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2020-09-08 §
18:21 <bstorm> copied the profile::mariadb::section_ports key into prefix puppet to fix puppet after the refactor for wmfmariadbpy [clouddb-services]
2020-07-16 §
17:56 <bstorm> Significantly lifted traffic shaping limits on clouddb1001/toolsdb to improve network performance T257884 [clouddb-services]
2020-06-09 §
22:55 <bstorm_> Reset the passwords for T254931 [clouddb-services]
2020-06-04 §
17:41 <bd808> Restarting mariadb after hand applying {{gerrit|602433}} (T253738) [clouddb-services]
2020-06-01 §
18:51 <bstorm_> restarting mariadb on clouddb1002 T253738 [clouddb-services]
2020-05-29 §
23:42 <bstorm_> stopped puppet and restarting mariadb on clouddb1002 after filtering out a table T253738 [clouddb-services]
2020-03-27 §
12:26 <arturo> add myself as project admin [clouddb-services]
2020-03-20 §
13:43 <jeh> upgrade puppetmaster to v5 T241719 [clouddb-services]
2020-03-18 §
17:49 <bstorm_> updated the tools-prometheus security group with the current IP addresses for the prometheus servers [clouddb-services]
2019-10-25 §
10:49 <arturo> (jynus) clouddb1002 mariadb (toolsdb secondary) being upgraded from 10.1.38 to 10.1.39 is done !(T236384 , T236420) [clouddb-services]
10:46 <arturo> (jynus) clouddb1002 mariadb (toolsdb secondary) being upgraded from 10.1.38 to 10.1.39 (T236384 , T236420) [clouddb-services]
10:45 <arturo> icinga downtime toolschecker for 1 to upgrade clouddb1002 mariadb (toolsdb secondary) (T236384 , T236420) [clouddb-services]
10:37 <arturo> clouddb1002 downgrading wmf-mariadb101 from 10.1.41-1 to 10.1.39-1 (T236384 , T236420) [clouddb-services]
08:13 <arturo> enable puppet in clouddb1001/clouddb1002 to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/546102 (T236384 , T236420) [clouddb-services]
2019-10-24 §
18:34 <bstorm_> downgraded clouddb1001 to 10.1.39 T236420 T236384 [clouddb-services]
18:19 <bstorm_> stopped puppet on clouddb1001 and removed unattended-upgrades for now T236384 [clouddb-services]
16:03 <bstorm_> stopped puppet on clouddb1002 and removed unattended-upgrades for now T236384 [clouddb-services]
13:27 <phamhi> add phamhi as user and projectadmin [clouddb-services]
12:34 <arturo> start both clouddb1001 and clouddb1004 (T227540) [clouddb-services]
11:14 <arturo> poweroff VM clouddb1001, hypervisor will be powered off (T227540) [clouddb-services]
11:13 <arturo> poweroff VM clouddb1004 (T227540) [clouddb-services]
11:09 <phamhi> stopped postgresl in clouddb1004 (T227540) [clouddb-services]
11:04 <arturo> stopped mariadb in clouddb1001 (T227540) [clouddb-services]
2019-09-30 §
17:15 <bstorm_> restart wikilabels postgresql [clouddb-services]
17:15 <bstorm_> restart osmdb on clouddb1003 [clouddb-services]
2019-09-16 §
19:41 <jeh> add openstack security group rules for Tools prometheus scrapes to mariadb exporter [clouddb-services]
19:28 <jeh> add openstack security group rules for labmon prometheus scraps to mariadb exporter [clouddb-services]
2019-05-24 §
23:38 <bstorm_> T224062 clouddb1002 is now free of postgresql services and the volume is reclaimed for toolsdb use [clouddb-services]
23:06 <bstorm_> T224318 cloudb-wikilabels-02 is now a replica of clouddb-wikilabels-01! [clouddb-services]
21:00 <bstorm_> T224062 Moved wikilabels postgres db to clouddb-wikilabels-01 [clouddb-services]
2019-05-22 §
00:14 <bstorm_> T224062 wikilabels postgres is now replicating to clouddb-wikilabels-01 [clouddb-services]
2019-04-05 §
00:35 <bstorm_> added the rsyncd ports to security groups for the osmdb cluster [clouddb-services]
2019-04-04 §
23:58 <bstorm_> pg_basebackup finished on clouddb1004 and streaming replication is flowing [clouddb-services]
18:46 <bstorm_> T219652 pg_basebackup started on clouddb1004 [clouddb-services]
18:35 <bstorm_> T219652 postgresql on clouddb1003 had to be restarted to get it to accept WAL connections [clouddb-services]
18:00 <bstorm_> T219652 clouddb1003 is now the OSMdb primary [clouddb-services]
2019-03-28 §
23:17 <bstorm_> clouddb1003 is now a full osmdb replica T193264 [clouddb-services]
19:32 <bstorm_> pg_basebackup started on clouddb1003 for osmdb T193264 [clouddb-services]
2019-02-28 §
02:09 <bstorm_> clouddb1002 is now the replica for clouddb1001/toolsdb and is catching up slowly [clouddb-services]
2019-02-18 §
19:01 <bstorm_> labsdb1004 is now a replica of clouddb1001, which is toolsdb now. [clouddb-services]
18:26 <arturo> (jaime T193264) setting clouddb1001 in read_write mode [clouddb-services]
18:12 <arturo> T193264 pointing tools.db.svc.eqiad.wmflabs to clouddb1001 [clouddb-services]
17:55 <arturo> (jaime T193264) set clouddb1001 in read_only=1 [clouddb-services]
16:11 <andrewbogott> deleting clouddb-utils-01 VM and associated puppet prefix; we aren't going to run maintain_dbusers here after all [clouddb-services]
15:51 <andrewbogott> removing dns and public IP from clouddb1001 [clouddb-services]
2019-02-17 §
21:21 <bstorm_> The slave of labsdb1005.eqiad.wmnet is now clouddb1001.clouddb-services.eqiad.wmflabs [clouddb-services]
19:16 <arturo> T193264 delete VM clouddb-services-01 [clouddb-services]
18:54 <arturo> T193264 create VM clouddb-services-01 for PoC of running maintain-dbusers from here [clouddb-services]
2019-02-16 §
13:59 <arturo> T193264 switched clouddb1001/1004 to the new project local puppetmaster [clouddb-services]
13:54 <arturo> T193264 create 'clouddb10' puppet prefix to store puppet/hiera config for database servers in this project [clouddb-services]