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2024-04-22 §
14:58 <mforns> deployed Airflow analytics for commons impact metrics dump dag [analytics]
14:40 <mforns> finished deployment of refinery for Commons Impact Metrics dumps queries [analytics]
13:47 <mforns> starting deployment of refinery for Commons Impact Metrics dumps queries [analytics]
2024-04-18 §
18:10 <joal> Rerun canary-events on previous hour to test patch [analytics]
18:10 <joal> Re-deploy airflow for canary-event scaling [analytics]
17:42 <joal> Rerun cacnry-events on previous hour to test patch [analytics]
17:37 <joal> DEploy airflow for canary-event scaling [analytics]
16:57 <btullis> switching matmo service from matomo1002 to matomo1003 [analytics]
14:07 <btullis> restarted the hadoop-yarn-resourcemanager.service on an-master100[3-4] to pick up new queue settings for T361499 [analytics]
11:41 <btullis> adding new 'launchers' yarn queue and renaming 'fifo' to 'gpus' for T361499 [analytics]
09:30 <mforns> finished refinery deployment for commons impact metrics changes (0.2.36) [analytics]
08:10 <mforns> starting refinery deployment for commons impact metrics changes (0.2.36) [analytics]
2024-04-17 §
21:47 <mforns> don't have time to deploy refinery today, will do it tomorrow first thing [analytics]
21:40 <mforns> Deployed refinery-source using jenkins [analytics]
08:40 <aqu> Deployed refinery using scap, then deployed onto hdfs [analytics]
08:00 <stevemunene> enable puppet on an-test-client1002 done testing new conda anaytics deb T362648 [analytics]
07:39 <aqu> analytics/refinery deploy begin (added source jars 0.2.35) [analytics]
07:37 <stevemunene> disable puppet on an-test-client1002 to test new conda anaytics deb T362648 [analytics]
2024-04-16 §
20:08 <aqu> Weekly deploy of refinery using scap, then deployed onto hdfs [analytics]
15:00 <btullis> kicked off a rolling restart of the hadoop worker datanode and nodemanager process for T356382 [analytics]
14:40 <btullis> failed back HDFS namenode from an-master1004 to an-master1003. [analytics]
11:02 <stevemunene> upgrade datahub to v0.12.1 T361688 [analytics]
09:16 <btullis> restarting mapreduce history service on an-master1003 for T356382 [analytics]
2024-04-15 §
11:05 <btullis> sudo systemctl start hadoop-hdfs-namenode.service on an-master1003 after failed failback operation. [analytics]
10:45 <btullis> roll-restarting hadoop masters on the prod cluster for T356382 [analytics]
08:54 <btullis> roll-restarting hadoop masters on test cluster for T356382 [analytics]
08:36 <btullis> roll-restarting druid on test cluster for T356382 [analytics]
2024-04-11 §
15:25 <btullis> restarting hive-server2 and hive-metastore on an-test-coord1001 for T356382 [analytics]
14:10 <elukey> move cassandra instances on aqs1010 to PKI TLS certs [analytics]
12:21 <btullis> deploying editor-analytics with the new aqs-http-gateway chart [analytics]
2024-04-09 §
13:20 <btullis> shut down stat1010 to have the GPU power connected for T336040 [analytics]
12:56 <gmodena> successfully deployed refinery to hadoop and hadoop-test [analytics]
12:06 <gmodena> starting a refinery deployment for 2024-04-09 [analytics]
2024-04-08 §
15:43 <btullis> decommissioning dumpsdata1002 for T362065 [analytics]
15:25 <btullis> decommissioning dumpsdata1001 [analytics]
12:00 <btullis> rebooting stat1011 due to unresponsiveness [analytics]
2024-04-03 §
11:46 <stevemunene> disable puppet on `an-test-client1002` to test new conda-analytics version T356231 [analytics]
2024-03-28 §
18:04 <btullis> deploying refinery to HDFS. [analytics]
16:22 <btullis> deploying refinery to test the git-lfs integration with scap for T328472 [analytics]
15:00 <elukey> remove GPU labels in Hadoop Yarn for an-worker[1096-1099] (the hosts don't have a GPU anymore) - T361225 [analytics]
2024-03-27 §
15:14 <brouberol> decommissioning an-tool1009 now that hue is fully offline - T341895 [analytics]
15:02 <brouberol> dropping the hue.wikimedia.org CNAME - T341895 [analytics]
2024-03-25 §
15:02 <btullis> updating the ssl_provider for eventstreams schema servers to cfssl for T360412 [analytics]
2024-03-22 §
13:17 <elukey> `elukey@cumin1002:~$ sudo cumin 'stat100[4,5,8,9]*' 'kill `pgrep -u kcv-wikimf`'` to unblock puppet on various stat nodes [analytics]
10:44 <btullis> shut down an-worker1168 to investigate disk controller failure for T360594 [analytics]
2024-03-20 §
10:50 <brouberol> superset.wikimedia.org is now migrated to the DSE k8s cluster, CAS errors have receeded [analytics]
10:20 <brouberol> migrating superset to Kubernetes. Some CAS errors are expected during ~15 minutes [analytics]
2024-03-07 §
14:01 <btullis> deploying updated mediwiki_history_reduced snapshots to AQS 2.0 [analytics]
2024-03-04 §
12:22 <btullis> restarting hive-server2 and hive-metastore service on an-coord1003 [analytics]
12:00 <btullis> migrating analytics-hive from an-coord1003 to an-coord1004 with https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/dns/+/1008414 [analytics]