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2022-07-09 §
20:39 <ori> ori@deployment-mediawiki12:~$ sudo apt install php-tideways-xhprof-dbgsym [releng]
17:25 <ori> Cherry-picked Ief73cc553 (varnish: use libvmod-querysort on Beta Cluster) on deployment-prep Puppetmaster. Can be reverted if there are any issues. [releng]
06:16 <Krinkle> krinkle@mediawiki12$ sudo disable-puppet [releng]
06:08 <ori> ori@deployment-mediawiki12: userdel systemd-coredump, followed by apt install systemd-coredump [releng]
05:50 <Krinkle> krinkle@deployment-mediawiki-12$ sudo apt-get install systemd-coredump # ref T312689 [releng]
2022-07-07 §
22:42 <TheresNoTime> clear stuck beta deployment jobs (again), T72597 [releng]
21:10 <TheresNoTime> clear stuck beta deployment jobs, T72597 [releng]
16:47 <urbanecm> deployment-prep: wikiadmin@> delete from growthexperiments_mentor_mentee where gemm_mentor_id=93651; # testing a specific workflow in Special:MentorDashboard [releng]
12:22 <hashar> integration: rebooting `integration-agent-docker-1039` T312534 [releng]
2022-07-05 §
14:17 <dwalden> restarted mathoid service on deployment-docker-mathoid01 [releng]
11:39 <hashar> Reloaded Zuul for `skip selenium for Wikibase repo/rest-api` https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/811258 [releng]
08:49 <hauskatze> Diffusion rORES repository. Changed URI settings: enabled SSH push for mirroring; disabled HTTP | T311390 [releng]
2022-06-30 §
22:02 <TheresNoTime> unstuck beta-mediawiki-config-update-eqiad jobs, will comment at T72597 [releng]
21:05 <TheresNoTime> cancelled beta-code-update-eqiad#398138 to make way for pending beta-scap-sync-world#57641, queued another beta-code-update-eqiad [releng]
16:47 <taavi> reloading zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/810053 [releng]
2022-06-29 §
14:48 <ori> Clearing data from incomplete migration on Wikifunctionswiki via sql.php [releng]
13:39 <TheresNoTime> clearing stuck beta deployment jobs, watching to ensure they catch up :'_ [releng]
2022-06-28 §
14:45 <TheresNoTime> clear stuck beta deployment jobs, now running & will keep an eye [releng]
13:39 <hashar> gerrit: added `Cindy-the-browser-test-bot` to the `Service Users` group https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/admin/groups/d39fe9cefd40ca1a07e372c0d7bd7e72ce2e4a2f,members | T311370 [releng]
09:37 <hashar> phabricator: changed username of rORES Phab>Gerrit replication from `phab` to `phabricator` # T311390 [releng]
2022-06-27 §
21:19 <Reedy> Reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/809022 [releng]
19:28 <Reedy> Reloading Zuul to deploy https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T308406 [releng]
2022-06-24 §
20:52 <taavi> added `denisse` as a member [releng]
2022-06-23 §
15:59 <taavi> reload zuul for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/808021 [releng]
2022-06-22 §
17:36 <taavi> gerrit: add tfellows to the extension-OpenBadges group per request in T308278 [releng]
17:35 <taavi> gerrit: create group extension-JsonData with robla in it, make it an owner of mediawiki/extensions/JsonData per request in T303147 [releng]
16:19 <hashar> Reloaded Zuul for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/807586 [releng]
09:35 <hashar> Switched `gitlab-prod-1001.devtools.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud` instance to use the project Puppet master `puppetmaster-1001.devtools.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud` [releng]
09:08 <hashar> contint1001 , contint2002: deleting `.git/logs` from all zuul-merger repositories. We do not need the reflog `sudo -u zuul find /srv/zuul/git -type d -name .git -print -execdir rm -fR .git/logs \;` # T307620 [releng]
09:00 <hashar> contint1001 , contint2002: setting `core.logallrefupdates=false` on all Zuul merger git repositories: `sudo -u zuul find /srv/zuul/git -type d -name .git -print -execdir git config core.logallrefupdates false \;` # T307620 [releng]
07:46 <hashar> Building operations-puppet docker image for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/807180 [releng]
2022-06-21 §
22:01 <brennen> gitlab-runners: re-registering all shared runners [releng]
17:55 <dancy> Upgrading scap to 4.9.4-1+0~20220621174226.320~1.gbp56e4d4 in beta cluster [releng]
2022-06-20 §
16:30 <urbanecm> add sgimeno as a project member (Growth engineer with need for access) [releng]
15:50 <ori> On deployment-cache-{text,upload}06, ran: touch /srv/trafficserver/tls/etc/ssl_multicert.config && systemctl reload trafficserver-tls.service (T310957) [releng]
14:07 <ori> restarted acme-chief on deployment-acme-chief03 [releng]
2022-06-17 §
17:15 <ori> provisioned deployment-cache-text07 in deployment-prep to test query normalization via VCL [releng]
01:08 <TimStarling> on deployment-docker-cpjobqueue01 and deployment-docker-changeprop01 I redeployed the changeprop configuration, reverting the PHP 7.4 hack [releng]
2022-06-16 §
12:24 <hashar> gitlab: runner-1030: `docker volume prune -f` [releng]
12:24 <hashar> gitlab: runner-1026: `docker volume prune -f` [releng]
10:02 <elukey> ran `scap install-world --batch` to allow scap/puppet to work on ml-cache100[2,3] [releng]
2022-06-15 §
22:39 <brennen> phabricator: tagged release/2022-06-15/1 (T310742) [releng]
16:31 <hashar> integration-agent-docker-1035: docker image prune [releng]
15:26 <dancy> Upgrading scap to 4.9.4-1+0~20220615151557.315~1.gbped3b8d in beta cluster [releng]
2022-06-14 §
21:30 <TheresNoTime> clear out stuck `beta-scap-sync-world` jobs (repeatedly per each queued `beta-mediawiki-config-update-eqiad` job), queued jobs now running. monitored for until each job had run successfully. jobs up to date [releng]
17:18 <brennen> starting 1.39.0-wmf.16 (T308069) transcript in deploy1002:~brennen/1.39.0-wmf.16.log [releng]
13:35 <TheresNoTime> clear stuck `beta-scap-sync-world` job, other queued jobs now running. Cancel running `beta-update-databases-eqiad` job, will ensure it runs on the next timer [releng]
00:42 <TimStarling> on deployment-deploy03 removed helm2, as was done in production [releng]
2022-06-13 §
22:04 <TheresNoTime> cleared out stalled Jenkins beta jobs on `deployment-deploy03`, manually started `beta-code-update-eqiad` job & watched to completion. all caught up [releng]
04:33 <hashar> Restarting Docker on contint1001.wikimedia.org , apparently can't build images anymore [releng]