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2020-03-01 §
20:58 <bstorm_> set namespace resourcequota for cpu to 2.5 T246553 [tools.teg]
20:49 <bstorm_> starting php7.2 webservice T246553 [tools.teg]
20:48 <bstorm_> running kubectl apply -f backend.yml T246553 [tools.teg]
20:45 <bstorm_> increased services quota to 2 for k8s T246553 [tools.teg]
2020-02-29 §
22:35 <wm-bot> <root> Deleted /data/project/teg/backend.yml Kubernetes deployment on legacy cluster (T246553) [tools.teg]
22:34 <wm-bot> <root> Deleted partially applied /data/project/teg/backend.yml Kubernetes deployment on 2020 Kubernetes cluster (T246553) [tools.teg]
22:32 <wm-bot> <root> Stopped php7.2 webservice stuck in CrashLoopBackOff due to a syntaxically invalid /data/project/teg/.lighttpd.conf file (T246553) [tools.teg]
2020-02-28 §
17:50 <wm-bot> <root> Migrated to 2020 Kubernetes cluster [tools.teg]
2020-02-26 §
20:08 <wm-bot> <root> Reverted to legacy Kubernetes cluster [tools.teg]
17:12 <wm-bot> <root> Migrated to 2020 Kubernetes cluster [tools.teg]