make puppet run again [production]
18:59 <LocalisationUpdate> completed (1.18) at Thu Dec 15 19:02:58 UTC 2011 [production]
18:58 <RobH> cp1018 also offline, stealing cables from it for testing [production]
18:52 <reedy> synchronized php-1.18/includes/Block.php 'Testing fix for [[bugzilla:33101|bug 33101]]' [production]
18:43 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/LocalisationUpdate/ '[[rev:106352|r106352]]' [production]
18:25 <RobH> es1002 and cp1019 offline for harddisk controller testing [production]
18:07 <RoanKattouw> Running LU /again/ to hopefully fix issues [production]
16:31 <mark> Fixed database entries in william's exim.conf [production]
16:24 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Disabling Contest extension because of XSS' [production]
15:31 <apergos> thumb cleaner to bed for the night [production]
14:59 <LocalisationUpdate> completed (1.18) at Thu Dec 15 15:02:05 UTC 2011 [production]
14:52 <RoanKattouw> Running l10nupdate by hand [production]
14:37 <RoanKattouw> That InitialiseSettings.php change enabled ArticleFeedback (v4) on en_labswikimedia [production]
14:37 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php [production]
14:28 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Disable ReaderFeedback on en_labswikimedia' [production]
14:26 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/ArticleFeedbackv5/ 'Updating AFTv5 to trunk staet' [production]
13:56 <Reedy> FixExtLinksProtocolRelative run now finished on all wikis [production]
07:04 <apergos> thumb cleaner awake for the day [production]
04:00 <Tim> restarted all job runners to get Roan's jobs-loop.sh change [production]
02:13 <preilly> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/MobileFrontend/ 'weekly update to mobile frontend' [production]
01:59 <LocalisationUpdate> failed (1.18) at Thu Dec 15 02:02:13 UTC 2011 [production]
01:53 <preilly> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/MobileFrontend/ 'weekly update to mobile frontend' [production]
00:28 <preilly> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/MobileFrontend/ 'weekly update to mobile frontend' [production]
00:25 <preilly> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/MobileFrontend/ 'weekly update to mobile frontend' [production]
2011-12-14 §
23:55 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/maintenance/jobs-loop.sh '[[rev:106284|r106284]]' [production]
23:54 <preilly> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/MobileFrontend/ 'weekly update to mobile frontend' [production]
23:48 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/resources/startup.js 'touch' [production]
23:47 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Enable ClickTracking on en_labswikimedia so AFTv5 will work' [production]
23:29 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Enable AFTv5 on en_labswikimedia' [production]
23:22 <catrope> synchronizing Wikimedia installation... : Deploying MoodBar changes for feedback dashboard. Along for the ride: VisualEditor changes by Neil and a Badtitle bug fix by Tim [production]
23:14 <RoanKattouw> Created AFTv5 tables on en_labswikimedia and enwiki [production]
23:01 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php 'Add trigger code for AFTv5' [production]
22:59 <binasher> restarted nagios with enable_environment_macros = 0 [production]
22:57 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Disable AFTv5 for now though' [production]
22:56 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Add wmg variables for upcoming ArticleFeedbackv5 deployment' [production]
22:53 <RoanKattouw> Prepping ArticleFeedbackv5 deployment to enlabs; please do not scap while I'm working on this [production]
22:34 <binasher> ibdata1 on db9 now has 208GB of free space (InnoDB free: 218228736 kB) [production]
22:32 <binasher> dropping otrs from db9 [production]
22:21 <RoanKattouw> Deployed MoodBar changes to testwiki [production]
22:10 <Reedy> fixExtLinksProtocolRelative is onto jawiki [production]
22:10 <binasher> otrs on williams migrated to db48 [production]
22:01 <binasher> exim on mchenry is now using db48/49 for otrs mail verification [production]
21:55 <awjr> synced DonationInterface on payments cluster to [[rev:106247|r106247]] [production]
21:26 <awjrichards> synchronized php/extensions/DonationInterface/gateway_common/interface.i18n.php '[[rev:106245|r106245]]' [production]
21:25 <awjrichards> synchronized php/extensions/DonationInterface/gateway_common/countries.i18n.php '[[rev:106245|r106245]]' [production]
21:25 <awjrichards> synchronized php/extensions/DonationInterface/globalcollect_gateway/globalcollect_gateway.i18n.php '[[rev:106245|r106245]]' [production]
21:25 <awjrichards> synchronized php/extensions/DonationInterface/payflowpro_gateway/payflowpro_gateway.i18n.php '[[rev:106245|r106245]]' [production]
18:19 <Jeff_Green> enfired exim's DKIM signing feature on aluminium and grosley [production]
17:13 <RobH> jetpack extension, already disabled and not in use, deleted off wp blog install on hooper [production]
15:52 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/includes/OutputPage.php '[[rev:106206|r106206]]' [production]