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2020-11-25 §
16:11 <elukey> move analytics1065 to C3 [analytics]
15:38 <elukey> move stat1004 to A5 [analytics]
2020-11-24 §
19:33 <elukey> kill and restart webrequest_load bundle to pick up analytics-hive.eqiad.wmnet settings [analytics]
19:05 <elukey> deploy refinery to hdfs (even if not really needed) [analytics]
18:47 <elukey> deploy analytics refinery as part of the regular weekly train [analytics]
15:38 <elukey> move druid1005 from rack B7 to B6 [analytics]
14:59 <elukey> move analytics1072 from rack B2 to B3 [analytics]
09:16 <elukey> drop principals and keytabs for analytics10[42-57] - T267932 [analytics]
2020-11-21 §
08:10 <elukey> remove big stderrlog fine in /var/lib/hadoop/data/d/yarn/logs/application_1605880843685_1450 on an-worker1110 [analytics]
08:05 <elukey> remove big stderrlog fine in /var/lib/hadoop/data/e/yarn/logs/application_1605880843685_1450 on an-worker1105 [analytics]
2020-11-20 §
21:09 <razzi> truncate /var/lib/hadoop/data/u/yarn/logs/application_1605880843685_0581/container_e27_1605880843685_0581_01_000171/stderr logfile on an-worker1098 [analytics]
2020-11-19 §
16:35 <elukey> roll restart hadoop workers for openjdk upgrades [analytics]
07:07 <elukey> roll restart java daemons on Hadoop test for openjdk upgrades [analytics]
06:50 <elukey> restart refinery-import-siteinfo-dumps.service on an-launcher1002 [analytics]
2020-11-18 §
09:22 <elukey> set dns_canonicalize_hostname = false to all kerberos clients [analytics]
2020-11-17 §
23:09 <mforns> restarted browser general oozie job [analytics]
23:00 <mforns> finished deploying refinery (regular weekly deployment train) [analytics]
22:36 <mforns> deploying refinery (regular weekly deployment train) [analytics]
15:11 <elukey> drop backup@localhost user from an-coord1001's mariadb meta instance (not used anymore) [analytics]
15:09 <elukey> drop 'dump' user from an-coord1001's analytics meta (related to dbprov hosts, previous attempts before db1108) [analytics]
14:57 <elukey> stutdown stat1008 for ram expansion [analytics]
11:28 <elukey> set analytics meta instance on an-coord1002 as replica of an-coord1001 [analytics]
2020-11-16 §
10:41 <klausman> about to update stat1008 to new kernel and rocm [analytics]
09:13 <joal> Rerun webrequest-refine for hours 0 to 6 of day 2020-11-16 - This will prevent webrequest-druid-daily to get loaded with incoherent data due to bucketing change [analytics]
08:45 <joal> Correct webrequest job directly on HDFS and restart webrequest bundle oozie job [analytics]
08:43 <joal> Kill webrequest bundle to correct typo [analytics]
08:31 <joal> Restart webrequest bundle oozie job with update [analytics]
08:31 <joal> Restart webrequest bun [analytics]
08:25 <joal> Deploying refinery onto HDFS [analytics]
08:13 <joal> Deploying refinery with scap [analytics]
08:01 <joal> Repair wmf.webrequest hive table partitions [analytics]
08:01 <joal> Recreate wmf.webrequest hive table with new partitioning [analytics]
08:00 <joal> Drop webrequest table [analytics]
07:55 <joal> Kill webrequest-bundle oozie job for table update [analytics]
2020-11-15 §
08:27 <elukey> truncate -s 10g /var/lib/hadoop/data/n/yarn/logs/application_1601916545561_173219/container_e25_1601916545561_173219_01_000177/stderr on an-worker1100 [analytics]
08:21 <elukey> sudo truncate -s 10g /var/lib/hadoop/data/c/yarn/logs/application_1601916545561_173219/container_e25_1601916545561_173219_01_000019/stderr on an-worker1098 [analytics]
2020-11-10 §
19:32 <joal> Deploy wikistats2 v2.8.2 [analytics]
18:16 <joal> Releasing refinery-source v0,0,139 to archiva [analytics]
14:48 <mforns> restarted data quality stats daily bundle with new metric [analytics]
13:30 <elukey> add hive-server2 to an-coord1002 [analytics]
07:40 <elukey> upgrade hue to hue_4.8.0-2 on an-tool1009 [analytics]
2020-11-09 §
18:34 <elukey> drop hdfs-balancer multi-gb log file from launcher1002 [analytics]
18:33 <elukey> manually start logrotate.timer apt.timer etc.. on an-launcher1002 - stopped since the last time that I have disabled timers [analytics]
17:48 <razzi> reboot an-coord1002 to see if it updates kernel cpu instructions [analytics]
2020-11-08 §
06:31 <elukey> truncate huge log file on an-worker1103 for app id application_1601916545561_147041 [analytics]
2020-11-06 §
19:00 <mforns> launched backfilling of data quality stats for os_family_entropy_by_access_method [analytics]
2020-11-05 §
18:32 <razzi> shutting down kafka-jumbo1005 to allow dcops to upgrade NIC [analytics]
17:47 <razzi> shutting down kafka-jumbo1004 to allow dcops to upgrade NIC [analytics]
16:57 <razzi> shutting down kafka-jumbo1003 to allow dcops to upgrade NIC [analytics]
16:25 <razzi> shutting down kafka-jumbo1002 to allow dcops to upgrade NIC [analytics]