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2021-12-23 §
21:37 <bd808> Marked tool addshore for deletion (T208427) [tools]
21:36 <bd808> Marked tool miraheze-notifico for deletion (T203124) [tools]
21:34 <bd808> Marked tool mh-signbot for deletion (T202946) [tools]
21:33 <bd808> Marked tool messenger-chatbot for deletion (T198808) [tools]
21:22 <bd808> Marked tool harvesting-data-rafinery for deletion (T197214) [tools]
21:21 <bd808> Marked tool miraheze-discord-irc for deletion (T192410) [tools]
21:20 <bd808> Marked tool sau226-wiki-bug-testing for deletion (T188608) [tools]
21:18 <bd808> Marked tool kmlexport-cswiki for deletion (T186916) [tools]
21:17 <bd808> Marked tool www-portal-builder for deletion (T182140) [tools]
21:15 <bd808> Marked tool recoin-sample for deletion (T181541) [tools]
21:13 <bd808> Marked tool wlm-jury-yarl for deletion (T172590) [tools]
21:12 <bd808> Marked tool wlm-jury-at for deletion (T172590) [tools]
19:43 <bd808> Marked tool yunomi for deletion (T170070) [tools]
19:42 <bd808> Marked tool datbotcommons for deletion (T164662) [tools]
19:40 <bd808> Marked tool ut-iw-bot for deletion (T158303) [tools]
19:39 <bd808> Marked tool hujibot for deletion (T157916) [tools]
19:37 <bd808> Marked tool contributions-summary for deletion (T157749) [tools]
19:35 <bd808> Marked tool morebots for deletion (T157399) [tools]
19:32 <bd808> Marked tool rcm for deletion (T136216) [tools]
2021-12-20 §
18:01 <majavah> deploying calico v3.21.0 (T292698) [tools]
12:17 <arturo> running `aborrero@tools-sgegrid-master:~$ sudo grid-configurator --all-domains` after merging a few patches to the script to handle dead config [tools]
2021-12-14 §
09:46 <majavah> testing delete-crashing-pods emailer component with a test tool T292925 [tools]
2021-12-08 §
05:21 <andrewbogott> moving tools-k8s-etcd-13 to cloudvirt1028 [tools]
2021-12-07 §
11:11 <arturo> updated member roles in github.com/toolforge: remove brooke as owner, add dcaro [tools]
2021-12-06 §
13:23 <majavah> root@toolserver-proxy-01:~# systemctl restart apache2.service # working around T293826 [tools]
2021-12-04 §
12:18 <majavah> deploying delete-crashing-pods in dry run mode T292925 [tools]
2021-11-28 §
17:46 <andrewbogott> moving tools-k8s-etcd-13 to cloudvirt1020; cloudvirt1018 (its old host) has a degraded raid which is affecting performance [tools]
2021-11-19 §
13:16 <majavah> manually add 3 project members after ldap issues were fixed [tools]
2021-11-16 §
12:31 <majavah> uploading calico 3.21.0 to the internal docker registry T292698 [tools]
10:28 <majavah> deploying maintain-kubeusers changes T286857 [tools]
2021-11-11 §
10:50 <arturo> add user `srv-networktests` as project user (T294955) [tools]
2021-11-05 §
19:18 <majavah> deploying registry-admission changes [tools]
2021-10-29 §
23:58 <andrewbogott> deleting all files older than 14 days in /srv/tools/shared/tools/project/.shared/cache [tools]
2021-10-28 §
12:42 <arturo> set `allow-snippet-annotations: "false"` for ingress-nginx (T294330) [tools]
2021-10-26 §
18:00 <majavah> deleting legacy ingresses for tools.wmflabs.org urls [tools]
12:26 <majavah> deploy ingress-admission updates [tools]
12:11 <majavah> deploy ingress-nginx v1.0.4 / chart v4.0.6 on toolforge T292771 [tools]
2021-10-25 §
14:33 <majavah> copy nginx-ingress controller v1.0.4 to internal registry T292771 [tools]
11:32 <majavah> depool tools-sgeexec-0910 T294228 [tools]
11:13 <majavah> removed tons of duplicate qw jobs accross multiple tools [tools]
2021-10-22 §
15:35 <majavah> remove "^tools-k8s-master-[0-9]+\.tools\.eqiad\.wmflabs$" from authorized_regexes for the main certificate [tools]
15:35 <majavah> add mail.tools.wmcloud.org to the tools mail tls certificate alternative names [tools]
2021-10-21 §
09:48 <majavah> deploying toolforge-webservice 0.79 [tools]
2021-10-20 §
15:41 <majavah> removing toollabs-webservice from grid exec and master nodes where it's not needed and not managed by puppet [tools]
12:51 <majavah> rolling out toolforge-webservice 0.78 T292706 T282975 T276626 [tools]
2021-10-15 §
15:01 <arturo> add updated ingress-nginx docker image in the registry (v1.0.1) for T293472 [tools]
2021-10-07 §
09:13 <majavah> disabling settings api, now that all pod presets are gone T279106 [tools]
08:00 <majavah> removing all pod presets T279106 [tools]
05:44 <majavah> deploying fix for T292672 [tools]
2021-10-06 §
06:46 <majavah> taavi@toolserver-proxy-01:~$ sudo systemctl restart apache2.service # see if it helps with toolserver.org ssl alerts [tools]