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2017-05-31 §
19:16 <bd808> Installed toollabs-webservice_0.37_all.deb from local file on tools-bastion-02 (T163355) [tools]
16:34 <andrewbogott> running 'apt-get -yq autoremove' env='{DEBIAN_FRONTEND: "noninteractive"}' on all instances with salt [tools]
16:25 <andrewbogott> rebooting tools-exec-1404 as part of a disk-space-saving test [tools]
14:07 <andrewbogott> migrating tools-exec-1409 to labvirt1009 to reduce CPU load on labvirt1006 (T165753) [tools]
2017-05-30 §
22:32 <andrewbogott> migrating tools-webgrid-lighttpd-1406, tools-exec-1410 from labvirt1006 to labvirt1009 to balance cpu usage [tools]
18:15 <andrewbogott> restarted robokobot virgule to free up leaked files [tools]
17:36 <andrewbogott> restarting excel2wiki to clean up file leaks [tools]
17:36 <andrewbogott> restarting idwiki-welcome in kenrick95bot to free up leaked files [tools]
17:31 <andrewbogott> restarting onetools to clean up file leaks [tools]
17:29 <andrewbogott> restarting ytcleaner webservice to clean up leaked files [tools]
17:22 <andrewbogott> restarting vltools to clean up leaked files [tools]
17:20 <madhuvishy> Uncordoned tools-worker-1006 [tools]
17:16 <madhuvishy> Killed tool videoconvert on tools-exec-1440 in debugging labstore disk space issues [tools]
17:15 <madhuvishy> Drained and rebooted tools-worker-1006 [tools]
17:15 <andrewbogott> restarted croptool to clean up stray files [tools]
17:15 <madhuvishy> depooled, rebooted, and repooled tools-exec-1412 [tools]
17:15 <andrewbogott> restarted catmon tool to clean up stray files [tools]
2017-05-26 §
20:32 <bd808> Added tools-webgrid-lighttpd-14{19,2[0-8]} as submit hosts [tools]
20:31 <bd808> Added tools-webgrid-lighttpd-1412 and tools-webgrid-lighttpd-1413 as submit hosts [tools]
20:28 <bd808> sudo qconf -as tools-webgrid-lighttpd-1417.tools.eqiad.wmflabs [tools]
2017-05-22 §
07:49 <chasemp> move ooooold shared resources into archive for later cleanup [tools]
2017-05-20 §
09:27 <madhuvishy> Truncating jerr.log for tool videoconvert since it's 967GB [tools]
2017-05-10 §
19:11 <bd808> Edited striker db record for user Stepan Grigoryev to detach SUL and Phab accounts. T164849 [tools]
17:47 <bd808> Signed and revoked puppet certs generated when our DNS flipped out and gave hosts non-FQDN hostnames [tools]
17:29 <bd808> Fixed broken puppet cert on tools-package-builder-01 [tools]
2017-05-04 §
19:23 <madhuvishy> Rebooting tools-grid-shadow [tools]
16:21 <madhuvishy> Start instance tools-grid-master.tools from horizon [tools]
16:20 <madhuvishy> Shut off tools-grid-master.tools instance from horizon [tools]
16:16 <madhuvishy> Stopped gridengine-shadow on tools-grid-shadow.tools (service gridengine-shadow stop and kill -9 individual shadowd processes) [tools]
2017-04-24 §
15:33 <bd808> Removed Gergő Tisza as a projectadmin for T163611; event done [tools]
2017-04-21 §
22:30 <bd808> Added Gergő Tisza as a projectadmin for T163611 [tools]
13:43 <chasemp> T161898 clush -g all 'sudo puppet agent --disable "rollout nfs-mount-manager"' [tools]
2017-04-20 §
17:15 <bd808> Deleted shutdown VM tools-docker-builder-04; tools-docker-builder-05 is the new hotness [tools]
17:11 <bd808> kill -INT 19897 on tools-proxy-02 to stop a hung nginx child process left from the last graceful restart of nginx [tools]
2017-04-19 §
15:10 <bd808> apt-get install psmisc on tools-proxy-0[12] [tools]
13:23 <chasemp> stop docker on tools-proxy-01 [tools]
13:20 <chasemp> clean up disk space on tools-proxy-01 [tools]
2017-04-18 §
20:37 <bd808> Restarted bigbrother on tools-services-02 [tools]
04:23 <bd808> Shutdown tools-docker-builder-04; will wait a bit before deleting [tools]
04:04 <bd808> Built and pushed new Docker images based on 82a46b4 (Refactor apt-get actions in Dockerfiles) [tools]
03:42 <bd808> Made tools-docker-builder-05.tools.eqiad.wmflabs the active docker build host [tools]
01:01 <bd808> Built instance tools-package-builder-01 [tools]
2017-04-17 §
20:41 <bd808> Building tools-docker-builder-05 [tools]
19:35 <chasemp> add reedy to sudo all perms so he can admin things [tools]
17:21 <andrewbogott> adding 8 more exec nodes: tools-exec-1435 through 1442 [tools]
2017-04-11 §
16:46 <andrewbogott> added exec nodes tools-exec-1430, 31, 32, 33, 34. [tools]
14:15 <andrewbogott> emptied /srv/pbuilder to make space on tools-docker-04 [tools]
02:35 <bd808> Restarted maintain-kubeusers on tools-k8s-master-01 [tools]
2017-04-03 §
13:48 <chasemp> enable puppet on gridmaster [tools]
2017-04-01 §
15:28 <andrewbogott> added five new exec nodes, tools-exec-1425 through 1429 [tools]