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2021-01-13 §
14:10 <dcaro> dcaro doing puppet tests, puppet runs might break [toolsbeta]
10:07 <arturo> allocate floating IP, and use it for docker-registry.toolsbeta.wmflabs.org (instance toolsbeta-docker-registry-01) (T271867) [toolsbeta]
10:05 <arturo> release and delete floating IP (docker-registry.toolsbeta.wmflabs.org) (T271867) [toolsbeta]
2020-12-22 §
10:48 <arturo> rebase & resolve ugly git merge conflict in labs/private.git [toolsbeta]
2020-12-18 §
10:52 <arturo> live-hacking local puppetmaster with https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/650470 (T267966) [toolsbeta]
2020-12-14 §
19:27 <bstorm> create temporary instance toolsbeta-test-io-unthrottled T267966 [toolsbeta]
19:25 <bstorm> created temporary instance toolsbeta-io-test-local T267966 [toolsbeta]
2020-12-11 §
23:31 <bstorm> increasing the output throttle for toolsbeta-test-k8s-haproxy-* nodes in order to figure out what's up with the timeouts [toolsbeta]
2020-12-10 §
08:58 <dcaro> starting a new etcd instance completely from ansible playbook (etcd-8) (T267412) [toolsbeta]
2020-12-09 §
15:30 <dcaro> Playing aronud adding a new etcd node (k8s-etcd-7) (T267412) [toolsbeta]
2020-12-04 §
11:17 <dcaro> Created a new 'standardized' security froup for k8s from ansible toolsbeta-k8s-full-connectivity (T267412) [toolsbeta]
10:12 <dcaro> Trying to create a whole new etcd member from ansible (T267412) [toolsbeta]
2020-11-23 §
14:17 <dcaro> All control nodes re-imaged (T267140) [toolsbeta]
14:08 <dcaro> Taking control-3 node out as control-6 is up and running (T267140) [toolsbeta]
11:12 <dcaro> Launching control-6, to replace control-3 (T267140) [toolsbeta]
10:45 <dcaro> Taking out control-2 node, replaced by control-5 (I saw one 503 reply on the proxy when creating control-5, fyi) (T267140) [toolsbeta]
10:32 <dcaro> Creating new control-5 node (will replace control-2) (T267140) [toolsbeta]
09:58 <dcaro> Remove control-1 node from the pool (was replaced by control-4) (T267140) [toolsbeta]
09:57 <dcaro> Remove control-1 node from the pool (was replaced by control-4) (T267195) [toolsbeta]
2020-11-18 §
11:46 <dcaro_> Modifying the security groupts to mirror tools (T267140) [toolsbeta]
10:50 <dcaro_> Adding new control-4 node to the control cluster (T267140) [toolsbeta]
2020-11-17 §
15:32 <dcaro> Creating new toolsbeta-test-k8s-control-4 node and adding it to the cluster (T267140) [toolsbeta]
12:09 <Lucas_WMDE> 11:59:36 UTC – toolbeta up and running again, documented on the live doc for now, apsrever had the wrong config (T267140) [toolsbeta]
10:40 <arturo> hand-edited /etc/kubernetes/manifests/kube-apiserver.yaml in all 3 k8s control nodes to account for new etcd servers (T267140) [toolsbeta]
08:58 <dcaro> etcd hosts reimaged (T267140) [toolsbeta]
08:54 <dcaro> etcd-4,5 and 6 are up and running, removing 1,2 and 3 (T267140) [toolsbeta]
2020-11-16 §
11:44 <dcaro> etcd5 member added, creating instance toolsbeta-test-k8s-etcd6 and adding to the etcd cluster (T267140) [toolsbeta]
11:27 <dcaro> Creating instance toolsbeta-test-k8s-etcd5 and adding to the etcd cluster (T267140) [toolsbeta]
2020-11-10 §
19:42 <bstorm> safelisted "argocd" namespace with namespaceSelector for registry-admission controller [toolsbeta]
18:49 <legoktm> associated floating IP to toolsbeta-docker-registry-01 and pointed DNS docker-registry.toolsbeta.wmflabs.org. at it [toolsbeta]
18:27 <legoktm> creating toolsbeta-docker-imagebuilder-01 (T267616) [toolsbeta]
17:18 <dcaro> launching instance toolsbeta-test-k8s-etcd-4 (T267140) [toolsbeta]
17:15 <dcaro> removing unused toolsbeta-k8s-etcd prefix (we use toolsbeta-test-k8s-etcd) (T267140) [toolsbeta]
14:44 <dcaro> taking down one of the test-k8s etcd nodes to reimage (T267140) [toolsbeta]
2020-11-06 §
23:44 <bstorm> toolsbeta k8s cluster fully upgraded to 1.17.13 T263284 [toolsbeta]
21:23 <bstorm> upgrading toolsbeta-test-k8s-control-1 to k8s 1.17.13 T263284 [toolsbeta]
15:56 <dcaro> Deleting instances proxy-1 and proxy-2, that will finish the proxy rebuild (T267140) [toolsbeta]
15:53 <dcaro> Removing proxy-1 and proxy-3 from hiera, proxy-3 stays as active and proxy-4 as backup (T267140) [toolsbeta]
13:18 <dcaro> bringin up a new proxy-4 instance as slave (T267140) [toolsbeta]
13:18 <dcaro> bringin up a new proxy-4 instance as slave [toolsbeta]
2020-11-05 §
16:40 <dcaro> Moving active proxy from proxy-1 to proxy-3 (T267140) [toolsbeta]
15:53 <dcaro> Adding toolsbeta-proxy-3 to the list of slave proxies in hiera (T267140) [toolsbeta]
2020-11-04 §
15:42 <dcaro> re-creating the toolsbeta-proxy-03, used wrong image on the first try (T267140) [toolsbeta]
15:21 <dcaro> creating new proxy instance toolsbeta-proxy-03 [toolsbeta]
15:18 <arturo> dropping project hiera config for `toollabs::checker_hosts`, `toollabs::proxy::ssl_certificate_name`, `toollabs::proxy::ssl_install_certificate` and `toollabs::proxy::web_domain`, no longer in use [toolsbeta]
15:15 <arturo> dropping project hiera config for `toollabs::proxy::proxies`, no longer in use [toolsbeta]
11:45 <dcaro> The k8s scheduler-01 fails to connect to etcd (not sure ever did), trying to fix [toolsbeta]
2020-11-03 §
16:04 <arturo> add dcaro to the toolsbeta.admin LDAP group (T266068) [toolsbeta]
15:30 <dcaro> T267121: Puppetmaster replaced, also removed old puppetdb master from hiera, testing [toolsbeta]
15:07 <dcaro> Replacing old puppetmaster 02 and 03 from hiera with 04 [toolsbeta]