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2017-12-19 §
20:10 <RoanKattouw> (Earlier today) Depooled deployment-db04, it needs fixing after replication broke badly. It's out of sync with deployment-db03, where I manually fixed inconsistencies [deployment-prep]
18:11 <awight> Update beta ORES service to f109792 [deployment-prep]
17:00 <awight> Disable ORES UI for beta wikidatawiki, T183266 [deployment-prep]
2017-12-13 §
17:24 <awight> Install aspell-is for ORES [deployment-prep]
17:06 <awight> Deploy ORES service b67bba7 [deployment-prep]
2017-12-11 §
19:03 <andrewbogott> upgraded deployment-puppetmaster02 to puppet v4 [deployment-prep]
2017-12-06 §
21:43 <awight> Update ORES to 42cf532 [deployment-prep]
2017-12-04 §
17:44 <awight> ORES: Try enwiki models on simplewiki, T181848 (6baed71) [deployment-prep]
2017-11-30 §
18:59 <bd808> Testing stashbot fix for double phab logging (T181731) [deployment-prep]
17:49 <anomie> Finished running cleanupUsersWithNoId.php on Beta Cluster for T181731 [deployment-prep]
16:58 <anomie> Running cleanupUsersWithNoId.php on Beta Cluster, see T181731 [deployment-prep]
2017-11-29 §
21:27 <awight> Update ores submodule, for RevIdScorer statistics [deployment-prep]
14:32 <chasemp> git pull on /var/lib/git/labs/private and resolve one merge conflict. (the root key file is too old here) [deployment-prep]
2017-11-28 §
17:42 <awight> Remove stale ORES customizations for the beta cluster. [deployment-prep]
2017-10-24 §
17:59 <madhuvishy> Ran `sudo cumin -b 5 --backend openstack "project:deployment-prep" "apt-get install git --yes"` [deployment-prep]
2017-10-04 §
13:19 <andrewbogott> migrating 'deployment-kafka-jumbo-1' to labvirt1017 [deployment-prep]
2017-09-14 §
19:37 <tgr> updated PrivateSettings.php for T175868 [deployment-prep]
2017-09-05 §
19:34 <gilles> deployed PrivateSettings.php change to add Thumbor username to Swift configuration [deployment-prep]
2017-06-13 §
18:47 <andrewbogott> root@deployment-salt02:~# salt "*" cmd.run "apt-get -y install facter" [deployment-prep]
2017-05-19 §
19:05 <mutante> fixing role class config on deployment-phab* (remove role::phabricator::main, add role::phabricator_server in context prefix "deployment-phab. remove again from instance level for phab-01 [deployment-prep]
18:40 <mutante> deployment-phab01 still has puppet error "Could not find class role::phabricator::main" and that should simply be removed from it, but i can NOT find it in Horizon, i checked instance config, project config, the "Other" section, the "All classes" tab. Because it's gone. But how do i fix the instance config then? [deployment-prep]
18:39 <mutante> applying role::phabricator_server on instance deployment-phab01 (it had error, could not find role::phabricator::main and the name changed in role/profile conversion) [deployment-prep]
2017-03-29 §
18:41 <ebernhardson> upgrading elasticsearch and kibana to 5.1.2 on deployment-logstash2 to test puppet+integration prior to prod deployment [deployment-prep]
2017-03-27 §
17:02 <ebernhardson> cherry pick https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/344964 to puppetmaster to test upgrade to logstash 5.x [deployment-prep]
2017-03-20 §
20:51 <andrewbogott> migrating deployment-urldownloader to labvirt1013 [deployment-prep]
20:45 <andrewbogott> migrating deployment-pdf01 to labvirt1011 [deployment-prep]
20:14 <andrewbogott> migrating deployment-puppetmaster02 to a different labvirt [deployment-prep]
2017-03-15 §
09:10 <addshore> addshore@deployment-tin mwscript extensions/Cognate/maintenance/populateCognatePages.php --wiki=hewiktionary [deployment-prep]
09:09 <addshore> addshore@deployment-tin mwscript extensions/Cognate/maintenance/populateCognatePages.php --wiki=dewiktionary [deployment-prep]
09:08 <addshore> addshore@deployment-tin mwscript extensions/Cognate/maintenance/populateCognatePages.php --wiki=enwiktionary [deployment-prep]
08:56 <addshore> addshore@deployment-tin mwscript extensions/Cognate/maintenance/populateCognatePages.php --wiki=enwiktionary // (ParameterTypeException, T160503) [deployment-prep]
08:50 <addshore> addshore@deployment-tin mwscript extensions/Cognate/maintenance/populateCognateSites.php --wiki=enwiktionary --site-group=wiktionary // (3 sites added) [deployment-prep]
08:49 <addshore> addshore@deployment-tin mwscript extensions/Wikidata/extensions/Wikibase/lib/maintenance/populateSitesTable.php --wiki=enwiktionary --force-protocol=https --load-from=https://deployment.wikimedia.beta.wmflabs.org/w/api.php [deployment-prep]
08:49 <addshore> addshore@deployment-tin mwscript sql.php --wiki=enwiktionary "TRUNCATE sites; TRUNCATE site_identifiers;" [deployment-prep]
08:44 <addshore> addshore@deployment-tin mwscript extensions/Wikidata/extensions/Wikibase/lib/maintenance/populateSitesTable.php --wiki=enwiktionary --force-protocol=https [deployment-prep]
08:43 <addshore> addshore@deployment-tin mwscript extensions/Cognate/maintenance/populateCognateSites.php --wiki=dewiktionary --site-group=wiktionary // (0 sites added) [deployment-prep]
08:43 <addshore> addshore@deployment-tin mwscript extensions/Cognate/maintenance/populateCognateSites.php --wiki=enwiktionary --site-group=wiktionary // (1 site added) [deployment-prep]
2017-03-06 §
19:03 <addshore> mwscript sql.php --wiki=aawiki "CREATE DATABASE cognate_wiktionary" [deployment-prep]
2017-03-01 §
19:09 <addshore> "mwscript extensions/WikimediaMaintenance/addWiki.php --wiki=aawiki he wiktionary hewiktionary he.wiktionary.beta.wmflabs.org" T158628 [deployment-prep]
2017-02-02 §
00:52 <tgr> added mhurd as member [deployment-prep]
2017-01-23 §
07:15 <_joe_> cherry-picking the move of base to profile::base [deployment-prep]
2017-01-19 §
22:11 <Krenair> added bunch of others to the same group per request. we should figure out how to make this process sane somehow [deployment-prep]
22:06 <Krenair> added nuria to deploy-service group on deployment-tin [deployment-prep]
2017-01-17 §
17:50 <urandom> re-enabling puppet on deployment-restbase02 [deployment-prep]
17:47 <urandom> re-enabling puppet on deployment-restbase01 [deployment-prep]
2017-01-11 §
18:07 <urandom> restarting restbase cassandra nodes [deployment-prep]
18:01 <urandom> disabling puppet on restbase cassandra nodes to experiment with prometheus exporter [deployment-prep]
2017-01-08 §
05:20 <Krenair> deployment-stream: live hacked /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/socketio/handler.py a bit (added apostrophes) to try to make rcstream work [deployment-prep]
2017-01-04 §
21:29 <mutante> deployment-cache-text-04 - running acme-setup command to debug .. Creating CSR /etc/acme/csr/beta_wmflabs_org.pem [deployment-prep]
21:26 <Krenair> trying to troubleshoot puppet by stopping nginx then letting puppet start it [deployment-prep]