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2018-02-08 §
18:38 <arturo> aborrero@tools-k8s-master-01:~$ sudo kubectl uncordon tools-worker-1002.tools.eqiad.wmflabs [tools]
18:35 <arturo> aborrero@tools-worker-1002:~$ sudo apt-upgrade -u upgrade jessie-wikimedia -v [tools]
18:33 <arturo> aborrero@tools-worker-1002:~$ sudo apt-upgrade -u upgrade oldstable -v [tools]
18:28 <arturo> cordon & drain tools-worker-1002.tools.eqiad.wmflabs [tools]
18:10 <arturo> uncordon tools-paws-worker-1019. Package upgrades were OK. [tools]
18:08 <arturo> aborrero@tools-paws-worker-1019:~$ sudo apt-upgrade upgrade stable -v [tools]
18:06 <arturo> aborrero@tools-paws-worker-1019:~$ sudo apt-upgrade upgrade stretch-wikimedia -v [tools]
18:02 <arturo> cordon tools-paws-worker-1019 to do some package upgrades [tools]
17:29 <arturo> repool tools-exec-1401.tools.eqiad.wmflabs. Package upgrades were OK. [tools]
17:20 <arturo> aborrero@tools-exec-1401:~$ sudo apt-upgrade upgrade trusty-updates -vy [tools]
17:15 <arturo> aborrero@tools-exec-1401:~$ sudo apt-upgrade upgrade trusty-wikimedia -vy [tools]
17:11 <arturo> depool tools-exec-1401.tools.eqiad.wmflabs to do some package upgrades [tools]
14:22 <arturo> it was some kind of transient error. After a second puppet run across the fleet, all seems fine [tools]
13:53 <arturo> deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/407465/ which is causing some puppet issues. Investigating. [tools]
2018-02-06 §
13:15 <arturo> deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/408529/ to tools-services-01 [tools]
13:05 <arturo> unpublish/publish trusty-tools repo [tools]
13:03 <arturo> install aptly v0.9.6-1 in tools-services-01 for T186539 after adding it to trusty-tools repo (self contained) [tools]
2018-02-05 §
17:58 <arturo> publishing/unpublishing trusty-tools repo in tools-services-01 to address T186539 [tools]
13:27 <arturo> for the record, not a single warning or error (orange/red messages) in puppet in the toolforge cluster [tools]
13:06 <arturo> deploying fix for T186230 using clush [tools]
2018-02-03 §
01:04 <chicocvenancio> killed io intensive process in bastion-03 "vltools python3 ./broken_ref_anchors.py" [tools]
2018-01-31 §
22:54 <chasemp> add bstorm to sudoers as root [tools]
2018-01-29 §
20:02 <chasemp> add zhuyifei1999_ tools root for T185577 [tools]
20:01 <chasemp> blast a puppet run to see if any errors are persistent [tools]
2018-01-28 §
22:49 <chicocvenancio> killed compromised session generating miner processes [tools]
22:48 <chicocvenancio> killed miner processes in tools-bastion-03 [tools]
2018-01-27 §
00:55 <arturo> at tools-static-11 the kernel OOM killer stopped git gc at about 20% :-( [tools]
00:25 <arturo> (/srv is almost full) aborrero@tools-static-11:/srv/cdnjs$ sudo git gc --aggressive [tools]
2018-01-25 §
23:47 <arturo> fix last deprecation warnings in tools-elastic-03, tools-elastic-02, tools-proxy-01 and tools-proxy-02 by replacing by hand configtimeout with http_configtimeout in /etc/puppet/puppet.conf [tools]
23:20 <arturo> T179386 aborrero@tools-clushmaster-01:~$ clush -w @all 'sudo puppet agent -t -v' [tools]
05:25 <arturo> deploying misctools and jobutils 1.29 for T179386 [tools]
2018-01-23 §
19:41 <madhuvishy> Add bstorm to project admins [tools]
15:48 <bd808> Admin clean up; removed Coren, Ryan Lane, and Springle. [tools]
14:17 <chasemp> add me, arturo, chico to sudoers and removed marc [tools]
2018-01-22 §
18:32 <arturo> T181948 T185314 deploying jobutils and misctools v1.28 in the cluster [tools]
11:21 <arturo> puppet in the cluster is mostly fine, except for a couple of deprecation warnings, a conn timeout to services-01 and https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T181948#3916790 [tools]
10:31 <arturo> aborrero@tools-clushmaster-01:~$ clush -w @all 'sudo puppet agent -t -v' <--- check again how is the cluster with puppet [tools]
10:18 <arturo> T181948 deploy misctools 1.27 in the cluster [tools]
2018-01-19 §
17:32 <arturo> T185314 deploying new version of jobutils 1.27 [tools]
12:56 <arturo> the puppet status across the fleet seems good, only minor things like T185314 , T179388 and T179386 [tools]
12:39 <arturo> aborrero@tools-clushmaster-01:~$ clush -w @all 'sudo puppet agent -t -v' [tools]
2018-01-18 §
16:11 <arturo> aborrero@tools-clushmaster-01:~$ sudo aptitude purge vblade vblade-persist runit (for something similar to T182781) [tools]
15:42 <arturo> T178717 aborrero@tools-clushmaster-01:~$ clush -w @all 'sudo puppet agent -t -v' [tools]
13:52 <arturo> T178717 aborrero@tools-clushmaster-01:~$ clush -f 1 -w @all 'sudo facter | grep lsbdistcodename | grep trusty && sudo apt-upgrade trusty-wikimedia -v' [tools]
13:44 <chasemp> upgrade wikimedia packages on tools-bastion-05 [tools]
12:24 <arturo> T178717 aborrero@tools-exec-1401:~$ sudo apt-upgrade trusty-wikimedia -v [tools]
12:11 <arturo> T178717 aborrero@tools-webgrid-generic-1402:~$ sudo apt-upgrade trusty-wikimedia -v [tools]
11:42 <arturo> T178717 aborrero@tools-clushmaster-01:~$ clush -w @all 'sudo puppet agent --test' [tools]
2018-01-17 §
18:47 <arturo> aborrero@tools-clushmaster-01:~$ clush -w @all 'apt-show-versions | grep upgradeable | grep trusty-wikimedia' | tee pending-upgrades-report-trusty-wikimedia.txt [tools]
17:55 <arturo> aborrero@tools-clushmaster-01:~$ clush -w @all 'sudo report-pending-upgrades -v' | tee pending-upgrades-report.txt [tools]