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2023-01-20 §
02:58 <AmandaNP> add WM Header debug manually into vendor files on server T325692 [utrs]
2022-02-19 §
01:50 <andrewbogott> switching to a project-local nfs server for T301280 [utrs]
2020-05-23 §
23:41 <Krenair> Manually removed /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openstack-mitaka-jessie.list on utrs-database2 to apply https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/585814/1/modules/openstack/manifests/commonpackages/vms/mitaka.pp (missing absent) [utrs]
2020-02-29 §
16:32 <andrewbogott> removed scratch, dumps, project mounts from /etc/fstab on all instances [utrs]
2019-08-04 §
19:09 <Izhidez> Rebooted all services on utrs-production2 and utrs-database2 [utrs]
19:04 <Izhidez> Shutting down web and database services on utrs-production2 and utrs-database2 so no broken requests enter during quick unscheduled maintence [utrs]
2019-03-15 §
20:41 <Izhidez> modify crontab to include correct data removal file [utrs]
2019-03-01 §
15:44 <AmandaNP> installed missing requests_oauthlib via pip [utrs]
15:43 <AmandaNP> installed missing "pip" [utrs]
15:38 <AmandaNP> wget tested on utrs-production2 to verify errors in apache log are clear. Everything looks good [utrs]
15:24 <AmandaNP> reset db password for deltaquad due to inability to login with right password [utrs]
14:57 <AmandaNP> rebooting utrs-database2 [utrs]
14:55 <AmandaNP> reinstalled python-mysqldb on utrs-database2 because it's coming up missing [utrs]
14:50 <andrewbogott> rebooting utrs-production2 to resolve nfs-mounting issues [utrs]
2018-11-28 §
00:26 <andrewbogott> moving VMs to eqiad1-r [utrs]
2017-03-12 §
00:28 <AmandaNP> database fully migrated to utrs-database in full, no loss of data in transfer [utrs]
00:27 <AmandaNP> production installs of pip, php-cli, php-mysql, python, python (mwoauth/httplib2) [utrs]
00:26 <AmandaNP> -primary and seconary deleted [utrs]
2017-03-11 §
14:32 <AmandaNP> install php on production [utrs]
12:50 <AmandaNP> install apache2 on production [utrs]
12:48 <AmandaNP> install/configure mysql-server on database [utrs]
12:45 <AmandaNP> upgrade production/database software to latest versions [utrs]
2017-01-26 §
05:24 <AmandaNP> create utrs-production and utrs-database [utrs]
05:19 <AmandaNP> delete utrs-live and utrs-database per T156297 [utrs]