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2022-01-25 §
15:57 <James_F> Zuul: [mediawiki/extensions/Math] Add Math to the main gate for T232948 [releng]
13:44 <hashar> Jenkins CI: added Logger https://integration.wikimedia.org/ci/log/ProcessTree%20-%20T299995/ to watch `hudson.util.ProcessTree` for T299995 [releng]
10:02 <hashar> integration: removing usage of `role::ci::slave::labs::docker::docker_lvm_volume` in Horizon following https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/755948 . Docker role instances now always have a 24G partition for Docker [releng]
09:59 <hashar> integration-agent-qemu-1001: resized /srv to 100% disk free: `lvextend -r -l +100%FREE /dev/mapper/vd-second--local--disk` # T299996 [releng]
09:59 <hashar> integration-agent-qemu-1001: resizing /dev/mapper/vd-second--local--disk (/srv) to 20G : `resize2fs -p /dev/mapper/vd-second--local--disk 20G` # T299996 [releng]
09:51 <hashar> integration-agent-qemu-1001: resizing /dev/mapper/vd-second--local--disk (/srv) to 20G : `resize2fs -p /dev/mapper/vd-second--local--disk 20G` [releng]
09:51 <hashar> integration-agent-qemu-1003: nuked /dev/vd/second-local-disk and /srv to make room for a docker logical volume. That has fixed puppet T299996 [releng]
09:22 <Reedy> unblocked beta again [releng]
07:32 <Krinkle> integration-castor03:/srv/jenkins-workspace/caches$ sudo rm -rf castor-mw-ext-and-skins/ [releng]
2022-01-24 §
21:44 <Reedy> unstick beta ci jobs [releng]
21:19 <jeena> reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/756523 [releng]
20:36 <Krinkle> Reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/756139 [releng]
17:28 <hashar> Nuke castor caches on integration-castor03 : sudo rm -fR /srv/jenkins-workspace/caches/castor-mw-ext-and-skins/master/{quibble-vendor-mysql-php72-selenium-docker,wmf-quibble-selenium-php72-docker} # T299933 [releng]
17:28 <hashar> Nuke castor caches on integration-castor03 : sudo rm -fR /srv/jenkins-workspace/caches/castor-mw-ext-and-skins/master/{quibble-vendor-mysql-php72-selenium-docker,wmf-quibble-selenium-php72-docker} [releng]
2022-01-22 §
13:40 <taavi> apply T299827 on deployment-prep centralauth database [releng]
11:44 <taavi> restart varnish-frontend.service on deployment-cache-upload06 to clear puppet agent failure alerts [releng]
2022-01-21 §
18:12 <taavi> resolved merge conflicts on deployment-puppetmaster04 [releng]
15:50 <hashar> integration-puppetmaster-02: deleted 2021 snapshot tags in puppet repo and ran `git gc --prune=now` [releng]
2022-01-20 §
20:24 <James_F> Zuul: [Kartographer] Add parsoid as dependency for CI jobs [releng]
20:22 <James_F> Zuul: [DiscussionTools] Add Gadgets as dependency for Phan jobs [releng]
20:04 <dancy> Jenkins beta jobs are back online, using scap prep auto now. [releng]
19:19 <dancy> Pausing beta Jenkins jobs to make a copy of /srv/mediawiki-staging in preparation for testing [releng]
19:10 <dancy> Unpacking scap (4.1.1-1+0~20220120175448.144~1.gbp517f9d) over (4.1.1-1+0~20220113154148.133~1.gbp6e3a17) on deploy03 [releng]
18:07 <hashar> Updating Quibble jobs to have MediaWiki files written on the hosts /srv partition (38G) instead of inside the container which ends in /var/lib/docker (24G) https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/755743 # T292729 [releng]
16:31 <hashar> Rebalancing /var/lib/docker and /srv partitions on CI agents | https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/755713 [releng]
12:12 <hashar> contint2001 deleting all the Docker images (they will be pulled as needed) [releng]
12:10 <hashar> contint2001 : docker container prune && docker image prune [releng]
12:07 <hashar> contint1001 deleting all the Docker images (they will be pulled as needed) [releng]
12:04 <hashar> contint1001 `docker image prune` [releng]
11:51 <hashar> Cleaning very old Docker images on contint1001.wikimedia.Org [releng]
2022-01-19 §
18:20 <hashar> Adding https://integration.wikimedia.org/ci/computer/contint1001/ back to the pool again [releng]
17:31 <hashar> Adding https://integration.wikimedia.org/ci/computer/contint1001/ back to the pool after the machine got powercycled # T299542 [releng]
10:38 <Reedy> kill some stuck jobs T299485 [releng]
2022-01-18 §
19:56 <hashar> building Docker images for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/754951 [releng]
18:01 <taavi> added ryankemper as a member of the deployment-prep project [releng]
15:00 <hashar> Updating Jenkins jobs for Quibble 1.3.0 with proper PHP version in the images # T299389 [releng]
11:39 <hashar> Rolling back Quibble 1.3.0 jobs due to php configuration files with at least releng/quibble-buster73:1.3.0 # T299389 [releng]
08:07 <hashar> Updating Jenkins jobs for Quibble to pass `--parallel-npm-install` https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/754569 [releng]
08:02 <hashar> Updating Jenkins jobs for Quibble 1.3.0 [releng]
2022-01-17 §
16:28 <hashar> Building Quibble 1.3.0 Docker images [releng]
16:16 <hashar> Tagged Quibble 1.3.0 @ 2b2c7f9a45 # T297480 T226869 T294931 [releng]
08:32 <hashar> Refreshing all Jenkins jobs with jjb to take in account recent changes related to the Jinja2 docker macro [releng]
2022-01-14 §
15:56 <dancy> Reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/753981 [releng]
14:59 <hashar> Starting VM integration-agent-docker-1022 which was in shutdown state since December and is Bullseye based # T290783 [releng]
13:49 <hashar> Restarting all CI Docker agents via Horizon to apply new flavor settings T265615 T299211 [releng]
01:47 <dancy> revert to scap 4.1.1-1+0~20220113154148.133~1.gbp6e3a17 in beta [releng]
2022-01-13 §
18:02 <dancy> Updating scap to 4.1.1-1+0~20220113154506.135~1.gbp523480 on all beta hosts [releng]
17:54 <dancy> Reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/753792 [releng]
16:27 <dancy> testing scap prep auto on deployment-deploy03 [releng]
15:52 <dancy> Update scap to 4.1.1-1+0~20220113154506.135~1.gbp523480 on deployment-deploy03 [releng]