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2019-05-17 §
17:35 <bd808> Deployed toollabs-webservice 0.45 (python 3.5 and nodejs 10 containers) [tools]
2019-05-16 §
11:22 <chicocvenancio> PAWS: restart hub to get new configured announcement [tools]
11:05 <chicocvenancio> PAWS: change confimap to reference WMHACK 2019 as busiest time [tools]
2019-05-15 §
16:20 <arturo> T223148 repool both tools-sgeexec-0921 and -0929 [tools]
15:32 <arturo> T223148 depool tools-sgeexec-0921 and move to cloudvirt1014 [tools]
15:32 <arturo> T223148 depool tools-sgeexec-0920 and move to cloudvirt1014 [tools]
12:29 <arturo> T223148 repool both tools-sgeexec-09[37,39] [tools]
12:13 <arturo> T223148 depool tools-sgeexec-0937 and move to cloudvirt1008 [tools]
12:13 <arturo> T223148 depool tools-sgeexec-0939 and move to cloudvirt1007 [tools]
11:34 <arturo> T223148 repool tools-sgeexec-0940 [tools]
11:20 <arturo> T223148 depool tools-sgeexec-0940 and move to cloudvirt1006 [tools]
11:11 <arturo> T223148 repool tools-sgeexec-0941 [tools]
10:46 <arturo> T223148 depool tools-sgeexec-0941 and move to cloudvirt1005 [tools]
09:44 <arturo> T223148 repool tools-sgeexec-0901 [tools]
09:00 <arturo> T223148 depool tools-sgeexec-0901 and reallocate to cloudvirt1004 [tools]
2019-05-14 §
17:12 <arturo> T223148 repool tools-sgeexec-0920 [tools]
16:37 <arturo> T223148 depool tools-sgeexec-0920 and reallocate to cloudvirt1003 [tools]
16:36 <arturo> T223148 repool tools-sgeexec-0911 [tools]
15:56 <arturo> T223148 depool tools-sgeexec-0911 and reallocate to cloudvirt1003 [tools]
15:52 <arturo> T223148 repool tools-sgeexec-0909 [tools]
15:24 <arturo> T223148 depool tools-sgeexec-0909 and reallocate to cloudvirt1002 [tools]
15:24 <arturo> T223148 last SAL entry is bogus, please ignore (depool tools-worker-1009) [tools]
15:23 <arturo> T223148 depool tools-worker-1009 [tools]
15:13 <arturo> T223148 repool tools-worker-1023 [tools]
13:16 <arturo> T223148 repool tools-sgeexec-0942 [tools]
13:03 <arturo> T223148 repool tools-sgewebgrid-generic-0904 [tools]
12:58 <arturo> T223148 reallocating tools-worker-1023 to cloudvirt1001 [tools]
12:56 <arturo> T223148 depool tools-worker-1023 [tools]
12:52 <arturo> T223148 reallocating tools-sgeexec-0942 to cloudvirt1001 [tools]
12:50 <arturo> T223148 depool tools-sgeexec-0942 [tools]
12:49 <arturo> T223148 reallocating tools-sgewebgrid-generic-0904 to cloudvirt1001 [tools]
12:43 <arturo> T223148 depool tools-sgewebgrid-generic-0904 [tools]
2019-05-13 §
08:15 <zhuyifei1999_> `truncate -s 0 /var/log/exim4/paniclog` on tools-sgecron-01.tools.eqiad.wmflabs & tools-sgewebgrid-lighttpd-0921.tools.eqiad.wmflabs [tools]
2019-05-07 §
14:38 <arturo> T222718 uncordon tools-worker-1019, I couldn't find a reason for it to be cordoned [tools]
14:31 <arturo> T222718 reboot tools-worker-1009 and 1022 after being drained [tools]
14:28 <arturo> k8s drain tools-worker-1009 and 1022 [tools]
11:46 <arturo> T219362 enable puppet in tools-redis servers and use the new puppet role [tools]
11:33 <arturo> T219362 disable puppet in tools-reds servers for puppet code cleanup [tools]
11:12 <arturo> T219362 drop the `tools-services` puppet prefix (we are actually using `tools-sgeservices`) [tools]
11:10 <arturo> T219362 enable puppet in tools-static servers and use new puppet role [tools]
11:01 <arturo> T219362 disable puppet in tools-static servers for puppet code cleanup [tools]
10:16 <arturo> T219362 drop the `tools-webgrid-lighttpd` puppet prefix [tools]
10:14 <arturo> T219362 drop the `tools-webgrid-generic` puppet prefix [tools]
10:06 <arturo> T219362 drop the `tools-exec-1` puppet prefix [tools]
2019-05-06 §
11:34 <arturo> T221225 reenable puppet [tools]
10:53 <arturo> T221225 disable puppet in all toolforge servers for testing sssd patch (puppetmaster livehack) [tools]
2019-05-03 §
09:43 <arturo> fixed puppet in tools-puppetdb-01 too [tools]
09:39 <arturo> puppet should be now fine across toolforge (except tools-puppetdb-01 which is WIP I think) [tools]
09:37 <arturo> fix puppet in tools-elastic-03, archived jessie repos, weird rsyslog-kafka package situation [tools]
09:33 <arturo> fix puppet in tools-elastic-02, archived jessie repos, weird rsyslog-kafka package situation [tools]