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2021-12-17 §
19:27 <hashar> deleting corrupted castor cache ssh integration-castor03.integration.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud sudo rm -fR /srv/jenkins-workspace/caches/mediawiki-core/master/wmf-quibble-selenium-php72-docker T297950 [releng]
2021-12-16 §
19:04 <hashar> Updating jenkins job for quibble-apache # T285649 [releng]
19:04 <hashar> Updating jenkins jobs for node14 / Quibble [releng]
18:44 <hashar> Building refactored releng/quibble-buster-php72-apache image for T285649 [releng]
18:43 <hashar> Building Docker images for node 14 and Quibble due to node14 changes [releng]
2021-12-15 §
23:45 <dancy> Updating scap in beta to test https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/mediawiki/tools/scap/+/746941 T297326 [releng]
16:33 <James_F> Zuul: Add Winston Sung (Fandom ZH community) to CI allowlist [releng]
16:31 <James_F> Zuul: [mediawiki/extensions/WikiLambda] Run standalone-only jobs apart [releng]
16:26 <hashar> npm has some issue going on which affects: www.npmjs.com website, Package installation, Package publishing, Package search, and Security Audit | Upstream status https://status.npmjs.org/incidents/7klw65jd5f5r [releng]
08:31 <hashar> Update helm-lint job https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/747148 T251305 [releng]
2021-12-13 §
19:12 <James_F> Zuul: Add 'parsoid' to 'InputBox' extension dependencies for T272943 [releng]
18:55 <James_F> Zuul: [operations/software/wmfdb] Add basic tox CI for T297616 [releng]
2021-12-08 §
15:38 <James_F> Zuul: [mediawiki/extensions/SecurityApi] Add basic quibble CI for T297243 [releng]
2021-12-06 §
20:30 <dancy> Deleted publish-to-doc1001 Jenkins job [releng]
20:08 <dancy> Deploying https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/741752 for testing [releng]
16:35 <Amir1> delete from dewiki.flaggedtemplates where ft_tmp_rev_id is NULL; [releng]
16:18 <Amir1> running ladsgroup@deployment-deploy03:~$ foreachwikiindblist all-labs mysql.php --write -- -e "delete from flaggedtemplates where ft_tmp_rev_id = 0;" [releng]
10:33 <majavah> applying schema changes from https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/mediawiki/extensions/CentralAuth/+/743661 on deployment-prep by hand [releng]
2021-12-02 §
08:33 <majavah> delete deployment-deploy01 [releng]
08:28 <majavah> shutoff deployment-mx02, replaced by deployment-mx03 [releng]
2021-12-01 §
17:11 <dancy> dancy@deployment-deploy03 sudo chown -R jenkins-deploy: /srv/packages/public/dists/buster-deployment-prep/ [releng]
00:23 <James_F> Zuul: Add PHP81 as experimental for PHP extensions etc. T293509 [releng]
2021-11-30 §
23:54 <James_F> Publishing php81 images for T296489 [releng]
20:23 <James_F> Docker: Publishing new images of php* with php-yaml (and for php72, based on buster not stretch) for T296331 and T278203 [releng]
20:12 <majavah> shutdown deployment-deploy01 T278689 [releng]
16:58 <dpifke> Cherry-picking https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/742674 in deployment-prep, should only affect deployment-webperf11. [releng]
2021-11-29 §
21:23 <majavah> taavi@deployment-deploy03:~$ sudo aptly publish --architectures="all,amd64" --skip-signing --distribution "buster-deployment-prep" repo buster-deployment-prep && sudo aptly publish --skip-signing update buster-deployment-prep [releng]
20:59 <James_F> Switching Jenkins CI config for Beta Cluster host from deployment-deploy01 to deployment-deploy03 for T278689 [releng]
19:47 <jeena> Reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/742489 [releng]
18:59 <brennen> gitlab-runners: added j.elto as an admin [releng]
14:39 <James_F> Zuul: Add 4nn1l2 to the CI trusted users list [releng]
2021-11-26 §
14:15 <hashar> deployment-prep: https://integration.wikimedia.org/ci/job/beta-update-databases-eqiad/ database updating job is broken since 6:20 UTC due to a segmentation fault | T296539 [releng]
07:07 <majavah> hard reboot deployment-mwmaint02 [releng]
2021-11-23 §
22:48 <urbanecm> deployment-prep: reboot deployment-eventgate-3 (T289029) [releng]
18:50 <jeena> Reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/740908 [releng]
12:35 <Lucas_WMDE> canceled one beta-scap-sync-world build, seemingly stuck since yesterday evening [releng]
2021-11-22 §
15:43 <hashar> Enabling beta-scap-sync-world # T296125 [releng]
15:38 <majavah> update wmf-certificates on deployment-mediawiki11 T296125 [releng]
2021-11-20 §
10:01 <majavah> root@deployment-puppetdb03:~# cp /var/lib/puppet/ssl/certs/ca.pem /etc/ssl/certs/Puppet_Internal_CA.pem && systemctl restart puppetdb.service # T296125 [releng]
08:36 <thcipriani> disabled beta-scap-sync-world [releng]
2021-11-19 §
21:58 <urbanecm> urbanecm@deployment-cache-upload06:~$ sudo systemctl reload trafficserver-tls.service # T296000 [releng]
11:09 <hashar> deployment-prep: fixed l10n permission issue that caused scap to abort early since 6:35 UTC # T295304 [releng]
2021-11-18 §
22:14 <hashar> Updated Quibble jobs so that they no more fil the /srv/ partition https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/739939 # T292729 [releng]
19:04 <majavah> taavi@deployment-cache-text06:~$ sudo systemctl reload trafficserver-tls.service [releng]
18:44 <urbanecm> deployment-prep run puppet at deployment-acme-chief03 [releng]
18:43 <urbanecm> deployment-prep remove wikifunctions-related from ACME chief to attempt to at least workaround T296000 [releng]
18:39 <urbanecm> deployment-prep root@deployment-acme-chief03:/var/lib/acme-chief/certs/mx# rm new && mv dbe71be4db0b4e58a3da4fc410d322bd dbe71be4db0b4e58a3da4fc410d322bd-bak && ln -s 92b8ed4bf5494405a75a0b3fb1d59422 new # T296000 [releng]
17:25 <brennen> registered #wikimedia-gitlab (T295917) [releng]
17:20 <hashar> Pooled back integration-agent-docker-1012 [releng]
15:28 <hashar> Builder helm-linter image for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/739544 [releng]