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2023-08-22 §
10:20 <valerio-bozzolan> horizon: setup VirtualHost for wlm-it-app.wmcloud.org but apache2 is not running because of Docker is eating port :80 [wlm-it-visual]
10:19 <valerio-bozzolan> horizon: setup proxy wlm-it-app.wmcloud.org [wlm-it-visual]
2023-08-09 §
09:02 <valerio-bozzolan> resize from g3.cores2.ram4.disk20 to flavor g3.cores4.ram8.disk20 as dev. requested [wlm-it-visual]
2022-08-04 §
17:42 <valerio-bozzolan> remove rule about incoming :443 in security group 'web' since it's unuseful [wlm-it-visual]
17:42 <valerio-bozzolan> add apache2 on :80 proxing to :8080 to be able to display nice error messages if Docker dies [wlm-it-visual]
11:05 <valerio-bozzolan> attach 'web' security group to instance 'wlmitvisual01' (thanks <taavi>) [wlm-it-visual]
10:29 <valerio-bozzolan> add web proxy from hostname wlm-it-visual.wmcloud.org to backend :80 (but error HTTP 504) [wlm-it-visual]
10:06 <valerio-bozzolan> add security groups for 80 and 443 [wlm-it-visual]
2022-08-02 §
15:00 <Lucas_WMDE> <bozzy> authorized maurobianchi as user [wlm-it-visual]