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2022-02-18 §
22:54 <James_F> Zuul: [branchdeploy-codex-node14-npm-docker] Create as experimental for T293705 [releng]
22:14 <James_F> Jenkins: Defined BRANCHDEPLOY_AUTH_TOKEN_codex and BRANCHDEPLOY_SITE_ID_codex secrets for T293705 [releng]
13:44 <hashar> Reloading Zuul for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/763724 T301453 [releng]
09:21 <hashar> Reloading Zuul for I1494abb5e9e28da951ffb72154a074a16a0f8381 [releng]
2022-02-17 §
21:48 <brennen> added Dzahn (mutante) to acl*repository-admins on phabricator [releng]
15:58 <zabe> root@deployment-cache-upload06:~# touch /srv/trafficserver/tls/etc/ssl_multicert.config && systemctl reload trafficserver-tls.service # T301995 [releng]
13:35 <hashar> Reloading Zuul for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/763207 [releng]
13:20 <Reedy> Reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/763458 [releng]
11:12 <hashar> Bringing deployment-deploy03 back [releng]
11:07 <hashar> Disabled deployment-deploy03 Jenkins agent in order to revert some mediawiki/core patch and test the outcome [releng]
2022-02-16 §
18:20 <hashar> Tag Quibble 1.4.1 @ d4bd2801de # T300301 [releng]
16:42 <dancy> Updating to scap 4.3.1-1+0~20220216163646.173~1.gbp823710?in beta [releng]
12:55 <jelto> apply gitlab-settings to gitlab-prod-1001.devtools.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud [releng]
10:09 <hashar> Reloading Zuul for I997fee0f160ca3049b8085879831bfe175096ced [releng]
09:59 <hashar> Reloading Zuul for I2ffa016563ad37f1e7c13dcce81deb8ab411c9e2 [releng]
2022-02-15 §
21:12 <dancy> rebooting deployment-mediawiki12.deployment-prep.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud to try to revive beta wikis [releng]
20:59 <dancy> Killed runaway puppet agent on deployment-mediawiki11.deployment-prep.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud [releng]
16:24 <hashar> Restarting CI Jenkins for plugins updates [releng]
16:21 <hashar> Upgrading Jenkins plugins on releases Jenkins [releng]
16:06 <hashar> Rollback fresh-test Jenkins job to the version intended to run on integration-agent-qemu-1001 [releng]
15:26 <hashar> Reloading Zuul for If80b4b4cfa5c1a869ceb220f5b11c272b384a721 [releng]
2022-02-14 §
16:28 <dancy> Updating scap in beta cluster to 4.3.1-1+0~20220211225318.167~1.gbp315b2c [releng]
16:16 <Amir1> Reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/762471 [releng]
15:41 <hashar> Messing up with fresh-test Jenkns job to polish up Qemu / qcow2 integration [releng]
14:26 <jnuche> Jenkins upgrade complete T301361 [releng]
13:54 <jnuche> Jenkins contint instances are going to be restarted soon [releng]
2022-02-12 §
18:22 <urbanecm> deployment-prep: reboot deployment-eventgate-3 (T289029) [releng]
2022-02-10 §
17:29 <jeena> reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/761602 [releng]
2022-02-09 §
15:22 <taavi> deleted shutoff deployment-mx02 [releng]
2022-02-08 §
17:34 <taavi> remove scap from deployment-kafka-main/jumbo [releng]
16:23 <taavi> hard reboot misbehaving deployment-echostore01 [releng]
13:39 <taavi> delete /srv/mediawiki-staging.save on deployment-deploy03 [releng]
2022-02-07 §
20:55 <taavi> added Zabe as member of the deployment-prep project T301179 [releng]
18:19 <Reedy> Reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/760550 [releng]
2022-02-04 §
00:21 <Krinkle> Updating docker-pkg files on contint primary for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/759622 [releng]
2022-02-03 §
18:41 <taavi> deployment-prep: route /w/api.php to deployment-mediawiki11, trying to reduce load on a single server [releng]
14:53 <hashar> Building Docker images for Quibble 1.4.0 (prepared by kostajh) [releng]
13:51 <kostajh> Tag Quibble 1.4.0 @ 4231bc2832395d94e29a332fe8d863301a0cd441 # T300340 T291549 T225730 [releng]
2022-02-02 §
16:50 <dancy> Upgrading scap to 4.2.2-1+0~20220202164708.157~1.gbp376a16 in beta. [releng]
16:12 <dancy> Upgrading scap to 4.2.2-1+0~20220201161808.156~1.gbp1c1c64 in beta [releng]
2022-02-01 §
17:27 <addshore> Reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/734654 [releng]
00:34 <tgr> deployment-pre un-cherry-picked gerrit 758584 from beta puppetmaster, patch is now merged T300591 [releng]
00:12 <tgr> deployment-prep cherry-picked gerrit 758584 to beta puppetmaster T300591 [releng]
2022-01-31 §
19:01 <James_F> Re-configured Jenkins job mediawiki-i18n-check-docker to 9e3ea96c548d7a84be763d38c2d118bc861cf189 for T222216 [releng]
10:49 <hashar> Added integration-agent-qemu-1003 with label `Qemu` # T284774 [releng]
2022-01-28 §
21:45 <taavi> running recountCategories.php on all beta wikis per T299823#7652496 [releng]
14:27 <hashar> taking heapdump of CI Jenkins `sudo -u jenkins /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64/bin/jmap -dump:live,format=b,file=/var/lib/jenkins/202201281527.hprof xxxx` [releng]
2022-01-27 §
20:26 <hashar> Successfully published image docker-registry.discovery.wmnet/releng/logstash-filter-verifier:0.0.2 # T299431 [releng]
19:34 <Amir1> Reloading Zuul to deploy 757464 [releng]
16:00 <hashar> Pooling back agents 1035 1036 1037 1038 , they could not connect due to ssh host mismatch since yesterday they all got attached to instance 1033 and accepted that host key # T300214 [releng]