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2021-04-09 §
18:41 <Krinkle> Logstash in beta shows no messages from mediawiki for 24 hours, T233134. [releng]
18:39 <Krinkle> Logstash in beta has no messages for 24 hours. [releng]
2021-02-11 §
21:44 <Krinkle> Logstash in beta is not receiving any events T274593 [releng]
2020-09-15 §
17:49 <Krinkle> Logstash in beta cluster appears broken. No messages from Scap or MediaWiki in several days. ref T233134 [releng]
17:41 <Krinkle> Logstash in beta cluster appears broken. No messages from Scap or MediaWiki in several days. [releng]
2020-06-16 §
02:55 <Krinkle> It appears logstash-beta.wmflabs.org is down/unresponsive [releng]
2020-05-26 §
12:26 <hashar> Built docker-registry.discovery.wmnet/releng/logstash-filter-verifier:0.0.1 # T251869 [releng]
2020-03-12 §
08:17 <hashar> integration: removing logstash Jenkins plugin from https://integration.wikimedia.org/ci/ | T247036 T78705 [releng]
2019-11-20 §
00:51 <Krenair> T238707 created old-logstash-beta proxy to point at old instance, created default Index Pattern on new logstash-beta [releng]
00:47 <Krenair> T238707 moved kibana4/logstash-beta proxies to deployment-logstash03, copied /etc/logstash/htpasswd file [releng]
2019-10-21 §
18:38 <hashar> Jenkins: upgraded logstash plugin to 2.3.1 , overriding a custom build snapshot of 1.2.1. # T78705 [releng]
2019-03-14 §
19:14 <ebernhardson> restart logstash on deployment-logstash2 to re-read and re-create apifeatureusage template [releng]
2019-03-06 §
13:31 <gehel> upgrading logstash to 5.6.14 on deployment-logstash2 [releng]
2019-02-26 §
22:52 <ebernhardson> delete logstash logs in /var/log/logstash generated prior to 2019 [releng]
22:50 <ebernhardson> restart logstash on deployment-logstash2 while hacking around to see why apifeatureusage doesn't work [releng]
2019-02-04 §
21:48 <ebernhardson> restart logstash on deployment-logstash2 [releng]
2018-11-29 §
14:26 <godog> switch mediawiki logging to use localhost syslog -> kafka -> logstash [releng]
2018-10-02 §
08:56 <godog> bounce logstash [releng]
2018-06-02 §
18:07 <Krinkle> Beta Cluster's RESTBase or Parsoid is broken. Saving VE times out, logstash-beta contain restbase: "internal_http_error" / "Error: ESOCKETTIMEDOUT" [releng]
2018-03-12 §
20:09 <bd808> Removed role::logstash::eventlogging from deployment-logstash2 because the hiera config is failing (undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass at /etc/puppet/modules/role/manifests/logstash/eventlogging.pp:11) [releng]
19:55 <bd808> Forced puppet run on deployment-logstash2. Failed due to bad logstash::eventlogging hiera data [releng]
2017-12-06 §
17:54 <gehel> logstash upgrade on deployment-logstash2 completed, 5 minutes of logs lost during upgrade - T178412 [releng]
2017-06-02 §
12:12 <hashar> jenkins: rebuild logstash plugin from HEAD of master for jenkins 2 back compat. logstash-1.2.0-4-gbcbc19e - T78705 [releng]
2017-03-27 §
17:02 <ebernhardson> cherry pick https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/344964 to puppetmaster to test upgrade to logstash 5.x [releng]
2016-11-30 §
17:22 <gehel> restart of logstash on deployment-logstash2 - upgrade to Java 8 - T151325 [releng]
2016-11-11 §
23:48 <bd808> Updated _template/logstash on deployment-logstash2 to include change from https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/320441/ [releng]
2016-09-29 §
15:43 <hashar> logstash-beta: refreshed the field list via https://logstash-beta.wmflabs.org/app/kibana#/settings/indices/logstash [releng]
2016-08-26 §
08:10 <hashar> beta-scap-eqiad job is back in operation. Was blocked on logstash not being reachable. T143982 [releng]
2016-07-09 §
14:07 <bd808> Testing logstash change https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/298115/ via cherry-pick [releng]
2016-07-07 §
01:14 <bd808> Restarted logstash on deployment-logstash2 [releng]
2016-06-27 §
19:41 <bd808> Rebooting deployment-logstash3.eqiad.wmflabs via wikitech. Console log full of blocked kworker messages, ssh non-responsive, and blocking logstash records being recorded. [releng]
2016-03-14 §
10:18 <moritzm> re-enabled systemd unit for logstash on deployment-logstash2 [releng]
2016-03-09 §
16:27 <bd808> Removed cherry-pick of https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/274696 ; manually cleaned up systemd unit and restarted logstash on deployment-logstash2 [releng]
13:04 <moritzm> cherrypicked patch to deployment-prep which provides a systemd unit for logstash [releng]
2016-02-12 §
23:54 <hashar> beta cluster broken since 20:30 UTC https://logstash-beta.wmflabs.org/#/dashboard/elasticsearch/fatalmonitor havent looked [releng]
2016-02-05 §
13:30 <hashar> beta cleaning out /data/project/logs/archive was from pre logstash area. We no more log this way since May 2015 apparently [releng]
2016-02-01 §
23:53 <bd808> Logstash working again; I applied a change to the default mapping template for Elasticsearch that ensures that fields named "timestamp" are indexed as plain strings [releng]
23:46 <bd808> Elasticsearch index template for beta logstash cluster making crappy guesses about syslog events; dropped 2016-02-01 index; trying to fix default mappings [releng]
23:08 <bd808> HHVM logs causing rejections during document parse when inserting in Elasticsearch from logstash. They contain a "timestamp" field that looks like "Feb 1 22:56:39" which is making the mapper in Elasticsearch sad. [releng]
22:50 <bd808> Copying deployment-logstash2.deployment-prep:/var/log/logstash/logstash.log to /srv for debugging later [releng]
22:48 <bd808> deployment-logstash2.deployment-prep:/var/log/logstash/logstash.log is 11G of fail! [releng]
22:43 <bd808> No data in logstash since 2016-01-30T06:55:37.838Z; investigating [releng]
2015-08-11 §
00:45 <bd808> Logstash properly creating new indices again and logs are being collected [releng]
00:42 <bd808> Fixed default mapping for logstash indices to have 0 replicas [releng]
00:40 <bd808> Crap! logstash errors are my fault. I updated the default index mapping and neglected to correct the replica count. Missing all data from 2015-08-08 to now [releng]
00:36 <bd808> Elasticsearch index for logstash-2015.08.10 missing/corrupt [releng]
00:32 <bd808> Started logstash on deployment-logstash2; process had died from OOM [releng]
2015-08-07 §
17:55 <bd808> logstash-beta.wmflabs.org working again; broken since Ib10deb5 was merged [releng]
2015-08-06 §
17:01 <bd808> fixed rebase conflict with logstash cherry-picks [releng]
2015-08-04 §
18:01 <bd808> Upgraded logstash to 1.5.3 on deployment-logstash2 [releng]