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2022-06-03 §
20:00 <wm-bot> <root> Restarted webservice to use new Debian Buster compatible venv [tools.sigma]
19:59 <wm-bot> <root> Rebuilt $HOME/www/python/venv on Debian Buster with packages from $HOME/requirements-freeze.txt which was made with `pip3 freeze` on Debian Stretch [tools.sigma]
2020-07-08 §
03:07 <wm-bot> <root> Switch to Python 3.7/k8s [tools.sigma]
01:26 <wm-bot> <root> fix hardcoded /sigma paths so summary.py tool works again [tools.sigma]
2020-06-11 §
01:45 <wm-bot> <root> Made $HOME/service.template to simplify webservice commands [tools.sigma]