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2020-06-08 §
10:08 <wm-bot84> <rhinosf1> auto-update@website: Synced website repo in 1.0s [tools.zppixbot]
10:07 <wm-bot84> <rhinosf1> auto-update@website: Synced website repo in 1.0s [tools.zppixbot]
10:07 <wm-bot84> <rhinosf1> auto-update@website: Synced website repo in 1.0s [tools.zppixbot]
10:04 <wm-bot84> <rhinosf1> auto-update@website: Synced website repo in 1.4s [tools.zppixbot]
09:52 <RhinosF1> manually install https://git.io/JfDWA [tools.zppixbot]
08:30 <RhinosF1> tools.zppixbot@interactive:~$ python3.7 -m venv zbpy37 [tools.zppixbot]
08:19 <RhinosF1> restarting to apply changes for T254348 [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-07 §
21:18 <RhinosF1> tools.zppixbot@tools-sgebastion-07:~/ZppixBot/public_html/Font-Awesome$ git submodule update [tools.zppixbot]
21:15 <RhinosF1> git pull && cd public_html/Font-Awesome && git submodule init [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-06 §
21:16 <Texas> kubectl delete pods --all [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-05 §
22:45 <Texas> kubectl delete pods --all [tools.zppixbot]
22:28 <Texas> remove junky reminder entries [tools.zppixbot]
22:18 <MacFan4000> restarting for code and config changes [tools.zppixbot]
21:56 <Texas> chmod o-r default.cfg [tools.zppixbot]
21:53 <Texas> chmod a-r default.cfg [tools.zppixbot]
21:27 <Texas> kubectl delete pods --all [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-04 §
15:50 <MacFan4000> git pull in public_html/wiki [tools.zppixbot]
15:45 <MacFan4000> restarting web service as php7.3 [tools.zppixbot]
15:02 <MacFan4000> restart for config and code changes [tools.zppixbot]
14:00 <RhinosF1> 14:15:15 <RhinosF1> !log tools.zppixbot turn logo back on [tools.zppixbot]
09:40 <RhinosF1> remove logo after test for https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T254432#6191935 [tools.zppixbot]
09:27 <wm-bot> <rhinosf1> deploy a bunch of changes so I can test the new logo on the wiki [tools.zppixbot]
00:20 <MacFan4000> restarting for code and config changes [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-03 §
22:21 <Texas> kubectl delete pods sopeltest.bot-6876f8c6b4-svmw5 [tools.zppixbot]
22:19 <Texas> git pull [tools.zppixbot]
20:38 <MacFan4000> restart for config changes [tools.zppixbot]
19:23 <MacFan4000> tools.zppixbot@tools-sgebastion-07:~/public_html/wiki$ php maintenance/createAndPromote.php --bureaucrat --sysop Reception123 ******** --force [tools.zppixbot]
19:06 <Texas> kubectl delete pods sopel.bot-5f889d7cbf-qj4p7 [tools.zppixbot]
19:05 <Texas> git pull [tools.zppixbot]
16:56 <Texas> php createAndPromote.php --bureaucrat --sysop Examknow **** [tools.zppixbot]
16:18 <wm-bot> <dschultz> kubectl delete pods --all [tools.zppixbot]
16:16 <wm-bot> <dschultz> run sopel restart [tools.zppixbot]
16:15 <wm-bot> <dschultz> Add nick Texas to bot admins [tools.zppixbot]
15:51 <MacFan4000> restarting for module change [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-02 §
20:59 <Zppix> add Examknow to maintainers [tools.zppixbot]
20:46 <MacFan4000> add me to admins and reboot [tools.zppixbot]
20:40 <Zppix> Add MacFan4000 to maintainers [tools.zppixbot]
10:17 <RhinosF1> cleanup 129 133 171 293 301 (orphan nickname & id, not in above list) [tools.zppixbot]
10:08 <RhinosF1> run dbclean.py using {P11346} for T254154 END [tools.zppixbot]
10:06 <RhinosF1> run dbclean.py using {P11346} for T254154 START [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-01 §
21:15 <RhinosF1> .sopel/welcome.db>CREATE TABLE chanops ( id INTEGER PRIMARY key autoincrement, nick VARCHAR(20), chan VARCHAR(20) ); for T254166 [tools.zppixbot]
21:10 <RhinosF1> add *.db to sopel/.gitignore [tools.zppixbot]
13:30 <RhinosF1> ran select nick_id from nick_values where value < 1546300800 and key = "seen_timestamp" on default.db to generate P11346 for T254154 [tools.zppixbot]
12:40 <RhinosF1> deleting 54 orphan accounts that don't have any attached values [tools.zppixbot]
10:08 <RhinosF1> END MAINT -- T254046 [tools.zppixbot]
10:00 <RhinosF1> sopel.bot re-created for T254046 [tools.zppixbot]
09:56 <RhinosF1> webservice --backend=kubernetes php7.2 start --canonical for T254046 [tools.zppixbot]
09:55 <RhinosF1> revert sitenotice for T254046 [tools.zppixbot]
09:45 <RhinosF1> empty pycache and switch to new deployment config [tools.zppixbot]
09:34 <RhinosF1> tar+gzip sopel logs, empty non sopel rubbish [tools.zppixbot]