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2023-02-14 §
08:18 <taavi> remove proxies referring to maps-tiles1 to get the maps proxy back up [project-proxy]
2022-10-13 §
14:00 <andrewbogott> added proxy-api security group to proxy0[34], opening the proxy API to the public for T319312 [project-proxy]
2022-09-14 §
05:42 <taavi> root@proxy-03:~# systemctl restart nginx # T316975 [project-proxy]
2022-09-09 §
08:36 <taavi> configure metricsinfra jobs to scrape prometheus nginx exporter [project-proxy]
2022-09-08 §
19:58 <taavi> deployed some 'global' rate limiting rules [project-proxy]
2022-09-03 §
11:02 <taavi> hard reboot proxy-03 [project-proxy]
2022-07-29 §
15:55 <taavi> updated neutron firewall rules to allow traffic to the api from (all of eqiad + codfw) instead of individual per-cloud-host rules T314152 [project-proxy]
2022-06-01 §
15:00 <taavi> update warper.wmflabs.org mapping per irc request [project-proxy]
2022-02-14 §
21:49 <andrewbogott> replacing maps-01 and maps-02 with maps-03 and maps-04 for bullseye upgrades. Active traffic is now on maps-03. [project-proxy]
21:22 <andrewbogott> moving backups off of NFS and onto cinder with https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/762509 [project-proxy]
18:26 <andrewbogott> deleting backups in /data/project/backup older than 400 days [project-proxy]
2022-02-02 §
17:05 <arturo> add ws-export-test.wmcloud.org to XFF allowlist (af9e47341ad063f3f0c34b516f8963f7fe82cff9) (T279111) [project-proxy]
2022-01-22 §
18:08 <taavi> add maps proxy names requested in T299775 [project-proxy]
11:16 <taavi> add wma.wmcloud.org and *.wma.wmcloud.org to wma certificate SANs T299775 [project-proxy]
2022-01-21 §
15:43 <taavi> update maps-proxy mappings from maps-wma to maps-wma2 per request on T299585 [project-proxy]
2021-12-06 §
08:33 <majavah> deleting stretch proxies (proxy-01 and -02) [project-proxy]
2021-11-18 §
13:40 <majavah> [codfw1dev] testing keystone authentication patches [project-proxy]
2021-11-17 §
19:33 <majavah> [codfw1dev] replace proxy-01 instance with proxy-02 running bullseye [project-proxy]
2021-11-11 §
13:21 <majavah> failing over to proxy-03 T295235 [project-proxy]
2021-11-09 §
10:52 <majavah> create new pair of proxies on bullseye T295235 [project-proxy]
2021-11-07 §
08:45 <majavah> increase quota by 4 cpu and 8G ram T295245 [project-proxy]
2021-10-07 §
07:35 <arturo> manually rebase labs/private.git, it had merge conflicts [project-proxy]
2021-09-02 §
01:24 <bstorm> rebooting maps-proxy-02 because it is unresponsive [project-proxy]
2021-05-06 §
09:34 <arturo> systemctl restart acme-chief (to workaround a bug) [project-proxy]
09:24 <arturo> rebase & resolve merge conflicts in labs/private.git [project-proxy]
2021-04-15 §
09:15 <arturo> refresh hiera XFF entry for ws-export.wmcloud.org T279111 [project-proxy]
2021-04-14 §
09:09 <arturo> enable XFF for wsexport.{wmflabs,wmcloud}.org https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/plugins/gitiles/cloud/instance-puppet/+/10fd2f002c3c2b20d5ca9b359b540e33789defc0%5E%21/#F0 (T279111) [project-proxy]
09:06 <arturo> cleanup horizon hiera that is applied to both 'proxy' prefix and project-level (leave the project-level one) [project-proxy]
2020-09-08 §
10:05 <arturo> remove /var/lib/acme-chief/certs/* to force acme-chief generating new certs instead of renewing them (T262237) [project-proxy]
09:35 <arturo> refresh some hiera settings in the `project-proxy-acme-chief` puppet tab [project-proxy]
09:23 <arturo> cleanup old apt sources.list entries referencing mitaka-jessie that prevents clean package upgrades in proxy-01 [project-proxy]
09:18 <arturo> upgrading acme-chief deb package from 0.25-1 to 0.28-1 on project-proxy-acme-chief-01 (T262237) [project-proxy]
09:17 <arturo> upgrading acme-chief deb package from 0.25-1 to 0.28-1 on project-proxy-acme-chief-01 (T26223 [project-proxy]
09:10 <arturo> restart acme-chief service in roject-proxy-acme-chief-01 (T262237) [project-proxy]
2020-07-06 §
14:44 <andrewbogott> switching proxy-01 and proxy-02 to use an acme-chief cert for *.wmflabs.org and *.wmcloud.org via "profile::wmcs::novaproxy::acme_certname: wmflabs" [project-proxy]
14:38 <andrewbogott> moving proxy-01 and proxy-02 to the project-local puppetmaster via the hiera setting "puppetmaster: project-proxy-puppetmaster-01.project-proxy.eqiad.wmflabs" [project-proxy]
2020-06-16 §
21:33 <bstorm_> setting "profile::wmcs::nfsclient::mode: soft" on the project T102369 T127559 [project-proxy]
2020-04-15 §
20:25 <bd808> Forced puppet run on proxy-02 [project-proxy]
20:23 <bd808> Forced puppet run on proxy-01 [project-proxy]
20:22 <bd808> Added google-api-proxy.wmflabs.org & googlevision-api-proxy.wmflabs.org to profile::wmcs::novaproxy::xff_fqdns (T135046, T250312) [project-proxy]
09:21 <arturo> disable to puppet for a controlled merge of https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/583098 (T135046) [project-proxy]
2020-03-25 §
13:35 <arturo> re-enable puppet in the 2 VMs again [project-proxy]
12:51 <arturo> disable puppet in the 2 VMs again for testing XFF changes https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/583098 (T135046) [project-proxy]
12:34 <arturo> enable puppet in the 2 VMs. Role is now role::wmcs::novaproxy. Hiera was updated accordingly too (T135046) [project-proxy]
12:18 <arturo> disable puppet in the 2 VMs to try refactoring the puppet role https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/583316 (T135046) [project-proxy]
2019-11-07 §
09:53 <arturo> replacing SSL cert for star.wmflabs.org - for real this time (T237066) [project-proxy]
2019-11-06 §
09:57 <arturo> replacing SSL cert for star.wmflabs.org (T237066) [project-proxy]
2019-07-24 §
10:15 <arturo> reallocating proxy-02 from cloudvirt1027 to cloudvirt1028 (T227539) [project-proxy]
2019-06-05 §
22:50 <Krenair> Added cloudcontrol1004 IP to match cloudcontrol1003 rule in 'proxy' security group rules for port 5668 T225168 [project-proxy]
22:44 <Krenair> Updating 'proxy' security group rules for port 5668 to remove decommissioned IP - californium T189921 [project-proxy]