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2023-08-08 §
23:46 <AntiComposite> drop wo.wikiquote from CVNBot10 (closed) T334482 [cvn]
2023-07-27 §
18:15 <AntiComposite> Kill and restart CVNBot29 on cvn-app12 [cvn]
2023-07-06 §
16:21 <AntiComposite> point git repos to gerrit on cvn-app10 [cvn]
16:19 <AntiComposite> point git repos to gerrit on cvn-app12 [cvn]
16:03 <AntiComposite> CVNBot v4.0.3 deployed to all bots (T327126, T327127) [cvn]
16:01 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot29 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
16:00 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot28 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
16:00 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot27 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
15:59 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot26 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
15:58 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot25 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
15:57 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot24 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
15:57 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot23 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
15:55 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot22 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
15:54 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot19 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
15:53 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot17 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
15:46 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot16 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
15:44 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot10 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
15:41 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot9 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
15:40 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot8 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
15:39 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot7 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
15:38 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot6 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
04:37 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot21 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
04:34 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot20 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
04:33 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot18 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
04:30 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot15 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
04:23 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot14 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
04:22 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot13 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
04:14 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot12 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
04:09 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot11 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
04:03 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot5 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
04:01 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot4 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
04:00 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot3 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
03:57 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot2 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
03:51 <AntiComposite> Upgrade CVNBot1 to v4.0.3 [cvn]
2023-06-28 §
02:34 <Operator873> /cs flags #cvn-sw Fehufanga voiced [cvn]
2023-06-16 §
22:05 <AntiComposite> manually restart cvn-clerkbot [cvn]
2023-05-15 §
14:58 <hauskater> Dropped akwiki and nawiki from CVNBot10 as closed wikis. On-wiki lists require an update. [cvn]
2023-04-26 §
20:07 <AntiComposite> /cs flags #cvn-mk-scan M4r51n voiced [cvn]
2023-04-21 §
22:12 <Operator873> granted voice to Fehufanga in #cvn-simplewikis [cvn]
2023-04-14 §
18:28 <AntiComposite> restart cvn-app10 from horizon, bots quit and ssh times out [cvn]
2023-03-22 §
03:33 <Operator873> Voiced Tulsi in #cvn-sw -meta -mediawiki -commons -simplewikis [cvn]
2023-03-13 §
19:46 <Operator873> CVNBot18 restarted [cvn]
2023-03-03 §
14:45 <AntiComposite> /cs flags #cvn-sw-spam COIBot bot [cvn]
2023-02-27 §
22:33 <herzog> Loaded gur.wikipedia to SWMT Group 4 (CVNBot9) - T327842 [cvn]
18:04 <herzog> Loaded guc.wikipedia to CVNBot9 / Group 4 - T326236 [cvn]
2023-02-02 §
00:21 <ma> Added 12 new wikis to CVNBot{6,7,8}, 4 to each one. Refs.: T321283 T321289 T321295 T326139 T305281 T310873 T312215 T314640 T314646 T316457 T317113 T319191 [cvn]
2023-01-30 §
22:50 <Krinkle> Delete cvn-app8 and cvn-app9 instances, ref T306066 [cvn]
2023-01-28 §
02:51 <AntiComposite> /cs flags #cvn-sw Ajraddatz local_op [cvn]
2023-01-24 §
08:54 <Krinkle> Delete cvn-apache9, T306066 [cvn]
08:54 <Krinkle> Suspend cvn-app8 and cvn-app9 (`pgrep -af cvn` is empty on both), T306066 [cvn]