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2021-12-14 §
23:12 <mutante> - removing mysql root password to local mariabdb on wikistats-bullseye. data is meant to be public. getting ssh shell in the project is enough access control [wikistats]
2021-12-10 §
16:57 <mutante> added api.wikimedia.org and thankyou.wikipedia.org to table of "wikimedia special wikis" [wikistats]
16:35 <mutante> shutting down deprecated buster instance "wikistats-wild-tiger". replaced by "wikistats-bullseye" on.. you guessed it.. bullseye. @user jem your scripts have been copied from your home dir to /usr/local/bin/wikistats/ [wikistats]
2021-10-22 §
22:36 <mutante> - deleted simplelamp temp test instance [wikistats]
22:36 <mutante> - creating new instance wikistats-bullseye for testing upgrade to next release [wikistats]
2021-10-04 §
21:22 <mutante> /usr/local/bin/wikistats/import_miraheze.sh T292369 [wikistats]
2021-01-08 §
23:47 <mutante> - shutting down and removing instance wikistats-dancing-goat - backup stored on -wild-tiger [wikistats]
23:35 <mutante> deleting web proxy wikistats-old [wikistats]
2020-12-10 §
00:05 <mutante> re-enabling puppet (disabled without reason) on wikistats-wild-tiger [wikistats]
2020-12-07 §
22:25 <mutante> - replacing all cron jobs with systemd timers - gerrit:645455 - T265138 [wikistats]
2020-09-04 §
23:57 <mutante> fixed updates of gamepedia wikis [wikistats]
2020-07-30 §
19:41 <mutante> wikistats-dancing-goat - cron service was broken for unknown reason - systemctl start cron - brought it back [wikistats]
2020-07-27 §
19:37 <jem> added ary.wikipedia [wikistats]
2019-11-22 §
19:10 <paladox> deleting instance wikistats-greyhound [wikistats]
19:09 <mutante> shutting down instance wikistats-greyhound [wikistats]
2019-10-02 §
17:19 <mutante> - wikistats-dancing-goat puppet role now working on buster after fixing mariadb::packages in buster, which also affects quarry and others using simplelamp (https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/539973) [wikistats]
2019-09-30 §
19:18 <mutante> - created new instance dancing-goat with buster as backup and to replace stretch [wikistats]
19:17 <mutante> - deleted old instances T128642 and T21008 [wikistats]
2019-04-18 §
19:05 <bd808> deleting some project- and prefix-wide puppet config to try to get puppet running again on VMs (re-logged for andrewbogott) [wikistats]
2019-02-08 §
22:52 <mutante> - creating throw away instance to test if T128642 is still true or not [wikistats]
22:50 <mutante> - shutting down and deleted instance T210008 once made for testing krypton upgrade but broken somehow [wikistats]
2018-12-14 §
18:39 <mutante> - ran deploy-wikistats deploy, copied .xml files, migrationg to new region should be all done now [wikistats]
18:25 <mutante> - replaced wikistats-kraken (eqiad) with wikistats-greyhound (eqiad-r), new stretch image, copied mysql data over, deleted and recreated web proxy [wikistats]
14:24 <andrewbogott> migrating project to eqiad1-r [wikistats]
2018-11-20 §
22:02 <mutante> deleted instance wikistats-cowgirl (jessie), replaced after > 3 years [wikistats]
2018-11-16 §
01:58 <mutante> - added new projects: punjabi.wikimedia, yue.wiktionary, li.wikinews and shn.wikpedia [wikistats]
01:19 <mutante> - shut down instance cowgirl (jessie), replaced by kraken (stretch) [wikistats]
00:28 <mutante> deleting instance tacotuesday2 - not used [wikistats]
2018-11-15 §
04:16 <mutante> switched backend of web proxy to wikistats-kraken (stretch upgrade), migrated db dump from jessie instance cowgirl, deleted extra webproxy [wikistats]
2018-11-14 §
17:04 <mutante> - mysql server currently down, replacing mysql with mariadb and puppetizing, maintenance mode until later today [wikistats]
2018-01-09 §
00:10 <mutante> instance -kraken, upgrade php7 and mariadb packages [wikistats]
2017-10-17 §
18:53 <paladox> wikistats-cowgirl upgrading linux-meta-4.9 as last package to upgrade. [wikistats]
18:28 <mutante> wikistats-cowgirl installing apache,systemd, misc upgrades [wikistats]
2017-06-23 §
00:01 <mutante> - added kbp.wikipedia and pt.wikimedia [wikistats]
2017-05-19 §
22:07 <mutante> fixed puppet issues, puppetized db pass and grants to bootstrap instances, apt-get upgrading wikistats-petcow (jessie), testing stretch with separate instance -octopus .. [wikistats]
2017-05-18 §
19:17 <mutante> - deployed code change that removes ALL mysql_ function remants (they have been removed in PHP7/stretch). now using PDO to connect to db. [wikistats]
2017-05-15 §
22:15 <mutante> launching new instance wikistats-octopus with experimental stretch image [wikistats]
2017-04-26 §
03:27 <mutante> added new Wikipedia "dty" - Doteli (T160947) [wikistats]
2016-08-15 §
02:17 <mutante> deleted 'nostalgia' from wikipedias table per request (it's in the 'specials' table already) [wikistats]
01:52 <mutante> major cleanup of backend data. deleted and fixed hundreds (redirects, duplicates, broken wikis, convert to API, ..) [wikistats]
2016-07-12 §
21:42 <mutante> deleted wikistats-southpark instance to free resources [wikistats]
21:40 <chasemp> nova start wikistats-southpark.wikistats.eqiad.wmflabs [wikistats]
18:33 <mutante> shutting down instance wikistats-southpark, lastlog said not used since February [wikistats]
2016-06-09 §
00:18 <mutante> but this is [wikistats]
00:17 <mutante> test log [wikistats]