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2021-06-21 §
15:38 <bd808> Removed self from tool maintainers [tools.meetbot]
15:22 <bd808> Deleted giant log files and renamed broken config that still points to freenode. Leaving bot down as I am unaware of any ongoing use of the bot since TechCom was disbanded. (T285179) [tools.meetbot]
2021-06-20 §
13:10 <majavah> stop bot, never moved to libera, created hundreds of gigs of log files [tools.meetbot]
2021-02-05 §
18:06 <wm-bot> <bd808> Restarted bot to allow truncation of another 532G log file (T273961) [tools.meetbot]
17:09 <wm-bot> <bd808> Restarted bot to allow truncation of 532G log file (T273961) [tools.meetbot]
2020-11-05 §
20:28 <wm-bot> <bd808> Stopped k8s webservice, started grid engine webservice, stopped grid engine webservice, started k8s webservice. This cleared the stuck state in the Toolforge front proxy which had a routing entry for a grid engine webservice for this tool. (T267368) [tools.meetbot]
2020-10-16 §
00:14 <Krinkle> https://meetbot.toolforge.org/ says 503, No webservice. `webservice status` says "Your webservice of type php7.3 is running on backend kubernetes". Do a restart. [tools.meetbot]
2020-01-06 §
21:22 <bd808> Migrating webservice to new Kubernetes grid (bot still runs on grid engine) [tools.meetbot]
2019-04-18 §
16:57 <bd808> Added milimetric as a co-maintainer [tools.meetbot]
2019-03-07 §
04:12 <bd808> Killed extra meetbot job that grid engine had lost track of after `qdel -f` [tools.meetbot]
03:36 <bd808> Stopped instance someone started on the Trusty grid [tools.meetbot]
2019-02-20 §
21:21 <bd808> Migrated to Stretch job grid [tools.meetbot]
2018-09-16 §
05:18 <legoktm> switch to PHP 7.2 webservice [tools.meetbot]
2018-03-08 §
00:32 <bd808> Restarted bot according to instructions at [[Tool:Meetbot]] (T186040) [tools.meetbot]
00:30 <bd808> Killing bot to see if both irc attachments disappear [tools.meetbot]
2017-07-05 §
22:07 <bd808> Stopped and started bot because 2 irc connections were open [tools.meetbot]
2017-06-21 §
22:05 <bd808> Restarted using instructions from https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/Tool:Meetbot [tools.meetbot]
2017-04-12 §
21:09 <bd808> Added Daniel Kinzler as maintainer [tools.meetbot]
2016-11-16 §
23:35 <bd808> Submitted request for bot cloak [tools.meetbot]
2016-10-17 §
15:54 <bd808> Stopped and started meetbot job to move from precise to trusty [tools.meetbot]
2016-03-23 §
22:58 <bd808> Added self (BryanDavis) to tool so I can restart it [tools.meetbot]
2016-02-18 §
17:29 <jzerebecki> restarted to get the bot back [tools.meetbot]
17:18 <bd808> Force killed stuck job [tools.meetbot]
17:12 <bd808> Added JanZerebecki as co-maintainer [tools.meetbot]