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2020-01-17 §
00:35 <bd808> Deleting project (T243037) [wikimania-support]
2019-10-28 §
16:29 <bd808> Rebooting scholarships-03 to ensure that MediaWiki-Vagrant managed LXC container starts on instance boot as expected [wikimania-support]
03:35 <bd808> Replaced scholarships-02 with scholarships-03 running Debian Buster (T236579) [wikimania-support]
2019-10-27 §
00:20 <bd808> Removed some inactive project members [wikimania-support]
00:13 <bd808> Building scholarships-03 to replace scholarships-02 (T236579) [wikimania-support]
2018-09-26 §
16:24 <arturo> T204745 project migrated to eqiad1 but the webservice isn't working (lxc issue) [wikimania-support]
15:48 <arturo> T204745 actually migrating project to eqiad1 [wikimania-support]
09:18 <arturo> T204745 migrating project to eqiad1 [wikimania-support]
2017-08-03 §
19:21 <mutante> role::simplelamp doesn't support current stable image - PHP5 doesn't exist anymore [wikimania-support]
19:14 <mutante> created new instance "conferenceguide" with Debian stretch (stable) - small image with 1CPU, 2GB RAM, 20GB disk,IP (T1722217) [wikimania-support]
18:27 <mutante> added new member Antoine2711 for T172217 [wikimania-support]
2016-12-20 §
20:35 <bd808> enabled role::lockdown and cahnged admin password on scholarships-01 [wikimania-support]
20:30 <bd808> Pointed wikimania-scholarships.wmflabs.org proxy at scholarships-01 [wikimania-support]
20:29 <bd808> Deleted instance wikimania-scholarships (age: 2yrs, 9mo) [wikimania-support]
2016-12-03 §
22:51 <bd808> Tried to build a wikimania-scholarships-01 instance, but it seems to have had a fatal Puppet error on initial provisioning. Tried reboot but that doesn't seem to have helped. [wikimania-support]
2015-12-09 §
17:41 <bd808> Rebooting bd808-vagrant.wikimania-support.eqiad.wmflabs to see if that makes ssh magically work again [wikimania-support]