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2021-11-24 §
06:21 <wm-bot> <legoktm> Switched to read-only LDAP servers, moved webservice to Python 3.9 [tools.ldap]
2020-05-21 §
21:25 <wm-bot> <maurelio> "webservice --backend=kubernetes --canonical python3.7 start" refs. T253346 [tools.ldap]
21:24 <wm-bot> <maurelio> refs. T253346 [tools.ldap]
21:20 <wm-bot> <maurelio> Stopping webservice for T253346 [tools.ldap]
2020-01-03 §
07:36 <legoktm> switched to python3.7 webservice [tools.ldap]
03:35 <legoktm> switched over to new k8s cluster (`kubectl config use-context toolforge`) [tools.ldap]
2019-07-28 §
02:53 <wm-bot> <legoktm> updated 61b3d5b..43f7074 [tools.ldap]
02:47 <wm-bot> <legoktm> updated 4940ef7..61b3d5b [tools.ldap]
02:03 <wm-bot> <legoktm> updated to 4940ef758d33a, reinstalled dependencies in a fresh virtualenv [tools.ldap]
2019-07-27 §
11:58 <wm-bot> <maurelio> Deploy ee9670a Modernize tox configuration. [tools.ldap]
2019-05-19 §
07:39 <legoktm> Added MarcoAurelio as a maintainer [tools.ldap]
2018-10-07 §
22:16 <bd808> Got webservice to connect to gateway properly with: webservice stop; rm $HOME/service.manifest; webservice --backend=kubernetes python start [tools.ldap]
22:07 <bd808> Restarted, then stopped and started webservice to attempt to fix gateway timeout errors. Failures continue. Will investigate further [tools.ldap]