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2022-10-04 §
09:53 <btullis> deployed eventgate-logging-external to eqiad (a few minutes ago) [analytics]
09:45 <btullis> deploying new eventgate-logging-external service to codfw [analytics]
09:44 <btullis> deploying new eventgate-logging-external service to staging [analytics]
2022-10-02 §
08:13 <elukey> apt-get clean on an-airflow1001 to free some space on the root partition [analytics]
2022-09-30 §
08:41 <btullis> restarted hive-server2 and hive-metastore services on an-coord1002 (standby) server [analytics]
2022-09-29 §
12:34 <joal> Rerun failed oozie webrequest-load-wf-text-2022-9-29-9 [analytics]
06:38 <joal> Try to rerun airflow unique_devices_daily.compute_per_project_family_metrics.2022-09-15 [analytics]
06:37 <joal> Rerun airflow unique_devices_dailyschedule: @daily [analytics]
2022-09-28 §
19:50 <mforns> killed oozie's unique_devices-per_domain-daily-coord because we migrated it to airflow [analytics]
19:49 <mforns> killed oozie's unique_devices-per_project_family-daily-coord because we migrated it to airflow [analytics]
19:48 <mforns> killed oozie's unique_devices-per_project_family-monthly-coord because we migrated it to airflow [analytics]
19:48 <mforns> killed oozie's unique_devices-per_domain-monthly-coord because we migrated it to airflow [analytics]
18:22 <mforns> deployed airflow to fix unique_devices jobs [analytics]
15:29 <SandraEbele> started airflow projectview_geo job [analytics]
15:01 <btullis> roll-restarting druid-analytics [analytics]
15:00 <SandraEbele> deploying Airflow for hdfsarchiver operator fix [analytics]
14:02 <btullis> roll-restarting druid-public [analytics]
09:22 <btullis> started cookbook sre.kafka.roll-restart-brokers jumbo-eqiad [analytics]
2022-09-27 §
15:05 <mforns> re-ran wikidata_metrics_to_graphite_daily failed airflow tasks [analytics]
15:03 <mforns> re-ran cassandra_daily_load failed airflow tasks [analytics]
14:59 <mforns> re-ran apis_metrics_to_graphite_hourly [analytics]
14:56 <mforns> deployed Airflow (fixed) [analytics]
14:23 <mforns> rolled back Airflow [analytics]
14:23 <mforns> deployed Airflow for 3 fixes [analytics]
2022-09-26 §
20:07 <xcollazo> Kill oozie geoeditors jobs for load, public monthly, and yearly after Airflow migration. [analytics]
16:13 <joal> rerunning failed webrequest-text-2022-09-26-15 [analytics]
13:48 <aqu> Deploying airflow-dags on analytics & analytics_test [analytics]
11:03 <btullis> failing back hive to an-coord1001 using DNS https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/dns/+/832294 [analytics]
09:41 <btullis> rebooted matomo1002 at the VM level to pick up new disk [analytics]
09:40 <btullis> merged the spark3 patch https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/834500 [analytics]
06:36 <elukey> clean up my old home dir on matomo1002, ran `apt-get clean` + some other clean up steps on matomo1002 to free space on the root partition [analytics]
2022-09-23 §
19:11 <mforns> deployed Airflow analytics for a quick fix [analytics]
2022-09-22 §
22:26 <joal> Kill oozie cassandra monthly loading jobs as we migrate them to airflow [analytics]
22:20 <joal> Deploy airflow for cassandra-loading patch [analytics]
20:53 <joal> Deploy analytics airflow-dags to try to fix cassandra loading jobs [analytics]
2022-09-21 §
19:25 <joal> Kill oozie daily cassandra loading jobs as we move them to airflow [analytics]
19:18 <ottomata> kill aarora process 30421 run_embedding_training.sh on stat1005 [analytics]
19:13 <joal> Deployed refinery for HQL patch (Njideka) [analytics]
19:11 <ottomata> kill aarora process 14584 on stat1005 - using 2500% cpu [analytics]
2022-09-20 §
20:10 <mforns> finished refinery deployment (weekly train) [analytics]
19:55 <mforns> starting refinery deployment (weekly train) [analytics]
15:45 <joal> kill oozie hourly cassandra loading job (1 job) in favor of the airflow one [analytics]
2022-09-19 §
22:28 <milimetric> Wikistats: improved build a little and deployed fix to T312717 [analytics]
2022-09-15 §
08:43 <aqu> about to deploy analytics/refinery [analytics]
05:14 <aqu> sudo -u analytics kerberos-run-command analytics refine_eventlogging_legacy --table_include_regex='wikipediaportal' --since='2022-09-13T23:00:00.000Z' --until='2022-09-15T00:00:00.000Z' [analytics]
2022-09-14 §
17:11 <aqu> Sep 14 15:23:34 UTC sudo systemctl start check_webrequest_partitions.service [analytics]
12:56 <aqu> ~1hago sudo systemctl start refinery-sqoop-mediawiki-production-daily.service ; sudo systemctl start refinery-import-siteinfo-dumps.service ; sudo systemctl start refinery-import-page-current-dumps.service ; sudo systemctl start refinery-import-page-history-dumps.service [analytics]
11:34 <btullis> remounted all remaining /mnt/hdfs mount points, except stat1005 which is busy [analytics]
11:12 <btullis> remounted /mnt/hdfs on an-coord100[1-2] [analytics]
11:09 <btullis> remounted /mnt/hdfs on an-airflow1001 [analytics]