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2022-12-26 §
10:51 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 87a7cfa3d4 (fix message key case) [tools.translate-link]
2022-09-11 §
16:05 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> deployed b98c8b648c (manage requirements.txt using pip-tools; also removed some hopefully-dead code) [tools.translate-link]
2022-09-10 §
18:49 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> deployed b6f7eaf054 (diffusion → gitlab) [tools.translate-link]
2021-10-20 §
18:45 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> deployed fffb92270f (?key and ?language-code args on index page) [tools.translate-link]
2021-09-25 §
14:49 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> removed old venv-3.7 [tools.translate-link]
14:31 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 09106e75a2 (minor change, no webservice restart) [tools.translate-link]
14:17 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 35f2372735 (Python 3.9) [tools.translate-link]
2021-05-29 §
18:48 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 51b4a6f475 (use translationaids groups prop) [tools.translate-link]
2021-05-26 §
20:08 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 54739135d2 (improve index page) [tools.translate-link]
2021-05-24 §
18:03 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> deployed a0dcb58093 (make inputs required) [tools.translate-link]
14:12 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 5de2d28f2d (handle ambiguous messages better) [tools.translate-link]
14:08 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> added config.yaml with custom secret key [tools.translate-link]
2021-05-22 §
22:05 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> pulled 11922d2df5 (README update, no webservice restart) [tools.translate-link]
21:38 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> deployed d829336d71 (“show” mode and other improvements) [tools.translate-link]
16:53 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 1b957ac4e0 (more robust message matching) [tools.translate-link]
14:52 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister> deployed 2e020b7d3e (first version with useful index page; first-ever version was about twenty minutes earlier, forgot to log it) [tools.translate-link]