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2022-08-31 §
20:11 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Deploy b1eb124 (T316626) [tools.heritage]
20:07 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Deploy 62d7547 [tools.heritage]
08:16 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Deploy 3bb8b8c, 2e51c66 (T316645) [tools.heritage]
2022-08-29 §
20:33 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Deploy da97380, d5780dc, 49ddbcb, 327c03b, 14c4ca9, 74bff71, 7d866b7, 11fb1b0 (T307269), 406909f, 857152e (T225409) [tools.heritage]
2022-05-03 §
08:18 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Trigger a full update_monuments job post-T307269 [tools.heritage]
08:17 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Run ./bin/build.sh to rebuild the virtualenv with Python3.7 on a Buster node (for T307269) [tools.heritage]
08:16 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Run ./bin/build.sh to rebuild the virtualenv with Python3.7 on a Buster node [tools.heritage]
08:07 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Deploy latest from Git: ef4111a, f70063a, db03f84, 27fa2f6 [tools.heritage]
2022-04-27 §
21:13 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Manual trigger of categorize_images.sh [tools.heritage]
2022-04-18 §
19:56 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Adding the -release buster flag to cronjobs as part of Stretch deprecation [tools.heritage]
2022-03-03 §
20:32 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Deploy fcedb0f, 10b63ae, a00f000, 6d2fc8a [tools.heritage]
2022-02-02 §
12:49 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Trigger full update_monuments.sh run now that T300252 is fixed [tools.heritage]
12:47 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Deploy 2715e85 (T300252) [tools.heritage]
12:30 <urbanecm> Run P19935 in `s51138__heritage_p` to workaround T300252 for Czech [tools.heritage]
11:42 <urbanecm> Run `python erfgoedbot/update_database.py -countrycode:cz -langcode:cs` with 759229 applied to ensure fix for T300252 works [tools.heritage]
2022-01-27 §
05:45 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Deploy latest from Git master: 7ed2ef3, 7ed27df, d1fe905, da4b9a4, 681c3c2, 81f91ab, ede4d73, 1e5e614, c43703e (T295238) [tools.heritage]
2021-09-06 §
11:21 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Run check_emailable_users.py -category:"Images_from_Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2021" -delta:10500 -notify to catch up with the first 7 days of WLM 2021 [tools.heritage]
11:19 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Bumped check_emailable_users to 2021 and re-enabled cron job [tools.heritage]
2021-09-04 §
19:50 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Deploy latest from Git master: b4d3e0e, 339838b (T289929), 7816a36 (T289930) [tools.heritage]
2021-08-26 §
21:26 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Deploy latest from Git master: f8959e7, 96c6f56, 8f46ca8, 841e8e8, 7d3cfbc, 685e4f6, b1a510f, 78b1ce7, 7172b59, a6d1889, 2bfb4a0, a200b30, 62ea8c3, 2522867, 2790623, b4eed97, 3b29047, 1f1d2da, 27c3613, 6003fc6, 6bd1a0d, d577a84 (T278918), 402b161, 2bdd929, 7f50cb3 (T286354), 2be29f1 [tools.heritage]
2020-09-04 §
21:22 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Deploy latest from Git master: 0f24d39 [tools.heritage]
2020-09-03 §
15:14 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Deploy latest from Git master: f43b6aa, a379e25, b6b5e92, 5108541 [tools.heritage]
2020-09-02 §
08:00 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Deploy latest from Git master: 037df2f, 9c73470 [tools.heritage]
2020-08-31 §
22:02 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Manually triggered update_monuments (after temporarily setting setuptools==49.3.0) [tools.heritage]
13:55 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Manually triggered update_monuments (again, again) [tools.heritage]
13:53 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Deploy latest from Git master: 069df77, 907c6fe (T224405), 21d30e0, 25a1951 [tools.heritage]
2020-08-30 §
21:10 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Manually triggered update_monuments (again) [tools.heritage]
21:06 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Forced re-install of pywikibot over pip [tools.heritage]
20:40 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Bumped check_emailable_users to 2020 and re-enabled cron job [tools.heritage]
20:36 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Manually triggered update_monuments [tools.heritage]
20:19 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> rename existing .venv and re-run build.sh [tools.heritage]
11:32 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Deploy latest from Git master: 0955c33 (T224405) [tools.heritage]
2020-08-28 §
08:27 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Deploy latest from Git master: 415c004, f3ac064 [tools.heritage]
2020-08-26 §
21:29 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> jsub new categorize_images job to test 7b0a9d7 [tools.heritage]
21:29 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Deploy latest from Git master: 7b0a9d7 [tools.heritage]
2020-08-25 §
16:34 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> jstop categorize_images, jsub new one [tools.heritage]
15:42 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Deploy latest from Git master: f0d25be, b7d8ad4, 021ba20, 774663a, a0fa5f5, 7b66f3a, 072dfd7, eb61a9a, a2f600e, 7da8c34, 8ddfa1f, 8072796, 7b46c91, b1ec885, 79addba, 997c7a7, 12a3ec6 [tools.heritage]
2020-07-06 §
22:55 <wm-bot> <root> Migrated .webservicerc to service.template (T257229) [tools.heritage]
2020-02-25 §
23:17 <wm-bot> <root> Migrated to 2020 Kubernetes cluster [tools.heritage]
2020-02-24 §
21:04 <JeanFred> Deploy latest from Git master: d2f2eab (T176560), 36b4940, a493161, 2cea31c, f63aa99, 09efc1c, 7e78abb, 2feab97, dd5062c, a3616d8, 465e82e, 010917d (T244445), 2bcef18 [tools.heritage]
2020-02-11 §
21:05 <wm-bot157> <lokal-profil> Triggered a images_of_monuments_without_id job, with template adding, for cz_cs (T242034) [tools.heritage]
20:37 <wm-bot157> <lokal-profil> Triggered a manual categorisation job for ua_uk (T244333) [tools.heritage]
2020-02-05 §
08:50 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Triggered a manual jsub update_monuments.sh (T244213) [tools.heritage]
08:45 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> Killed update_monuments job (T244213) [tools.heritage]
2019-11-02 §
14:29 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Triggering a new full database update as the last one crashed and the DB is empty [tools.heritage]
2019-10-12 §
22:17 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Deleted old GridEngine jobs from Oct 7 (jstop update_monuments jstop categorize_images) [tools.heritage]
2019-10-10 §
19:02 <wm-bot> <lokal-profil> restarted webservice [tools.heritage]
2019-09-20 §
19:49 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> Added crontab (*/3 - every three minutes) for T195341 [tools.heritage]
2019-09-18 §
20:52 <wm-bot> <jeanfred> check_emailable_users.py -category:"Images_from_Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019" -delta:540 -notify (T195341) [tools.heritage]
2019-09-17 §
21:04 <JeanFred> Deploy latest from Git master: b068bd4, 9f625b6 (T195341), 799525d (T195341) [tools.heritage]